Similar Words for J.S.C. Unit:1 (Lesson:1 – 9 )

     English First Paper


                                                                                         Unit:1 (Lesson:1 – 9 )


Main Words                   

Similar Words

Lounge (v) Relax, idle, laze, loaf, rest, recline.
Lounge (n) Waiting room, lobby, anteroom, parlor salon, sitting room.
Immigration (n) Migration, movement, colonization
Immigration (v) Migrate, resettle, move, colonize.
Excite (v) Arouse, stimulate, incite, stir, provoke.
Board (n) Beam, plank, timber, slat, embankment entrance.
Decide (v) Settle, resolve, infer, determine.
Proposal (n) Offer, suggestion, intent, bid motion, invitation, proposition
Permanent (adj) Lasting, stable, enduring, constant, perpetual.
Delightful (adj) Pleasurable, pleasant, enjoyable, agreeable, happy.
Wonderful (adj) Amazing, marvelous, fantastic, astonishing, magnificent, excellent.
Expire (v) End, terminate, discontinue, stop, lapse.
Valid (adj) Sound, logical, acceptable, suitable, justifiable.
Embassy (n) Consulate, foreign, office, ministry, diplomatic office, chancellery.
Tourist (n) Traveler, sightseer, visitor, tourer.
Imaginary (adj) Unreal, nonexistent, fictional, mythical, fantastic, imagined
Departure (n) Leaving, exit, withdrawal, embarking, take off, parting.
Booth (n) Stall, cubicle, stand, compartment, hut, shed, kiosk
Scan (v) Search, inspect, examinee, explore, check, study.
Machine (n) Appliance, mechanic, engine, device, gadget, apparatus.
Towards ( ) In front of, ahead.
Immigration (n) Migration, resettlement, movement, colonization.
Stop (v) Squash, mash, trample, crush, stomp. 
Seize (v) Grab, grasp, capture, snatch, clutch.
Enclose (v) Encircle, surround, confine, contain, envelop.
Formal (adj) Official, correct, conventional, regular, orthodox.
Luggage (n) Baggage, bags, trunks, gear, effect.
Liquid (adj) Fluid, flowing, molten, smooth, liquefied.
Behind (pre) In back of, beyond, after, travel, journey.
Destination (n) Goal, objective, stop, end, target, aim, purpose, molto, pause.
Cruise (v) Navigate, sail, coast, float, travel, journey.
Descend (v) Drop, fall, plunge, sink, submerge
Schedule (n) Program, timetable, calendar, agenda.
Current (adj) Present, latest, prevailing, voguish, popular
Expect (v) Hope, await, look, anticipate, foresee.
Approximately (adj) About, roughly, almost, nearly, around.
Fasten (v) Secure, fix, attach, bind, tie, connect
Comparte (v) Relate, contrast, balance, review, consider.
Device (n) Gadget, instrument, equipment, apparatus, implement, tool.
Temperate (adj) Mild, pleasant, agreeable, balmy, mellow, element.
Snack (n) Tidbit, morsel, bite, nosh, refreshment.
Turbulence (n) Agitation, roughness, instability, turmoil, wind shear, disturbance.
Secure (adj) Safe, protected, uncover, discern, unearth.
Assume (v) Presume, suppose, postulate, suspect, infer.
Firm (adj) Stiff, hard, rigid, solid, compact.
Pressure (n) Compression, density, force, power, gravity.
Appear (v) Seem, look, act, sound.
Elastic (adj) Flexible, pliable, stretchable, adaptable, bendable.
Breathe (v) Respire, drawbeath, exhale, inhale, gasp
Require (v) Necessitate, direct, need, compel, command, demand
Uniformed (n) Outfit, attire, costume, regalia, dress.
Instruct (v) Teach, educate, inform, train, tutor, coach
Strap (n) Tie, fastening, thong, lash, belt
Inflate (v) Expend, distend, blow-up, swell,
Cord (n) String, rope, thread, twine, line
Hesitate (v) Pause, delay, waver, wait, falter, balk
Emergency (n) Crisis, extremity, predicament, difficulty, accident.
Suppose (v) Guess, imagine, think, assume, believe
Bump (n) Bulge, lump, protuberance, swelling, nodule.
Derive (v) Obtain, reap, extract, come arise, get, gather
Parallel (adj) Side by side, alongside, abreast. 
Cargo (n) Freight, payload, consignment, load, delivery, shipment.
Capacity (n) Size, dimensions, content, volume, range, measure, space.
Pronounce (v) Proclaim, announce, state, declare, decree.
Operation (n) Performance, functioning, working, action, running.
Run-way (n) Fugitive, refugee, escapee, truant, deserter, delinquent.
Square (n) Quadrangle, quad, block, box.
Convey (v) Carry, move, transport, bear, haul
Fascinate (v) Enrapture, charm, enchant, captivate, delight, absurd.
Suit (n) Outfit, costume, attire, clothing, tuxedo.
Apartment (n) Flat, tenement, suite room, duplex, condominium, suit.
Native  (n) Citizen, resident, inhabitant, dweller.
Sharp (adj) Cutting, edged, keen, pointed, thorny.
Row (n) Line, column, string, chain, sequence.
Atmosphere (n) Air, sky, heavens.
Traditional (adj) Customary, usual, ritual, normal, routine, habitual.

