Similar Words

Similar Words for Class VI Students (Based on Model Questions)

 Advance Publications   Model Question (06-09)

Main Words Similar Words
Speak Tell, utter, talk, say, mention, ask, express, narrate, converse, pronounce
Shop Store, market, manufactory, merchandise
Happy Glad, pleased, delighted, blessed, satisfied, joyful
Shopkeeper Merchant, shop man, dealer, seller, trader
Father Parent, papa, daddy, pater, originator, producer
Come Arrive, appear, derive, arise, originate, emanate
Short Brief, summary, little, low, few, concise, less, tiny
Tall High, long, lengthy, lofty, big
Daughter Offspring, girl, bride, virgin, gal
Get Obtain, derive, acquire, catch, fetch, gain, achieve, earn
Headache Pain, annoyance, concern, bore, problem, difficulty
Want Poverty, need, demand, need, requirement, beg
Find Bargain, discovery, search, invention, receive
Give Contribute, provide, pay, donate, offer, help
Take Receive, accept, carry, revenue
Go Depart, leave, departure, travel, depart
Look Observe, notice, watch, view, see
Wear Dress, put on, endue, grab, take on, get on
Thin Cracked, tinny, slim, subtle, weak
Know Learn, recognize, identify, understand, distinguish


                                      Model Question (14-20)

Main Words Similar Words
Write Compose, describe, pen, scribe, transcribe, mark
Village Countryside, hamlet, township, locality
Far Distant, remote, outlying
House Home, dwelling, chamber, room, residence, habitation
Kitchen Cook house, bakery, caboose, cuisine
Grow Produce, generate, exaggerate, create, cultivate, farm
Fence Barrier, railing, boundary, cordon, haw
Keep Possess, save, preserve, save
Behind Back, late, after, backward, backside
Friend Associate, workmate, bud, benefactor, ally, comrade
Beside Along, side, alongside, near
Same Similar, equal, alike, matching, like, unchanged
Live Dwell, reside, abide, occupy
Outside Outdoor, external, separate
Often Frequently, mostly, habitually, oft, always
Tired Sleepy, exhausted, blown, weary
Journey Departure, tour, travel, voyage, rove
Dangerous Risky, unsafe, perilous, chanceful
Disease Illness, sickness, virus, infection, syndrome, grief
Sailor Mariner, seaman, navigator, boatman, jack
Common Public, corporate, simple, general, ordinary, usual
Barrel Tub, butt, vat, container
Die Depart, expire, pass away, perish
Contain Hold, catch, enclose, have
Prevent Stop, avoid, obstruct, confine
Good Proper, fair, excellent, noble, virtuous
Sight Vision, view, prospect, spectacle
Doctor Physician, consultant, healer, specialist, quack
Raise Increase, promotion, improvement, rise, nurture, lift
Help Assist, support, aid, favor, support, easement
Reply Answer, response, reaction
Think Consider, contemplate, reflect, meditate, expect
Happy Glad, joyful, cheerful, pleased, delighted, gleeful
Discover Invent, find out, detect, uncover
Hot Warm, torrid, heated, burning
Strange Peculiar, odd, abnormal, curious, funny, amazing
Wide Extensive, spacious, Large, ample, broad
Dig Excavate, puncture, jab, mine
Plant Tree, grower, creeper, bush
Wait Delay, pause, expect, stop
Suddenly Swiftly, abruptly, casually, by chance
Grow Cultivate, produce, nurture, generate, mature
Nervous Worried, anxious, tense, uneasy
Bring Fetch, carry, transport, get, convey, take
Luck Destiny, fate, fortune, lot, chance, blessing
Love Dear, darling, affection, sweetheart, attachment
Top Apex, peak, height, summit, upper
Angry Annoyed, heated, wrathful, agitated
Fertile Productive, fecund, fruitful, abundant
Begin Start, initiate, originate, get to
Climb Rise, ascend, go up, mount
Through By, via
Understand Realize, appreciate, know, perceive

Model Question (28-38)

Main Words Similar Words
Farmer Cultivator, grower, peasant, agriculturist
Weak Nerveless, powerless, sickly, soft
Clever Witty, intelligent, brainy, crafty, cunning, adroit
Surprised Amazed, astonished, strange, stupefied, shocked
Sad Unhappy, gloomy, depressed, bored, dejected
Greedy Grasping, avid, griping, avid
Expensive Costly, valuable, dear, rich,
Green Fresh, young, unripe, living
Cheap Low-priced, inexpensive, available, common,
Use Utilize, apply, treat, behave, employ
Dry Husky, waterless, arid, sapless
Under Bellow, beneath, down, underneath
Talk Say, discuss, utter, narrate, conversation, dialogue
Paint Decorate, draw, art, mark, dress
Mud Grime, dirt, mire, clay
Earth World, globe, universe
Ask Inquire, question, examine, interrogate
Carry Bear, convey, sustain, hold
Animal Beast, brute
City Town, metropolitan, municipal, urban, capital
Visit Approach, arrival, presence, coming
Noisy Sounding, vexatious, rowdy
Peaceful Quiet, stilly, peaceable, pacific
Famous Renowned, eminent, well-known, respectable, familiar
Floating Moving, temporary, variable, uncontrolled
Buy Purchase, acquire, bargain
Enjoy Appreciate, pleasure, joy, revel
Opposite Contrary, unlike, inverse, averse
Mean Signify, desire, intend, expose
Declare Announce, state, proclaim
Independence Freedom, liberation, impartiality, individuality
Become Befit, match, fit,
Follow Imitate, copy, repeat, obey, observe
Custom Tradition, practice, habit, convention
Equal Like, alike, level, identical
Right Authority, power, ability
Basic Main, initial, primary, original, fundamental
Easy Simple, natural, soft, smooth, Relaxed, calm, cool
Resource Supply, store, source, provision, structure
Deposit Credit, payment, savings, income
Prosperous Affluent, rich, wealthy, progressing, successful, high
Earn Produce, get, receive, achieve, acquire, obtain, attain
Show Exhibition, display, indication, spectacle, emerge



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