SSC English First Paper Suggestion 2016

Subject: English FIRST Paper
Question Structure & Marks Distribution for all Examination
Section A (Re-arranging Sentence.
1 Kazi Nazrul Islam 6 Musa Ibrahim
2 Dr Alfred Nobel 7 An honest farmer and a purse of Gold
3 Shakespear 8 A snake and the crow
4 Einstein 9 Androcles
5 Marco Polo 10 Shiekh Saadi and a gang of robbers

1 Pastime/The leisure pursuits 6 Festivals in Bangladesh
2 Good Citizen 7 Victory Day
3 Responsibility 8 E-Learning
4 Face book 9 Climate Change
5 E-mail 10 The World Heritage Sites of Bangladesh

1 Unity is Strength 6 A Greedy Dog
2 A Thirsty Crow and a Jar 7 The cats and the Monkey
3 The Liar Cowboy 8 Two friends and a bear
4 Slow and Steady wins the race 9 A Greedy Farmer
5 Sheikh Saadi and prestige of dress 10 Bayazid’s devotion to his mother

Describing graphs/charts:

A graph/chart on—
1 average temperature of the year in Bangladesh.
2 the arrival of tourists in Bangladesh.
3 the population of Bangladesh.
4 the choice of profession by different educated people.
5 “GPA-Holder in SSC Examinaiton-2014
6 “The importance and Usage of English”
7 “The Number of Telephone and Mobile Phone”
8 the internet users
9 “Literary Rate”
10 “The elderly people attitude to pastimes”

Formal Letter/Email

1 Benefit of reading newspaper 6 Join the picnic.
2 Thanking him for his hospitality 7 About the picnic.
3 Intend to do after the SSC Examination 8 Congratulating him on his brilliant successes in the examination
4 Condolence at a friend’s father’s death. 9 Importance of physical exercise.
5 Annual sports day 10 Thanking him for a nice gift

1 Preparation for coming Examination 6 Between you and your doctor regarding your illness
2 Illiteracy problem 7 Importance of reading newspaper
3 Uses and abuses of mobile phone 8 Importance of learning English
4 Importance of tree plantation 9 Environment pollution
5 Bad effects of drug addiction 10 Importance of Computer learning