Present Features of Bangladesh Democracy

Present features of Bangladesh Democracy:

For better understanding of our democracy, we should know the present situation of our country. Among various features the most noticeable and important conditions may be identified as under:

i)  Absence of democratic political culture:Bangladesh is lacking a democratic political culture. Democratic orientations and practices are not seen in our polity and society. People’s competence to cope with the democratic norms and values is not adequate. Even opportunities for democratic learning are not available in our educational as well as political institutions. Thus, democratic norms and values could not strike root in our society and polity. 

ii)  Absence the rule of law: In our country, rule of law became merely a farce instead of making up the sun that shines on democracy. Today it has become the part of our political culture that police took action against oppositions and turned a blind eye to the real perpetrators. In case of bails to the political activists, the judge simply to the wishes of political masters.

iii)  Lack of political morality: Our politicians lack political morality which is marked by special provision for caretaker government instead of political government to arrange national election. It is a sign of popular distrust on our p0liticians. However, the provision for caretaker government is positive for democracy enough to each our politicians about the lack of their political morality and trust on themselves.

iv) Absence of strong civil society:Bangladesh has failed to establish a strong civil society, which could ground the liberalism and put flesh on the skeleton of democracy. Even we are lacking a civil culture which structure the social space of civil society in public regarding ways, anchoring individual identify and conscience in shared norms of solidarity trust and reciprocity. Our intellectuals are merely the prop of ruling classes.

v)  Absence of strong political leadership:Bangladesh is lacking of strong patriotic political leadership essential for leading the nation toward progress and stability. Our leaders do not hold image to unite the nation in a platform. Because, they consider themselves leader of their party not the nation as a whole.

vi)  Confrontational politics: Politics in our country is confrontational in nature where there is no cooperation, trust and  solidarity among political parties and groups. There is no census among political parties on issues of national interest. They oppose each other only for the sake of opposition.

vii)  Ineffective political institutions: Our political institutions are not strong and developed enough to render required services on way of democratization and political development. Our parliament does not work effectively due to continuous boycott by opposition and its role as a ground for deliberation proved to be ineffective. Our political parties are safe shelter of vested interests. Thus their role to institutionalize democracy is not only inadequate but also unacceptable.

viii)  Corruption and terrorism: Corruption and terrorism are two terrible barriers to democratic development in our country. Al though the then govt. refused the claim, Transparency International has ranked 5th times Bangladesh as most corrupt nation of the world. Terrorism is not unconcerned to none of our citizens. thus, greatest challenge. Before the nation is to uproot corruption and terrorism from our society.

ix)  Negativity/Double standard: Double standard attitude is a great barrier to democratic development as it discourages to accept others. Everything is just if it favors one’s own interest, otherwise it is wrong. An election is fair if the result is favorable otherwise it is unfair. Such kind of attitude forces our politicians to stereotyped enmity and distrust.

x)  Lack of tolerance and reciprocity: There is a lack of tolerance, mutual respect, trust and reciprocity among our politicians and political parties. Compromise and consensus is absent from our polity, which inflames enmity among politician and endangers the growth of democracy in the country.

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