Purposes of Education

 Purposes of Education:

As education is a long process and so its purposes are so many that we cannot explain it in a single idea. However, I feel the following basic aims would be at its core: 

  • To give all learners the basic skills to access and drive their own education.
  • To develop the softer, non-subject life skills needed to succeed.
  • To impart powerful subject knowledge (and by this we mean the facts, concepts and procedural knowledge needed to continue to take that subject further and progress in it)
  • To enlighten the individuals.
  • To enlarge his outlook.
  • To differentiate between right and wrong.
  • To prepare children for citizenship
  • To cultivate a skilled workforce
  • To teach cultural literacy
  • To help students become critical thinkers
  • To help students compete in a global marketplace
  • To know thyself
  • To prepare for the future life
  • To make plan and carry out investigations
  • To obtain, evaluate, and communicate information


Besides them, education always gives us a shared understanding of what is valued, where our efforts should be focused, and whether we are making progress or not. Thus an individual, receiving education, can enlighten his/her personal, family, social and national life.

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