Right Form of Verbs for HSC 2015

Right Forms of Verbs (All Boards)


  1. DHAKA BOARD – 2011
require achieve take become consider learn rise

Education is often compared to light and (a) — as the pillar of human civilization. So, it is only education which can make a nation (b) — to the level of standard development. From this point of view, it (c) — quite clear to us that if a country can provide its people with education (d) — for the modern aspects of life, it will be able to (e) — an all-out prosperity to the betterment and welfare of the nation.


  1. (a) considered; (b) rise; (c) becomes/ has become; (d) required; (e) achieve.


  1. RAJSHAHI BOARD – 2011
waste suffer envelope educate do study be

It is high time you (a) — for the Test Exam. You (b) — much time wandering aimlessly and doing meaningless jobs. Don’t you know that your parents and relatives highly expect you to (c) —? But if you are not serious right from now, you (d) — in the long run. Besides, your future (e) — in darkness.


  1. (a) studied; (b) are wasting; (c) be educated; (d) will suffer; (e) will be enveloped.
  1. JESSORE BOARD – 2011
see lean blow want cast screen lower

Robert Frost (a) — any severance of his ties with nature. Even when the window sash (b) — at night and the tree (c) — from his view he (d) — a shadow outline of the tree which (e) — a more profound influence over him than the rustling of leaves.


  1. (a) does not want; (b) is lowered; (c) is screened; (d) sees; (e) casts.
walk get run reach sit buy open

Last Friday I went to the Zoo with some of my friends. We (a) __ there before the gate (b) __. Then we (c) __ some tickets and entered the Zoo. While we (d) __, I saw my friend Raihan (e) __ towards us.


  1. (a) had reached; (b) was opened/ opened; (c) had bought/ bought; (d) were walking; (e) running.
dare visit be desire Attain -AR©b Kiv face shall

Everybody (a) __ success in life, but few (b) __ it. One of the main reasons for this failure is that many people (c) __ take risks. Life (d) __ not a bed of roses. It is full of troubles and difficulties. We (e) __ them with courage.


  1. (a) desires; (b) attain; (c) do not dare; (d) is; (e) should.
  1. SYLHET BOARD – 2011
drop fall find fly carry advise show

The poor farmer (a) — a purse of gold, which (b) — by a passer-by. He (c) — it home and (d) — it to his wife who (e) — him to use it.


  1. (a) found; (b) was dropped/ had been dropped; (c) carried; (d) showed; (e) did not advise
  1. BARISAL BOARD – 2011
try make be think ponder abide indulge Mend (fix)

We often see young people (a) — in pompous ways of life. They (b) — by the to realize the advice of the seniors, not even of their guardians. Even they (c) — negative aspects of it. Pompous life (d) — them gradually derailed. Whey they realize the consequence on their lives, they often find it quite impossible to (e) — the damages.

  1. (a) indulged; (b) do not abide; (c) do not try; (d) makes; (e) mend.
  1. DINAJPUR BOARD – 2011
be reach work come confine dominate succeed

Today women play in important role in all spheres of life. Once they were (a) — by men. They (b) — no longer (c) — within the four walls. They have (d) — out of kitchens and are (e) — hand in hand with man.


  1. (a) dominated; ((b) are; (c) confined; (d) come; (e) working.
  1. DHAKA BOARD – 2010
need learn go do modify revise design

Communicative competence in English is urgently (a) — in our country. The present world (b) — fast and developing by leaps and bounds. In order to keep pace with the present world, we cannot help (c) — English, but the present system of teaching and learning English is not up to the mark. The textbooks (d) — for the classes XI-XII have to (e) — and made updated.


  1. (a) needed; (b) is going; (c) learning; (d) designed; (e) be revised.
  1. RAJSHAHI BOARD – 2010
suffer render-M„nnviv nIqv kill come bring have try

In the spring of 1945, the Second World War (a) __ to an end. The war had (b) __ great misery to the whole world. Millions of people (c) __ and wounded. They included men, women and children. Millions of people (d) __ homeless and (e) __ from poverty, hunger and disease.

  1. (a) came; (b) brought; (c) were killed; (d) were rendered; (e) suffered.


  1. JESSORE BOARD – 2010
do have imagine learn get go be

Dear Farah,

It seems hard to believe that I (a) — in Savar for a whole month now! I promised to write and tell you how I was going on so here (b) —! When I first got here, I just (c) — used to the slow pace of life! Now, I (d) — to take things easy and I’m beginning to really feel at home. You can’t (e) — how beautiful the university campus is. It’s very large, very green, and probably the best campus in the country. It is simply wonderful. It’s all up today.

