A Short Story about King Lear

                                      King Lear

Once there was a king named Lear. He was old and feeble. So, he decided to divide his kingdom among his daughters. But first he wanted to test them. So, he called his daughters and asked them one after another how much they loved him. At first the eldest daughter, Goneril said, “Sir, I love you more than my life itself.” The king was satisfied with her. Then he turned to the second daughter Rigan. She said, “I love for you is as much as my elder sister. In fact I love you more. My love for you will never change.” The king became satisfied more than before. Then he turned to the youngest daughter Cordelia. She said,” I can’t have my heart in my mouth. I love your majesty according to my bond. The king could not be satisfied with this. In anger he disclaimed all his kinship and blood relationship with her. She was deprived of the share of the kingdom. At last the king Lear became the tragic figure when he could not adjust himself with his elder daughters and went to the jungle . That was only Cordelia who stood by him and looked after him as his savior.   

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    • student on October 22, 2015 at 4:23 pm

    Sir, I think it will be contact not contract.

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