Model Test on Preposition 01

Preposition Model Test 01

1. In my childhood I had a close relation (a) — the river Dhaleswari. It was then a river (b) — great importance. The village of my maternal grandfather was (c) — the bank of this river. When I had been there, I always bathed (d) — this river. Alas! I do not go there for long. Because all my maternal uncles have left the village home and moved (e) — town.

Answer – 1: a) with b) of c) on d) in e) to.

2. A good student is fond (a) — books. He adheres (b) — his studies. He always tries to cut a brilliant figure (c) — the examination. He never deviates (d) — his duties because success depends (e) — hard work.

Answer – 2: a) of b) to c) in d) from e) on/upon.

3. Noise is different (a) — sound. It is harmful (b) — our health. If somebody exposes (c) — noise exceeding 70 decibel, he/she is likely to suffer (d) — hearing problem. This problem is acute (e) — big cities.
Answer – 3: a) from b) to c) to d) from e) in.

4. Cordellia took leave (a) — her jealous sisters with tears in her eyes. She begged them to take good care (b) — their father. But they said it was not necessary for her (c) — teach them their duty. She could look (d) — her husband’s welfare, and not trouble (e) — them.

Answer – 4: a) of b) of c) to d) after e) ×.

5. You know that smoking is not only a bad habit but also injurious (a) — health. A puff (b) — cigarette contains millions of particles which may cause cancer, blood pressure or loss of eye-sight. Nicotine in tobacco is very dangerous (c) — your health. Your teeth and your fingers will be affected. You will suffer (d) — lack of oxygen in your blood resulting (e) — your respiration troubles.

Answer -5: a) to b) of c) for d) from e) in.


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