  1. (a) have been; (b) is going/ goes; (c) couldn’t get; (d) am learning/ have learnt; (e) imagine.
  1. COMILLA BOARD – 2010
be fight regain brood try inspire help

Robert Bruce was the king of Scotland. Once he (a) — with the British forces and lost his kingdom to England. He fought several times with the British forces to (b) — his country but failed. One day, he sat in a lonely cave (c) — over his sad lot. Suddenly he caught sight of a spider. It was (d) — to reach the ceiling. But each time it tried, it dropped. After six attempts it became successful. This perseverance of the spider (e) — Bruce to fight again with British and this time he was able to free his country from the enemy.

  1. (a) fought; (b) regain;  (c) brooding; (d) trying; (e) inspired.


work invite discover come take give bring

Computer has (a) __ about a revolutionary change in the world. But it (b) __ overnight. It (c) __ a long time to invent computer. Many visitors of science (d) __ had four years and finally (e) __ out successful.

  1. (a) brought; (b) was not invented; (c) took; (d) had worked; (e) came.
  1. SYLHET BOARD – 2010
find look feel hear be return send

Gafur was sitting thoughtfully on the veranda. Mahesh (a) — anywhere since yesterday. Gafur was very weak again. So, Amina (b) — in search of him since morning. She (c) — home at about sun-set and said, “You (d) —, father? Manik Ghosh’s men (e) — Mahesh to the police station.”

  1. (a) had not been found; (b) had been; (c) returned; (d) Have (you) heard; (e) have sent.
  1. BARISAL BOARD – 2010
get hit damage submerge uproot cyclone disrupt

A severe cyclone (a) __ the coastal areas of Bangladesh last night. It (b) __ accompanied with tidal surge. The offshore islands (c) __ by the tidal surge. Trees were (d) __ and crops (e) __.


  1. (a) has increased; (b) burn; (c) have found; (d) predict; (e) will continue.
  1. DINAJPUR BOARD – 2010
sail carry contain move be build regard

The great ship, Titanic (a) __ for New York from Southampton on April 10, 1912. She (b) __ 1316 passengers. At that time she (c) __ the largest ship that ever (d) __ and (e) __ as unsinkable.


  1. (a) sailed; (b) was carrying; (c) was; (d) was (ever) built; (e) was regarded.


  1. DHAKA BOARD – 2009
take pray offer remain keep do publish

With extreme competition everywhere parents are constantly worried about the results. This is a common sight during the S.S.C Examinations in thousands of families. Special prayers (a) — in families having such an examinee. Parents (b) — special care of their children. They make sure that their wards get along with studies without the slightest of problems even without mosquito bites. Parents shuttle to mazars and temples and (c) — for the examinees. Sometimes they give cash money and kinds for their wards. Parents of an examinee usually (d) — worried until the result (e) —.


  1. (a) are offered; (b) take; (c) pray; (d) remain; (e) is published.


  1. JESSORE BOARD – 2009
do get beg want write receive choose

I (a) __ your letter just now. You (b) __ to know where I (c) __ myself admitted and which subjects I (d) __. I am now (e) __ everything in detail.


  1. (a) have received; (b) have wanted; (c) have got/will get; (d) have chosen/ will choose; (e) writing.
  2. COMILLA BOARD – 2009
say be provide face participate enrich

Human life (a) — not static but dynamic. A man cannot reach the highest peak of success if he (b) — part of in extra co-curricular activities. Travelling is also an important co-curricular activity. It is travelling which (c) — our knowledge, experience and promotes our attitudes. Therefore, travelling (d) — us with knowledge and practical experience. It can be clearly (e) — that our knowledge can be mobilized by travelling the different corners of the vast globe.


  1. (a) is; (b) does not participate; (c) enriches; (d) provides; (e) said.
feel lead make inspire create imply devote

Patriotism is a noble virtue. It (a) — country and people. Actually it (b) — a man to do everything just and fair for his those qualities which make a person (c) — his/ her life for the well being of his country. Patriotic zeal (d) — a person dutiful, energetic and enthusiastic. On the other hand, those devoid of patriotic zeal (e) — any scruple to plot against the country.


  1. (a) inspires; (b) implies; (c) devote; (d) makes; (e) do not feel.
  1. BARISAL BOARD – 2009
write reach happen come do twinkle return

At last your long awaited letter (a) — us yesterday. You can hardly imagine how I jumped for joy and how mummy’s eyes (b) — with delight. When papa (c) — home in the evening and we told him that you (d) — well in your mid-term examination he, too, was very pleased. So you may be sure of a very warm welcome when you (e) — here for Christmas.

  1. (a) reached; (b) twinkled; (c) returned; (d) had done; (e) will come.


  1. DINAJPUR BOARD – 2009
begin say hold bid call invite recite

A few days ago the marriage ceremony of my elder sister was (a) — in a very befitting manner. We (b) — our friends and relatives. The invited guests (c) — come in the evening. After the arrival of the bridegroom the Qazi solemnized the marriage (d) — the related verses from the holy Quran. While (e) — farewell to my sister my parents burst into tears.

  1. (a) held; (b) invited; (c) began; (d) reciting; (e) bidding.

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