Some Basic Skills of a Student

If a student tries to do better in his career, he has to keep some basic skills which will help him to be more confident and expert. The skills are explained:

a. Critical thinking: A student of English department has to keep the knowledge of critical thinking and he has to acquire the ability to analyze and explain any critical work of any famous writer or poet.

b. Team work skill: It is the most important skill for the student because English is a hard subject. So, it’s totally impossible to understand anything without consulting with one another. Team work may support him to be self-confident, punctual and good manner. It also supports him to be a good leader. 

c. Oral and written communication skills in English: According to Bacon, a man cannot be perfect without writing. Similarly, if he knows many things but he has no ability to express his knowledge then it will also be unsatisfactory. So, as a student he has to achieve both of the skills.

d. Computer literacy and its applications: It is very clear to us that, the present world is totally based on computer and internet. So, a man cannot reach in the best position without the skill of computer and internet. Beside it, he can keep the knowledge of up-to-date techniques in the area of language. Similarly, he has to be aware of contemporary issues.

e. Ability to learn by herself: It’s the most important part of his education. If he is unable to learn individually, his life will be totally damaged because nobody will teach him like the student of primary school.   

f. Dictionary skills: Dictionary skills are essential for the English because English is an international language and most of the words, meanings and pronunciations are totally unknown to us. In this section dictionary will support him to learn them correctly. Generally, in a dictionary there are many symbols which are used to show the pronunciations and meanings of the words. If a student has no idea about them, it will be totally impossible for him to know them properly.  

g. Main Ideas and summarizing: It is not possible to memorize everything and the subjects and the themes of the English literature are very large. So, it is very much important for them to keep the skill about summarizing and finding out the main theme or subject matter of the topic.

h. Structure of language: Every correct sentence has a structure and according to the structure the student has to write and explain the topic. The skill is also necessary to write anything correctly.  

i. Research skills: Research is a part of education. So if someone wants to take PHD degree from any department he has to learn how to write a research paper. Similarly, he has to understand the system of writing it.  

j. Creative writing skills and technical writing skills: Generally the present world is based of creativity and the subjects of English department are also based of creativity. If a student can achieve this skill he is sure to shine in future because there is no place of memorizing. For this reason, every student has to keep this skill.  

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