Practise Sheet on Cloze Test Without Clues

Close Test Without Clues

1. Fill in the blanks without clues.

 Bangladesh (a)——-in the active Earthquake (b)———. It is a (c)———–natural disaster. It has occurred in the country (d)—-times during recent years. If a (e)—–earthquake occurs in Dhaka city (f)—will happen unthinkable. So, experts are paying more (g)—-to the issue of earthquakes in (h)—-times. People should be (i)—and careful about earthquake in the capital city to (j)—-the loss of it occurs.

2. Fill in the blanks without clues.

Everybody knows that food (a)—–is a crime. Adulterated food is poisonous and it (b)—–fatal diseases. People (c)——this kind of food fall a (d)—-to liver diseases, cancer, kidney failure and so (e)—-. Some businessmen who are unscrupulous and running (f)—-money only do this (g)—-work. They thrive on the (h)—-of others .The citizens have to die a (i)—-death. Men, women, boys, girls, children and all are (j)—–killed without any reason.

3. Fill in the blanks without clues.

 The Eskimos are the most widely (a)—group in the world still leading partly(b)—way of life. They live in a (c)—that spans more than 35,00 miles,(d)—Greenland, the northern fringe(edge) of North America and a (e)—of eastern Siberia. Eskimos are racially distinct from American Indians. They are most closely (f)—to the Mongolian people of eastern Asia. The Eskimos (g)—adapted themselves to cold, harsh (h)—because of their highly inventive skill. They would make (i)—from almost anything and everything. They most spend the winter in tents in a larger settlement and then (j)—during summer.

4.Fill in the blanks without clues.

Mother Teresa is a great (a)——-and Philanthropist, was (b)—–on August 2,1920 in Albania of Yugoslavia. Her real (c)—–was Agnes Teresa. She had her (d)—–at a government school in Albania. In 1928 Agnes (e)—-to kolkhata to do some (f)—-work and later took Indian(g)—-.Then she devoted and (h)—-herself to the service of sufferings and distressed humanity. She (i)—-the Missionaries of Charity in 1950 and Nirmal Hridaya in 1954 in kolkata and was (j)—–as mother.

5. Fill in the blanks without clues.

Foreign aid is (a)—for our economy. (b)—foreign aid we can’t progress. We can’t(c)—our developmental programs (d)—financial (e)—from other developed countries. Sometimes we (f)—sufficient assistance. But sometimes we (g)—nothing. But that is not the (h)—problem . The main  problem is that the donor countries impose conditions that must be fulfilled. If we (i)—to receive their help. And Alas! if we follow their suggestion then we can’t (j)—very much.

1. (a) is/lies (b) zone (c) serious/dangerous  (d)many/several (e) serious (f) what (g) attention (h) recent (i) alert (j) reduce

2. Ans: (a) adulteration (b) causes (c) eating (d) victim (e) on (f) after ( g)heinous (h)miseries (i)unnatural (j)actually 

3. Ans:(a) spread (b) aboriginal (c) region (d) including (e) part (f) related (g) successfully (h) climate (i) invention (j) transferred

4. Ans: (a) humanist (b) born (c) name (d) schooling (e) came (f) missionary (g) citizenship (h) dedicated (i) set up (j) known

5. Answer:(a) essential (b) without (c) continue (d) without (e) help (f) need (g) get (h)only (i) want (j) develop


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