SSC English 2nd Paper Model Test 2017

           SSC Model Test – 2017,  English 2nd Paper

Full Marks: 60                                                  Time: 1:30 Hours

                                Part A: Grammar

1. Fill in the blanks with the words from the box. You may need to change the forms of some of the words. You may need to use one word more than once.    0.5×10=5

for, emancipate, though, a, mean, by,
dominate, the, more, without, which, endeavor

Liberty is very difficult to achieve (a) —- it is (b) —- birth right of a man and (c) —-nation. One has to (d) —- hard for liberty since it does not (e) —- political liberty only. It indicates economic (f) —-, freedom to choose, free hand to act and right to express one’s thought (g) —- being influenced by others. It is (h) —- difficult to achieve if it is under foreign (i) —- or ruled (j) —- another country.

2. Fill in the blanks with suitable words                          0.5×10=5
In a study (a) —- in 20012,. (b) —- the Zoological Society of London
found out (c) —- the Sundarbans coast was retreating up to200 meters(d) – — a year agricultural activities had destroyed (e) —- 17,179 hectares of Mangroves within three decades(1975-2010). Shrimp cultivation had (f) —- another 7554 hectares. Researchers estimated the annual rise in sea (g) —- to be 8mm in 2010.It had doubled from 3.14mm (h) —- in 2000.The (i) —- sea levels had also submerged around 7500 hectares(j) —- forest areas.

3. Make five sentences using parts of sentence from each column of the table below.      1×5=05

Character means the combination of some rules
It be the crown of life
Character of a person hates a man without character
It also mental and moral nature
Everybody the mental and moral qualities of a person, a community, a race etc

4. Complete the following text with right forms of the verbs given in the box.     0.5×10=05

ensure, treat, indulge, be, sit, possess, cut, need, prosper, bid

Regular participation in games and sports (a) ___ good health, and good physical health gives one good mental health. Keep in mind that to study when it (b) ___ time for that and to play when it is time for play is a good rule to follow. Good children do (c) ___ in games all day long. As soon as it is time for study they (d) ___ down to study. For this reason, everybody (e) ___ them with love and tenderness. They never (f) ___ a sorry figure in the examination. They (g) __ fair to success. They can (h) ___ in life. They can also (i) ___ good health. We (j) ___such student in our society.


5. Change the narrative style of the following text.           05
I said to jamal,” Good morning. Why did you miss the most important class on the rule of passage narration yesterday?” “Alas! Sir. What a fool I am! Please help me on the topic. I will never miss any important class.” “Don’t do this. Let us discuss the topic,” I said.
6. Change the sentences according to directions. 1×10=10
(a) Truthfulness is the greatest of all virtues. (Positive) b) This virtue makes a man really great. (Complex) c) If we do not cultivate the habit of speaking the truth; we cannot command the confidence of others. (Affirmative) d) A lie never lies unhidden. (Affirmative) e) All hate him. (Negative) f) Nobody likes him. (Affirmative) g) All despise him without considering his social status. (Complex) h) Therefore, the habit of speaking the truth must be formed from the very childhood. (Active) i) We should know that speaking the truth is the most rewarding thing in life. (Comparative) J) Only then we must be happy in life. (Negative)

7. Complete the sentence. 1×5=5
a) Faults are thick where ———–. b) ———–provided the weather is fine. c) Study seriously lest ———–. d) Scarcely had the assembly begun ———–. e) There is hardly any person———–.

8. Complete the text adding suffixes, prefixes or the both with the root words given in the parenthesis 0.5×10=5
Patriotism means love for one’s own country and people. It is a powerful sentiment and is an (a) —- (selfish) —- and noble virtue. A true patriot is a great asset for a nation. His (b) —- (ideal) —- gives him courage and strength. It (c) —- (courage) —-him to sacrifice his life for the sake of (d) —- (free) —- and honor of his country. By (e) —- (be) —- a patriot, one can bring (f) —- (prosper) —- for one’s country and remove his sufferings. But false (g) —- (patriot) —- expression is dangerous and (h) —- (disaster) —- patriotism is (i) —- (price) —- but it must not supersede the feeling of (j) —- (universe) —-love for humanity.

9. Make tag questions of these statements. 1×5=5 a) Nobody was present yesterday, ———-? b) The widower shut the door, ———-? c) Writing many letters makes him happy, ———-? d) Let him enjoy the farewell dinner, ———-? e) I’d help you if you came here, ———-?

10. Complete the passage using suitable connectors. 1×5=5
Every citizen has some duties and responsibilities for his nation. (a) —– most of people are careless in this respect. People of this country have achieved national identity at the cost of a great sacrifice (b) —-is still evaluated nationally (c) —– some selfish never want to give them recognition. (d) —– we all should do some benevolent activities. (e) —– we will be guilty to the nation.

11. Use capitals and punctuation marks where necessary in the following text. 05
dhaka is the capital of bangladesh it has its own attractions it is especially famous for its mosques once its name was jahangirnagar and it was famous for muslin clot

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