S.S.C Examination Suggestion- 2018

An Exclusive Suggestion For ssC Examination- 2018

English paper -1

Unit :8-L 1(B), U:13-L 2(B),U:3-L 2, U:5-L 3, U3:L 5(B), U:10-L 4 (B), U11:L 3(B), U:5-L 1, U:8 –L 3, U:7-L 6, U:7-L 1,U:3-L 3, U:3 –L 6, U 8:L-4(C), U:12-L3(A), U:1-L 4, U:4-L 5(D), U:5 –L 2(B), U:6-L 4(A), U:7-L6, U:11 : L-2(B) , U: 5-L 4, U:10-L 3 (B), U:4-L5 (D), U:10-L 4(B), U:11-L 3 (B) , U :13-L 1(C)

QUES.NO.-4&5(UNSEEN COMPREHENSION-3 ): practice all board ques 2015,16,17
QUES.NO.-6&7 ( MATCHING SENTENCES & REARRANGING ): practice all board ques 2015,16,17
QUES.NO:8: PARAGRAPH WRITING: **** 1.Traffic jam ***2. A school magazine **3.Environment pollution **4. A street hawker ***5.A book fair *** 6.Tree plantation/afforestation **7.Our national flag **8. A rainy day ***9. A school library *** 10.A winter morning ***11.water pollution & ways of purification *12. A street accident *13.load shedding *14. A railway station *15. Air pollution *16. Rickshaw puller * *17. Visited a place of historical interest 18. A day labourer ** 19. The life of a farmer **20. A tea stall 21. May day 22. Global warming
QUESTION NO.-9: COMPLETING STORY : **** 1.Robert bruce/failure of the the pillar of success/ the role of the spider in inspiring the king *2.Dress does not make a man great /outward appearance is not all *3. Honesty is the best policy /sense of responsibility of a boy 4. Grasp all , lose all(king midas) ****5.a liar shepherd ***6.who will bell the cat **7.the truthfulness of hazrat abdul quadir zilani *8.The lion & mouse *9.Foolish crow and clever fox *****10.unity is strength **11.Dividing a bread/cake *12. An honest wood cutter ****13.Bayazid’s love for his mother *14. Graspes are sour *15. Thirsty crow ***16. A fox without a tail 17. The goose that laid golden eggs 18. A tale of two friends 19. Accursed child labour 20. An honest rickshaw puller 21. The ready wit of a boy 22. Fortune smiles upon the diligent 23. Rescuing a drowning boy 24. A lucky rickshaw puller 25. An intelligent boy (…railway slipper) 26. Laziness begets failure (…jamal, an sssc examinee) ****26. Hare & tortoise
Ques.no-10: charts & graphs : ****1.Choice of profession by different educated people ***2.The riteracy rate of Bangladesh *****3.The internet users *4.On the interest of students in different subjects 5.Percentages of a family’s household income ***6.Comperatives selling rates *7.Benifit of girl’s education ***8.Population growth in Bangladesh ***9.The number of people living below the poverty *10.Yearly imports & exports (billion dollars) of a country *11.Student’s time spending on various activities ****12. The number of mobile phone users in Bangladesh/telephone & mobile users *13.The result of jsc exam of a school *14.The habits rate of taking tea & coffee 15.Showing information about Bangladesh , srilanka,india&china 16.The irregularity of a student in attending the classes 17.Different types of pastime activities
QUES.NO.-11:INFORMAL LETTERS/EMAILS : ***1.Describing the annual prize giving ceremony of your school ***2.letter to friend what you intend to do after your ssc exam ***3.Describing the co-curricular activities of your school/later life 4.Thanking for nice birthday gift *5.How you have prepared /preparation for the ensuing exam 6.How to improve English ***7.To pen-friend about your country & people 8.About the importance of physical exercise 9.To your mother/father/brother about your progress of studies **** 10. To Friend congratulating for excellent result 11.To cousin/friend for staying a few days with you during summer vacation *12.To friend thanking for hospitality *13.About the benefit of newspaper 14.How you spent /your experience during summer vacation 15.Inviting to join a picnic 16.About your aim in life 17.Your experience of visiting to a new place 18.To give up smoking 19.Application to h/m for permission to play friendly crcket match .
Ques no .-12: writing dialogue : *** 1.About importance of reading newspaper/how to eradicate illiteracy/necessity of tree plantation /bad effect of smoking/importance of learning computer/bad effect of copying in the exam/your preparation for exam /aim in life/good effect of morning walk/city life& country life/importance of physical exercise/setting up a computer club/how to improve your English /importance of education in the development of a nation/some interesting places / skill in English language 2.With librarian on or borrowing books /with a doctor about your physical problems.
English paper 2
QUES.NO:1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 : practice all board ques 2015,16,17
QUES NO: 12 : WRITING CV WITH COVER LETTER /RESUME : ***1. Senior/junior officer /assistant English teacher/computer operator /medical representative/ accounts officer /librarian /i.t officer/ receptionist(hotel)/public relation officer/computer programmer/ English news caster /office assistant/ sales executrive/sales man
QUES.NO.-13: Formal letter/emails: ******1.Going on study tour *** 2.Relief goods for flood affected people **** 3.Setting up a canteen *4.Testimonial 5.Computer club in the school 6.Enhancing library facilities ****7.increasing common room facilities * 8.Financial help 9.Full free studendship 10.Seat in the hostel ***11.setting up a multi-media classroom/an English language club/debating club /literacy club/canteen 12.Opening a common room/arranging common room 13. Sinking an arsenic-free tube well 14.Excursion to sundarbans
QUES.NO-14:PARAGRAPH WRITING : ****1.Your visit to a book fair ****2. A farmer 3. A school magazine ***4.Tree plantation/afforestion 5.Traffic jam 6.Load shedding 7.Uses and abuses of mobile phone 8.Our national flag 9. A rainy day **10. A tea stall **11. A winter morning ** 12. A street hawker * 13. Early rising & its benefits *14. A day labourer 15.Environment pollution 16. Deforestation **17.Your school library *18. A Rickshaw puller
QUES NO.-15:( Writing composition ) : *****1. Your future plan of life ***** 2.Recent floods in Bangladesh *** 3.Wonders of modern science ***4.physical exercise ***5.Your hobby ****6. The season you like most /rainy season *** 6. Newspaper ***7.Duties of student ***8. A journey you have made /journey by train *9. Computer *10.Population problem in Bangladesh 11. Tree plantation 12. Your favourite game 13.Your childhood memories 14. A village market 15. T.v/internet

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