S.S.C English First Paper Final Suggestion 2015

S.S.C English 1st paper Suggestions 2015

Reading comprehension (1—3)

1. Most of our students cannot write out ………clear English is not bad.
2. Dowry is a claim ——————————– against humanity.
3. Bangladesh entered —————————————————- types of vehicles.
4. Florence Nightingale………………
5. Change is the life ——————————– of the world.
6. Punctuality means —————————————— the modern world.
7. The Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Empire State Building in New Work, Buckingham Palace—————- Visit
the tower annually.
8. Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world. It is over 29000 feet ——————–the honor of
world hero.
9. English is used as common language ——————– to visit or to stay in any county of the world.
10. Bangladesh is called a country of rivers ——————————— shameful for us.
11. The symbol of love —————-Taj Mahal ————– look at different time.
12. Teachers’ day ——————————— international celebration.
13. Nobel Prize is the ————— ————————— when he was only 25.
14. Titanic
15. Education is the fulgent light ————— —————-earnestly and sincerely.
16. Olympic Games
17. The human race —————————— ————-our future generation.
18. Illiteracy is a great curse ————— ——————– in Bangladesh.
19. Air is an important element ————— ——————– air pollution.

Reading comprehension (4—5)
1. Helen Keller was born 2. Einstein was very simple 3. Alexander the greatn 4. In 1912, an American Shipping 5. Alexander Fleming 6. Zainul Abedin 7. Mother Teresa 8. Neil A Armstrong 9. The great wall of China 10. Jhon Milton 11. Stephen Hawking 12. the Sangsad Bhaban 13. Jagadish Chandra Bose 14. Charles Dickens 15. Cricket 16. Jhon keats 17. Olympic Games 18. Robi Tagore


1. Hatem Tai 2. Abu ben Adam 3. Two beggar in a city. 4. Kazi Nazrul Islam. 5. Robert Bruce. 6. The Thirsty Crow. 7. Taimur was one of the greatest. 8. The bad man & the owner
9. Queen Victoria. 10. Ibn Batuta. 11. Charles Dickens 12. A friend in need is a friend indeed.
13. The Nobel Prize. 14. William Somerset Maugham. 15. Einstein & the queen
16. Marco Polo. 17. Pasteur’s invention 18. A crow and a dog. 19. Sheikh Saddi and a gang of robbers 20. Androcles. 21. William Shakespeare. 22. The pied piper and mayor.
23. A farmer and a purse of gold

1. Victory of Mount Everest and Musa Ibrahim. 2. Culture is a term used for a way of life
3. Early rising 4. Ambition means desire to achieve something. 5. Drug addiction and its effect. 6. News paper is called a store house of Knowledge 7. Clean water is safe for us. 8. Trees are very useful to man,
9. We are indebted to our Parents for our life on earth 10. Paper is the most useful gift of human skill
11. Life is the sum total of minute, hours, and days. 12. Egypt is a country far away from Bangladesh 13. Teaching is a noble Profession 14. The biggest lie 15. Socrates 16. 21st February is called 17. Robinson Crusoe and his father. 18. Haji Muhammad Mohsin. 19. Dr.Alexander Fleming 20. Education illuminates 21. Marco Polo’s travel to China. 22. The curse of illiteracy. 23. Taj Mahal. 24. Mother Taresa.

Paragraphs (English 1st &2nd paper) :
1. A school library. 2. A school magazine. 3. A winter morning 4. Importance of learning English 5. A Book Fair 6. A street Accident 7. A Day Laborer 8. Environment Pollution,9. Load Shedding,10. Traffic Jam 11. Tree Plantation 12. A farmer 13 A street hawker
Letters :-
1. Write a letter to your friend about what you intend to do after the SSC examination.
2. Write a letter to your friend congratulating on your friend’s brilliant result.
3. Write a letter to your friend thanking him for his hospitality
4. Write a letter to your friend describing a study tour/excursion/picnic/describing a historical interest.
5. Write a letter to your friend thanking for birthday present.
6 Write a letter to your friend describing annual sport day of your school
7. Write a letter to your friend Necessity of learning English /reading newspaper/physical exercise.
8. Write a letter to your friend about Bangladeshi people

Dialogue :-
1. Write a dialogue between you & your friend on your preparation for the S.S.C exam.
2. Write a dialogue between you & your friend on importance of newspaper/learning English/tree plantation/early rising/physical exercise.
3. Write a dialogue between you & your friend on how to remove illiteracy
4. . Write a dialogue between you & your friend on effects & remedies of Environment pollution/hartal
5. Write a dialogue between Two friends about their aims and hobbies/ future plan of life
6. Write a dialogue between you & a doctor on your suffering from fever.
7. Write a dialogue between you & your friend on effects & remedies of environment pollution.

Completing story :

1. A friend in need is a friend indeed 2. wonderful goose. 3. . Where there is a will, there is a way(thirsty crow). 4. An honest wood cutter 5. Slow and steady wins the race ( hare and tortoise). 6. The old farmer and his quarrelling sons. 7. Honesty of Rina 8. The lion and the mouse. 9. Lion and mouse

Describing graphs & charts

1. Average temperature of the year in Bangladesh 2. Population growth rate of Bangladesh 3. Number of internet users 5. Electricity production. 6. Elderly people’s changing attitude to pastimes in a community

S.S.C English 2nd Suggestions 2015
Applications :-

1. For enhancing common room/library facilities. 2. For opening a canteen. 3. construction a bridge/sinking a tube well. 4. For full free studentship/help from the poor fund/stipend. 5. Praying for permission to go on a study tour.6. Praying for testimonial. 7. Chairman for relief and medical treatment for the flood affected people
1. wonders of modern science 2. Computer 3. Aim in life 4. population problem of Bangladesh, 5. Childhood memories 6. The season you like best 7. The game you like most 8. Journey by train 9. Duties of student 10. physical exercise


1. An application for the post of English teacher, An application for the post of a Library Assistant, for the post of a Medical Representative
2. for the post of a Junior officer
3. To the Manager for the post of an Assistant Manager
4. To a business firm for the post of an Accountant
5. for the post of a Computer Operator.


1. write a message to your father who is in Japan telling him how you have done well in the final examination.
2. write a message to your father about your preparation for 1st semester examination.
3. write e-mail to the railway booking clerk asking to reserve a seat for you.
4. Write e-mail to your friend inviting him to the marriage ceremony.
5. You want to get admission in a college in U.K. Send an e-mail for information.
6. Your friend lives in America. He is interested to know how you are. Now draft an e-mail for him.

Suggested by:-
Hadiul Islam
MA in English,Bangladesh Islami University
Sr. Teacher,New Daffodil Coaching Center
In need:- 01915772253, 01677146325