                   Unit:2 (Lesson:1-5)

Main Word


Nutritious (adj) Healthful, wholesome, beneficial, nourishing.
Substance (n) Material, matter, ingredient, element.
Physical (adj) Material, substantive, real, existing, objective, actual.
Structure (n) Building, construction, erection.
Certain  (adj) Convinced, definite, sure, positive, undoubting.
Quantity (n) Amount, number, measure, mass, volume.
Amount (v) Total, comprise, add up, come to.
Mine  (n) Quarry, deposit, vein, lade, Shaft, pit.
Shape  (n) Figure, form, outline, contour, pattern.
Essential (adj) Vital, necessary, important, fundamental, critical, required.
Disease (n) Illness, sickness, ailment, malady, affliction.
Interval (n) Period, pause, gap, interim, break, rest.
Stir (v) Whip, beat, churn, mix, agitate.
Mix (v) Blend, mingle, merge, stir, fuse, scramble.
Stove (n) Range, oven, heater, wood stove.
Delicious (adj) Appetizing, rich, luscious, tasty, savory.
Bury (v) Entomb, enclose, inter, enshrine.
Creep (v) Crawl, drag, squirm, wiggle, wriggle, steal, sneak.
Bright (adj) Dazzling, illuminated, shining, radiant, glowing.


  Unit:3 (Lesson:1-8)

Main Word


Concentrate (v) Study, ponder, think, analyze, contemplate.
Possession (n) Ownership, custody, control, title.
Proverb (n) Saying, moral, platitude, maxim, truism.
Property (n) Belongings, possessions, asset, good, effects
Balance (v) Stabilize, equalize, steady, match.
Mental (adj) Cerebral, abstract, intellectual, thinking, cognitive.
Solitude (n) Aloneness, seclusion, loneliness, reclusion, isolation, remoteness.
Supply (v) Provide, equip, furnish, outfit.
Yield  (v) Produce, bear, supply, generate, return, furnish.
Recreation (n) Pastime, hobby, relaxation, sport, amusement.
Meditation (n) Reverie, rumination, contemplation, musing, focus.
Hygienic (adj) Clean, sanitary, disinfected, pure, aseptic.
Achieve (v) Attain, reach, complete, fulfill, conclude.
Spiritual (adj) Bodiless, non material, psychic, supernatural, ghostly.
Soul (n) Inner being, spirit, entity, psyche, ego.
Protect (v) Guard, defend, shelter, safeguard, shield.
Environment (n) Surroundings, habitat, setting, element, conditions.  
Surrounding (v) Circle, ring, enclose, bound, envelop.
Conversation(n) Discussion, talk, chat, dialogue, conference.
Examination (n) Inspection, observation, study, probe, survey.
Immediately (adv) Directly, instantly, promptly.
Tragedy (n) Disaster, catastrophe, calamity, misfortune, adversity, accident.
Worsen (v) Deteriorate, degenerate, decline, fail, sink.
Condition (n) State, shape, form, situation, status.
Explain (v) Clarify, define, interpret, teach, describe.
Substance (n) Material, matter, ingredient, element.
Survive (v) Live, persist, endure, exist, withstand.
Regard (v) Consider, judge, view, think, rate.
Stretch (V) Extend, expand, wider, spread, lengthen.
Discipline (n) Practice, drilling, preparation, instruction, training.
Cheerful (adj) Merry, joyous, happy, bright, jolly.
Contagious (adj) Catching, transmittable, spreadable.
Delicious (adj) Appetizing, rich, luscious, tasty, savory.
Forum (n) Meeting, gathering, assembly, discussion, seminar.
Participate (v) Take part, partake, join, co-operate.

