A sentence is a group of words which gives a complete sense or meaning.

There are five kinds of sentence according to its meaning.
They are:

1. Assertive sentence.
2. Interrogative sentence.
3. Imperative sentence.
4. Optative sentence.
5. Exclamatory sentence.

1.Assertive sentence:
An assertive sentence is a sentence which expresses a simple statement. It may be affirmative or negative:
Examples: a. Nurunnahar Mitu is a good student.
b. Mahinur akter Monika is a student of class vii in Sahajuddin sarkar model school and college.
c. He is reading a book.
d. They were playing football.
e. I will swim in the river.
f. It has been raining for two hours.
g. The rose is a symbol of beauty.
h.The white colour is the symbol of purity.
i. The rising sun is the symbol of birth.
j. We are happy.
k. He is not an honest man.
l. Monika is not boiling an egg.
m. It is raining now.
n. They are not playing.
o. You are not a good man.
p. Sejuti is my sister.
q. You will be happy.
r. You will not pass in the exam.

2.Interrogative Sentence: An interrogative sentence is a sentence which denotes a question. It may be affirmative or negative.
Examples: a. Is he an honest man?
b. Is he not an honest man?
c. Aren’t they happy?
d. Is Mr Mazhar a B.A.?
e. Is Mazhar sir teaching in the class?
f. Is she not a beautiful girl?
g. Does he read the quran?
h. Does he not go to school?
i. Did she write a letter?
J. Did they play cricket?

3.Imperative Sentence: An imperative sentence is a sentence which expresses order, command, request, advice etc. It may be affirmative or negative.

a. Write a letter.
b. Eat rice.
c. Do the sum.
d. please shut the door.
e. Do not go there.
f. Do not tell a lie.
g. Always speak the truth.
h. Let us go there.
i. Let him play .
j. Please give me your pen.
k. Kindly help me.
l. Let us go out for a walk.
m. Let us discuss the matter.
n. Forgive me.
o. pray for me.
p. Draw a mango.
q. Look at the picture.
r. Be attentive.
s. Never tell a lie.
t. Read your lessons.
u. open the door.
v. Help the poor.
w. Lend me your eraser, please.
x. Give me your pen.
y. Tell me the story.
z. Tell me when your birthday is.

4. Optative sentence:
An optative sentence is a sentence which expresses wish or desire or blessing.

Examples : a. I wish you a day of joy.
b. May Allah bless you.
c. May you live long.
d. May Allah help you.

5.Exclamatory sentence :
An exclamatory sentence is a sentence which indicates sudden expression of emotion or strong feelings.

Examples: a. Hurrah! we have won the game.
b. What a beautiful country it is !

*Again, there are three kinds of sentence according to its form and structure.
They are 1. Simple sentence.
2.Complex sentence.
3.Compound sentence.

1.Simple sentence: A simple sentence is a sentence which has only one subject, only one finite verb and only one clause.
Examples: a. Nurunnahar mitu reads in class b. They play.
c. They are good students.
d. The girl

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