Similar Words From Chapter 02 (Class Six)

                                                    Chapter Two

                                               Going to a New School


Main Words Similar Words
Move (n, v) Change, transfer, exchange, travel, pass.
City (n) Urban, town, municipal, metropolitan, capital.
Form (n) Method, system, formula, custom, procedure.
Teacher (n) Educator, tutor, instructor, coach, trainer.
Student (n) Scholar, pupil, learner, schoolboy, schoolgirl.
Collect (v) Gather, save, purchase, accumulate.
Similar (adj) Same, like, resembling, alike, parallel.
Difficult (adj) Hard, tough, problematic, solid, complex.
Reach (n, v) Arrive, land, range, touch.
Leave (v) Go, depart, give up, forsake.
Find (n, v) Get, have, receive, derive, invention, discovery.
Direction (n) Instruction, way, track, route, path.
Walk (v) Step, foot, move, go, run, continue.
Feel (v) Realize, access, think, imagine, regard.
Embarrassed (adj) Confused, ashamed, nervous, scared, stupid.
Finally (adv) At last, in fine, ultimately, in the end.
Decide (v) Elect, select, choose, correct, agree, consider.
Ultimately (adv) Eventually, finally, at last.
Almost (adv) Nearly, most, even, near.
Finish (n, v) Last, end, conclusion, complete, terminate.
Begin (v) Start, originate, activate, create, add, join.
Fast (n, adj, v, adv) Fasting, starvation, quick, speedy, rapid, swift, starve, frequently, repeatedly.
Loud (adj) Excessive, strong, sharp, forceful,
Try (n, v) Attempt, effort, test, examine, review.


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