Punishment of a Liar

                 Punishment of a Liar

         Once upon a time there lived a shepherd boy in a village. He was a great liar and had a bad habit to tell lies. Every day he kept a flock of sheep near a forest. In the forest, there lived different beast animals. One day he made a plan to make fun to the villagers. After some times, he started shouting, “Wolf! Wolf! Help!” Hearing his shouting the villagers started rushing to save the boy with sticks, spears and tools. But they found no wolf. Seeing the villagers the boy started laughing at them. So, the villagers became annoyed to him and they returned to their duties. The liar shepherd made the same fun to the villagers far and between. The villagers would come forward to protect the boy and return home with annoyed. But one day a wolf really came. The shepherd shouted to his highly voice to get escape from the wolf but the villagers did not extend their helping hand. They did not come to rescue the boy. The wolf killed all the sheep of the boy and the boy asked for help again and again but nobody came. They thought he was cheating again with them. At that time the wolf killed the boy. The poor unfortunate shepherd lost his life only for telling lies.     


  1. To tell a lie is a great sin.

    • Inter Milan on September 5, 2012 at 10:36 am

    Cool post . Cheers for, posting on my blog man. Ill email you some time. I did not know that!

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