                  Unit:4 (Lesson:1-7)

Main Word Synonym
Content (n) Insides, ingredients, substance, matter, subject.
Arrange (v) Place, order, group, position, organize.
Entertainment (n) Amusement, diversion, pastime, performance, play.
Culture (n) Civilization, society, attainments, refinement.
Interest (n) Attention, regard, care, notice.
Heritage (n) Legacy, inheritance, tradition, birthright.
Sufficient (adj) Enough, adequate, abundant, satisfactory.
Source (n) Origin, head, beginning, start.
Sweet (adj) Sugary, candied, rich, honeyed.
Refuse (v) Forbid, disallow, reject, veto, prohibit.
Minor (adj) Slight, light, small, unimportant, insignificant.

                Unit:5 (Lesson:1-8)


Typical (adj) Representative, characteristic, normal, average, standard.
Extraordinary (adj) Unusual, uncommon, rare, unique, amazing.
Spirit (n) Soul, essence, psycho, heart, life-force.
Defy (v) Disobey, disregard, resist, spurn, challenge, dare.
Stunted (adj) Dwarfed, stubby, undersized, small, tiny.
Admiration (n) Esteem, high, regard, reverence, approval, awe.
Adolescent (n) Teenager, teen, youth, young star, minor.
Astonishing (adj) Amazing, surprising, startling, impressive, astounding.
Vow (n) Pledge, promise, oath, assurance, guarantee.
Dignity (n) Formality, respectability, reserve, loftiness, solemnity.
Regret (v) Grieve, mourn, lament, repent.
Grudge (n) Resentment, bitterness, spite, malice, ill will.
Profession (n) Career, occupation, vocation, job, field, work, business.
Passion (n) Love, desire, affection, fondness, devotion.
Mission(n) Assignment, appointment, task, commission, quest.
Gigantic (adj) Giant, huge, enormous, immense, titanic, colossal.
Shelter (n) Safety, protection, refuge, cover
Grumpy (adj) Grouchy, crabby, cranky, irritable, surly, moody.
Unwillingly (adj) Reluctant, disinclined, opposed, loath, averse.
Generous (adj) Charitable, unselfish, kindly, considerate, thoughtful.
Flattery (n) Compliment, praise, sycophancy.
Sincere (adj) Real, genuine, earnest, heartfelt.
Wonder (n) Astonishment, surprise, amazement, awe, fascination.
Praise (n) Approval, compliment, commendation, acclaim, applause
Gracious (adj) Kind, courteous, polite, friendly, cordial, genial.
Noble (adj) Exalted, lordly, aristocratic, cordial, genial.
Deserve (v) Merit, earn, warrant, rate, qualify.
Hospitality (n) Accommodation, graciousness, entertainment, consideration.
Vain (adj) Conceited, arrogant, proud, smug, haughty.
Vicious (adj) Savage, dangerous, ferocious, fierce, violent.
Echo (v) Resound-ring, reply, resonate.
Steadfastness (adj) Constant, steady, unwavering, fixed-firm, resolute.
Sacrifice (n) Offering, gift, homage.
Strength (n) Power, might, muscularity, brawn, vigor.
Comfort (v) Cheer, ease, relieve, console, reassure.

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