Rules of Preposition with Exercise


       Rules of Preposition with Exercise


Place: He lives at Mugdapara in Dhaka.

Time: I always come back from school at 3 pm.

Level: The coach runs at fifty miles on hour.

Site: He looks at me. Cox’s Bazar is at the north site of Bangladesh.

Price: Rice is sold at taka 50. per kg.

Target: He aimed at the lion.

Flout: We should not laugh at the poor.

Aim: He looked at me with great concentration.


Subject: I told you about the matter.

Already: The train is about to start.

Around: The news of his death spreads all about.

Occasion: He talked to him about the business.

Uncertain number: About 5000 people live in our village. He is about 40.


Upon: The sky is above our head. The fan is fanning above our head.

High position: He is above in the society.

Best: He is above all corruptions.

More: Now the time is above 10: 30.

Than (compare): I value character above everything.


Then: He went away after having meal.

Make after: They ran after the thief.

In spite of: After all he is a good student.

According to: The shirt is bought after my choice.

Like: Make the dining table after the design.


Contrary to (বিরুদ্বে): He is always against me.

Beside: He kept the bag against the wall.

To the contrary (প্রতিকূলে): He is swimming against the current.

Provision (সংস্থান, উপায়): We should save something against our rainy day.

Instead: Fifty students have passed against seventy.


Beside: He sat by me.

Nearest time: He will come here by 4 pm.

According to: What is the time by your watch?

Oath: He swore by God.

Level of work: He pulled me by the ear.

Measure/level: Our class room is 30 feet by 40 feet.

Agency: The letter was written by him.

Travel: by land, by air, by water, by boat, by launch, by steamers, by bus, by train.


Back: He fell behind me.

In one’s absence: We should not speak ill of one behind his back.

Late: You are behind me.


Time: He went away before eating dinner.

Forward: He stood before me.


Instead of: He acted for me.

In spite of: For all his wealth he is miser.

Duration: I have been reading for 3 hours.

In favor of (পক্ষে): I will speak for you.

Think: I took him for a good student.

Cause: He could not attend the class for his illness.

Exchange (বিনিময়): We bought the house for one million taka.


Time: I will come in an hour.

Place: We live in Dhaka.

Condition: He is not in good health.

Keeping vision: We should work in the interest of our country.


Race: He comes of respectable family.

About: Do you know anything of him?

Belong to: It is the car of my uncle.

Instrument: The house is made of brick.

Lack: He is devoid of courtesy.

Cause: He died of heart attack.


Top: The book is on the table.

About: He wrote an essay on “Jute”.

Cause: I congratulate him on his brilliant success.

Dependence: The cow lives on grass.

Time: He met me on Friday.

According to: I acted on my teacher’s advice.

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