Similar Words From for P. S. C. Candidates

Unit One: May I Introduce Myself

Main Words Similar Words
Introduce Present, familiarize, lead
Go Depart, leave, resort, drive
Holiday Day off, play day, break
Really Certainly, truly, indeed, surely
Live Abide, dwell, reside, occupy
Father Dad, daddy, parent, papa
Leave Depart, go, resort
Meet See, encounter, call on, notice
Journey Trip, voyage, travel, roam, wander, tour
Nice Good, fine, lovely, amusing, wonderful
Fun Amusing, enjoyable, exciting, entertaining
Thank Acknowledge, recognize
Choose Select, elect, indicate, take, pick
Right Accurate, correct, true, exact
Answer Response, reply, reaction, solution
Talk Conversation, chat, discourse, exchange, dialogue
Place Space, land, home, site
Practice Preparation, training, exercise, rehearsal
Say Tell, talk, speak, mention, utter, pronounce
Section Unit, sector, part, chapter, canto
Dialogue Conversation, discourse, conference
Know Recognize, identify, recognize, understand
Often Regularly, frequently, mostly
Speak Tell, say, express, voice, communicate
Listen Pay attention, attend, hear, list
Watch Observe, view, see, look
Friend Comrade, colleague, associate, workmate
Foreigner Stranger, barbarian, alien, outsider
Work Job, action, service, Labor, exertion, operate
Idea Cue, hints, indication, notion, thought, opinion
Store Collection, stock, fund, deport
Discuss Debate, discourse, argue, chat, converse
Sure Certain, definite, assured, secure
Please Satisfy, delight, content, entertain, gratify
Hurry Hast, rush, urgency, emergency, panic
Free Open, independent, clear
Great Large, huge, big, unlimited, best, eminent
Sit Settle, sit for, freeze
Useful Suitable, beneficial, valuable, effective, necessary
Below Under, beneath, lower
Join Link, attach, cohesion, connection
Wait Delay, interval, pause, stop
End Finish, close, conclusion, termination, finality
Period Age, era, season, time, moment
Interviewer Examiner, questioner, interrogator
Station Position, situation, location
Remember Recall, recollect, retain, mind, keep in mind
Check Control, manage, rule, form
Imagine Think, suppose, dream, guess, consider, fancy
Treasure Wealth, money, riches, fortune
Measure Quantity, amount, extent, volume, count
Cage Confine, enclose, frame, prison, jail


 Lesson Three: Speak with Rhythm

Main Words Similar Words
Aloud High, loudly, noisily, clearly, verbally
Different Unlike, dissimilar, unalike, several, isolated, various
Group Collection, set, team, class, grade, series
Hat Bonnet, cap
Same Similar, alike, equal, unchanged, like
Line Track, mark, range, path, boundary
More Extra, further, new, much, many, additional
Amount Sum, total, quantity, measure, rate, rank, degree
Fixed Secure, static, settled, permanent, set
Put Set, place, install, establish
Little Miniature, tinny, small, short, subtle
Stout Courageous, bold, brave, fearless, strong, dynamic
Dame Female, lady, housewife, wife, mistress
Lane Path, track, road, way, street


Lesson Four: An Evening with Saikat’s Family


Main Words Similar Words
Family House, household, domestic
Apartment Room, flat, chamber, panel
Write Compose, transcribe, pen, create, mark
Sew Stitch, needle, knit, weave
Make Create, mark, generate, edit, build, manufacture
Get Acquire, find, receive, obtain, derive
Order Instruction, command, direction, charge
Read Recite, deliver, speak, learn, study
Want Need, demand, poverty, need
Improve Progress, develop, advance, increase
Usually Frequently, generally, regularly, habitually, commonly
Eat Consume, feed, have
Cook Roast, prepare, heat, boil, fry
Clean Polish, correct, purify, fair
Carefully Sensibly, cautiously, cordially, gently, safely
Refer Mention, denote, raise, discuss, note
Model Design, plan, pattern, example, ideal
Describe Define, pronounce, explain


Lesson Five: Leisure time

Main Words Similar Words
Leisure Holiday, vacation, rest, free time
Excuse Apology, forgiveness, pardon, grace
Spend Pass, fill, occupy, employ, use
Swim Bath, bathing, wave
Keep Preserve, posses, have, retain
Fit Appropriate, right, suitable, proper, acceptable
Draw Pull, attraction, mark, write, paint
Activity Movement, motion, action, work
Polite Civil, gentle, respectful, obliging
Lend Loan, advance, offer, provide


          Lesson Seven: Eat Healthy Live Healthy

Main Words Similar Words
Healthy Fit, well, strong, vigorous
Compare Liken, equal, parallel, associate, match
Partner Companion, mate, spouse, lover
Mix Combination, mixture, synthesis, mingling
Huge Enormous, vast, titanic, a lot of
Pile Quantity, heap, mound
Stone Pebble, rock, shingle, nugget
Bottom Foot, end, lowest, lowermost
Fresh New, renewed, young
Product Creation, invention, produce, artifact
Pay Wage, salary, fee, give, offer
Buy Purchase, acquisition
Drink Beverage, juice, swill
Action Act, deed, exploit, achievement
Moderately Reasonably, temperately, abstemiously
Perform Do, achieve, make, execute, complete
Suitable Appropriate, right, proper, correct, applicable
Heading Title, headline, banner, slogan, direction


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