Sabina’s Grandfather Anwar Hussain

Read the following passage carefully and then answer the questions below it.

Many years ago Sabina’s grandfather travelled to Thailand. He stayed there for a few weeks and saw many things. He saw the farmers in their fields. The sun was very hot. “There is no rain, but the crops are green. Where does the water come from?” grandfather asked. “Come and see,” said a Thai farmer. The Thai farmer showed Anwar Hussain a new pump. It pumped water into the farmer’s fields. “Is it expensive?” asked Sabina’s grandfather. “No.” said the Thai farmer, “It’s cheap.” “Then we can use this pump in my country” said Anwar Hussain.


1. Write weather the following statements are true or false. If false give the correct answer.      1×5=05

a. Sabina’s grandfather stayed in Thailand for some days.

b. The crops were very fresh but the sun was very hot.

c. Anower Hussain wanted to know about the source of the water from a Bangladeshi cultivator.

d. The pump was not inexpensive.

e. Anower Hussain wanted to use the pump in Bangladesh for pumping.


2. Fill in the blank with a word from the words given bellow.                                                                   0.5×10=05

Observing, pumping, gathered, much, roamed, roaming, be, decided, knew, pleased, many


Sabina’s grandfather (a) ——– a great traveller. He (b) ——– many countries for learning and (c) ——– gathered much experience after (d) ——– many things at the time of his (e) ——–. He learnt from the Thai farmers that without rain, we can grow much crops by (f) ——– water from the ground. He also (g) ——– that a pump is inexpensive. He was (h) ——– to see the green fields of the Thai farmers and (i) ——– to use the pump in Bangladesh for cultivating (j) ——– crops.


3. Give short answer to the questions.                                                                                                                     1×5=05

a. Who was Sabina’s grandfather?

b. Where did he travel?

c. What did the Thai farmers show Anower Hussain?

d. Why do farmers use pumps?

e. How were the corps of the Thai farmers and why?

4. Choose a word from the box and put it in the blank next to its meaning.  (any ten)                              0.5×10=05


Main Words Similar Words
Travel, stay, cultivator, expensive, see, hot, mud, earth, discuss, paint,use, down. Remain, notice, valuable, peasant, heated, underneath, wander, grime, globe, talk, decorate, apply.


5. Fill in the gaps with suitable words word only                                                                                                 1×10=10

The old man’s sons dug and dug for getting hidden treasures but they a. —– anything. They b. —– again and again but still they found c. —–. The boys got very angry and d. —– away the seeds on the fields. The next year, the two sons e. —– and they said with great pleasure that there were many good crops in their field. They also said that they f. —– some and g. —–  the rest. So the two sons h. —– some of their crops and sold the i. —–. Then they were very happy and j. —– hard.

6. The following sentences are in wrong order. Write them in correct order.                                             1×10=10


a. Mrs Rabeya Chowdhury is the headmistress. b. She teaches in Sherpur High School. c. Her job is to look after the students and teachers. d. She has good teachers and they like teaching her school very much. e. The students are well-behaved and their classrooms are good. f. In the classrooms there are a blackboard with a duster and some pieces of chalk. g. There are also desks and chairs for the students and a table and a chair for the teacher.  h. In Sherpur High School all the students learn and earn. i. A part of the students make towels and the school sells them. J. Other students bind exercise books; make torches from bamboo and print cloth or make paper bags.


Answer to the question no: 01

a. False. Correct Answer: Sabina’s grandfather stayed in Thailand for a few weeks.

b. True.

c. False. Correct answer: Anower Hussain wanted to know about the source of the water from a Thai cultivator.

d. False. Correct answer: The pump was inexpensive.

e. True


                      Answer to the question no: 02

a. was b. roamed c. gathered d. observing e. roaming f. pumping g. knew h. pleased i. decided j. many


 Answer to the Question No: 03  

a. Anwar Hussain was Sabina’s grandfather.

b. He travelled to Thailand.

c. The Thai farmers showed Anwar Hussain a new pump.

d. Farmers use pumps for pumping water in their lands.

e. The crops of the Thai farmers were green and fresh because they use pump for irrigating in their lands.

Answer to the Question No: 04

 Travel- wander

Stay – remain

Cultivator- peasant

Expensive- valuable

See- notice

Hot- heated

Mud- grime

Globe- earth

Discuss- talk

Paint- decorate

Use- apply

Down- underneath

 Answer to the Question No: 05

a. didn’t find b. tried c. nothing d. threw e. were surprised f. could keep g. sell h. kept i. rest j. worked

Answer to the Question No: 06


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
d i b c h g e f j a







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