SSC English 1st Paper Model Test 2017

                      SSC Model Test – 2017 (4),

                       English 1st Paper

Full Marks: 50                                Time: 1 Hour

Reading Text (Seen Passage) (Marks-50)                   

Read the following passage and then answer the questions below it

Lake Baikal is the deepest and one of the biggest and most ancient lakes of the world. It is situated almost in the centre of Asia. Lake Baikal is a gigantic bowl set 445 meters above sea level. This grand, enormous, unusual and charming miracle of nature is located in the south of Eastern Siberia, in the Buryat Autonomous Republic and region of Irkutsk, Russia. The lake covers 31,500 It is 636 km long and an average of 48 km wide. The widest point of the lake is 79.4 km. The water basin occupies 557000 sq. km. and contains 23000 cu. km. (cubic kilometer) of water, which is about one fifth of the world’s reserves fresh surface water.

The average water level in the lake is never higher than 456m. The average depth of Lake Baikal is 730 m. and its maximum depth in the middle is 1620 m. It would take about one year for all the rivers of the world to fill Baikal’s basin and would take four hundred years for all the rivers, streams and brooks now flowing into Siberian lake-sea to do the same.

1. Choose the best answer from the alternatives:   1×7=7

a) Lake Baikal is situated in ________.

i) Africa ii) Asia   iii) America   iv) France

b) The length of the Lake Baikal is_____.

i) 650 km ii) 630 km      iii) 636 km     iv) 720 km

c) The widest point of the lake is ______.

i) 97.4 km ii) 79.4 km  iii) 73.2 km   iv) 37.4 km

d) Baikal is a ______ lake

i) stormy ii) rainy iii) calm   iv) worse

e) The water of the lake looks green and _____.

i) black ii) white iii) dark blue  iv) red

f) The maximum depth of the lake is _____.

i) 1600 m ii) 1620 m    iii) 1630 m    iv) 1560 m

g) The average depth of it is _____.

i) 730 m    ii) 370 m     iii) 700 m    iv) 740 m

 2. Answer the following questions.        2×5=10

a) Where is the Lake Baikal situated?

b) How does it look like?

c) What is the average and maximum depth of the lake?

d) Why is it called a story lake?

e) When does the water of the lake turn black?

3. Read the passage carefully and answer the questions following it.

APJ Abdul Kalam was born on 15 October 1931 at the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu and received honorary doctorates from about 30 universities globally. In the year 1981, the government of India presented him the nation’s highest civilian honor, the Padma Vhushan and then again the Padma Vushan in 1990 and the Bharat Ratna in 1997. Before Kalam, there have been only twopresidents Sarvapally Radhakrishnan and Zakir Hussain to have received the Bharat Ratna before being appointed to the highest office in India. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam is also the first scientist and bachelor to occupy the seat of the Rashtrapati Bhavan. His perspectives on important topics have been enunciated by him in the book “India 2020”. It highlights the action plans that will help develop the country into a knowledge superpower by the time 2020. One thing for which he received ample fame is his unambiguous statement that India needs to play a more assertive role in international relations.

Name Activity/Event Institution/Place Year
APJ Abdul Kalam (i) —— Tamil Nadu (ii) ——
Honorary doctorates were received (iii) ——
Bharat Ratna was presented (iv) —–
(v) —— was given 1981

4. Write a summary of the above passage in your own words. 08

5. Fill in the gap in the following passage with a suitable word of your own based on the information from the text: 1×5=05

APJ Abdul Kalam mentioned a very important issue. The (a) ___ is about mankind’s future crisis. At present the (b)___ of hydro-carbon energy is not (c) ___. It cannot meet the future demand of energy of the world. Therefore developed (d) ___ have taken initiatives for alternative power sources. This may be called (e) ___ energy.

6. Match the parts of sentences given in column ‘A’ and column  ‘B’ to write five complete sentences. There are more parts of sentences in column ‘B’ than required.                                 1×5=5

Column A Column B
a) Whales have a way i) almost certainly knows where everybody is
b) They keep in contact with one another ii) of communication with their own kind.
c) A herd spread over several square miles iii) communicate over thousands of miles
d) A blue whale can iv) narrow channel to freedom
e) Specialists say that whales can v) few years their tune completely changes
vi) through stones and groans
vii) bellow as loud as a lion

 7. Put the following parts of the story in correct order to rewrite the whole story.    8

a) The dog was cured.  b) He found a dog and injected some weak germs of its diseases into blood.   c) One day a boy named Joseph Meister was brought to Pasteur. d) He had been bitten by a mad dog. e) Pasture was a French scientist. f) Pasture gave him some injections and the boy did not get dogs disease. g) He discovered that many disease are caused by germs and he also found cures for several of them. h) At first, he only treated animals because he did not want to cause the death of any human being.


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