A School Magazine

A school magazine is a kind of periodical publication, which contains the writings and contributions the students and the teachers in a school. Every school publishes a school magazine every year. At first, a committee is formed for publishing the magazine. Then the committee asks the learners and the teachers to send their writings. The editor then corrects the writings. They select the publishable writings. The school magazine is generally open to all teachers and famous person outside the school is allowed to write in it. It also contains messages from the headmaster, assistant headmaster and the chairman of the school managing committee. There are short stories, poems, essays, verses, jokes, riddles and other writings related to studies, sports and cultural activities of the school. It often contains album of photography. A school magazine can play a vital role in improving the young learner’s habit of reading and writing. It can develop the students’ interest in literature. It stimulates their imagination and develops their creative powers. It is a mirror of the school. It adds to the glory and honor of the school.


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