Principles of Business Letter Writing

Principles of Business Letter Writing:

While writing any business letter, we have to keep some matters in our mind because it’s totally technical and practical based. There are mainly three principles in the business letter. They are:

Courtesy and Consideration: Courtesy is like the oil which removes friction; it makes life smooth and helps to win friends. Courtesy creates good will and produces a favorable response. Generally, good will is a great asset for an organization and courtesy in correspondence is one of the most natural and economical means of building it.

For example; in business letter, we can use the following expressions to show courtesy – Many thanks for your letter of 12 March 2015

Thanks you very much for your letter of 12 March 2015

We are sorry that you did not receive the book in time.

Directness and Conciseness: We should write the direct information and it should be concise. If any information of the letter is too long or unclear, the receiver may lose interest to read the letter.

For example;

Verbose                                        Direct and Concise

At all times                                  always

At the time of writing                  at present or now

Beg to acknowledge                     acknowledge

In the case of                                if

For the month of July                   for July


Clarity and Precisions: A simple expressions and clear thinking are the two most important virtues of effective writing. The reader should have no difficulty in understanding what the writer means.