Project work on: ELLE versus Splash

Project work on: ELLE versus Splash


Purpose Statement:

  • To investigate the differences between EFL versus Native English.


  • ELLE and Splash, monthly magazines seem to share the same different theme that is fashion and life style. Both of these magazines give the readers the latest update about fashion trend and what is in and what is out, moreover, gives its readers information about exclusive top brand products. These two magazines are from same timeframe of May 2013.It is a qualitative analysis.

Findings and Results:

  • Target Audience – Fashion conscious women and men of upper middle class and higher class
  • Doesn’t have a well-defined website and doesn’t have a online version
  • Content –Fashion, travelling, Interior decoration, celebrity news, media gossip ,Celebrity interview, Science and technology
  • Advertisements- Purobi Jewelers, Diamond Gallery , celebrations, Vasavi , Gems Gallery ,Zaara , Cats eye, Ena La Mode , Pearl Oasis
  • Language- Low standard of English, lack of variety in vocabulary , use of simple sentence  mostly, apt for  less English skilled readers, ornamental words and use of phrases and idioms are absent ,easy wording , spelling mistakes  are found , jargons are used


  • Beauty tips-tends to emphasize on herbal remedies or home remedies 
  • Mode of address- ‘You’
  • Brings in some social issues to raise public awareness apart from fashion trend 
  • Does not concentrate on a single topic for a particular edition
  • No movie review ,book review, Reader advice section


         For ELLE:

  • Target Audience- highly income earners,female aging 18-49 interested in the latest and beauty trend and celebrity life style 
  • Advertisements- Fashion and beauty brands advertising latest products of fashion lines aimed at female. Advertisements that appears in the magazine: Chanel, Gucci ,Dior, Prada , Armani ,Dolce and Gabbana, Guess, Coach, Clinique, Calvin Klein  ,Viktor and Rolf ,Rado(watch), MAC (make up), Maybelline, Revlon,Cara Accessories  
  • Article focus-generally on appearance with topic ranging from exercise work outs  to the latest must fashion must-haves  
  • Content-features couture fashion: showcasing top brands
  • Style of presentation-Presentation on the cover is very simple and sophisticated
  • The mode of Address-‘You’
  • Range of articles –Beauty, travel, Fashion ,features , home décor ,psychology ,science
  • Celebrity interviews-Zac Efron, James McAvoy ,Linda Cantello ,Kim Gordon 
  • Possesses a well-defined website –, where readers can read the entire magazine online
  • Culture- more open (advertisements of liquer like Baileys and Malibu )
  • Beauty tips-emphasizes on commercially available beauty products  
  • Advice Column- ELLE reader advice Ask E. Jean  
  • Movie Reviews- A cold Day in Heaven(Pg 208),Native Son ,Birth of a Nation, Fathers mows Best, Portrait of  a Little Lady  
  • Book reviews-Country Girl, Iris has free time, Americana etc 
  • Promoting designers
  • Language-high standard native English has been used. Mostly complex sentences are apparent. Generous use of  enriched vocabularies. Special types of words are used for particular expressions e.g. ‘modern-day chameleon (Lady Gaga),’pooh-pooh’,Billie holiday ,retro crooner style,gigs, selfies,etc.lots of unfamiliar words are found.
  • One edition focuses on one particular topic,for instance May 2013 edition deals with female musicians