Practice on Completing Sentence

Practice on Completing Sentence

1. Complete the following sentences.

(a) United we stand, ————-.

(b) Rupa talks as if————.

(c) Since the body and mind go together,——–

(d) Zinia is so tired ————.

(e) As I had forgotten her, ———.

2. Complete the following sentences.

(a) As the poor man was hungry——-

(b) The weather was so cold that———-.

(c) Hasib behaves as if———-.

(d) It is high time we———-.

(e) A patriot is respected because———-.

3. Complete the following sentences.

(a) The weather is so cold that———.

(b) He was strong enough———.

(c) He came here with a view to—–

(d) Hasib behaves as if———-.

(e) You had better————-.

4. Complete the following sentence:-

(a) A college is a seat of learning, so————

(b) It should be a peaceful place where———–.

(c) But now a days peaceful atmosphere is absent from the college because——-

(d) The students who—————.

(e) The sooner it can be controlled, the—————–

5. Complete the following sentences:-

(a) I wish ———.

(b) He works hard so that———-.

(c) There is hardly any person———-.

(d) Man is born free but———-.

(e) It is our sacred duty——-.

6. Complete the following sentences:-

(a) He hurried to the station lest,———-.

(b) People are advised to take oral-saline since ———–.

(c) Where there is a will ———-.

(d) The weather was so unbearable that ———-.

(ej When the final hour of departure came, ———–.

7. Complete the following sentences.

(a) We want that ———.

(b) Man dies but————-.

(c) People work with a view to————-.

(d) I wish————-.

(e) A patriot is person whom————-.

8. Complete the following sentences. 

(a) Since Bangladesh is a disaster-prone country________

(b) Though Bangladesh is a small country, she is burdened ________

(c) Women who comprise half of our population________

(d) Moreover, our country is beset        ________

(e) We all should come forward with a view to________

9. Complete the following sentences :

(a) We should say ‘no’ to corruption because————.

(b) Corrupt persons are not only dishonest but also———-.

(c) Now, it is high time ———-.

(d) We should work together if

(e) But we are so self-centred————.

10. Complete the following sentences:

la) No sooner had he reached the station———.

(b) She ran fast lest——–.

(c) He could not avail———.

(d) I prevented him———.

(e) All should do something to———-.

11. Complete the following sentences :                                                                                                         

(a) AIDS is a fatal disease which_

(b) It is such a disease that_

(c) The first AIDS patient was a man who_

(d) The doctors suggest that __________

(e) The doctors suggest that_

(f) There is no further remedy that__

12. Complete the following sentences :

(a) United we stand,_.

(b)_know this wise saying?

(c) Unless you are united, you_.

(d) The story of the old man and his sons teaches us_.

It is high time we__.

13. Complete the following sentences :

(a) Arif studies attentively so that_

(b) Hardly had the leader finished his speech_

(c) I walked fast lest_

(d) A fish market is the place where people go_

(e) It is disappointing to note that the price of_

  14.Complete the following sentences :

(a) Walk fast lest_.

(b) It is high time_.

(c) Modem husbands are_.

(d) For good health_.

(e) If I help him in danger_.

15. Complete the following sentences :

(a) We work hard so that,_

(b) There is nobody who,_

(c) As he is devoted to studies,_

(d) He left the place after,_

(e) As soon as the police came,

16. Complete the following sentences :

(a) I don’t like people who_.

(b) Do you know where__.

(c) It was long since_.

(d) You will not prosper unless_.

(e) Had I been proposed to go_.

17. Complete the following sentences.

(a) You cannot find others to love you unless

(b) It is love that

(c) Love is divine which— ,

(d) Your friends cannot help loving you if…….—.

(e) If you are not loved, it is a good evidence that————-—-.

18. Complete the following sentences : —

(a) He has a lot of money but—–

(b) My father gave me taka 500 so that

(c) She has been suffering from fever for

(d) Though it rained yesterday————.

19. Complete the following sentences :—

(a) Walk fast lest————-.

(b) Our students are so meritorious———

(c) Scarcely had the teacher gone out of the room————.

(d) If I knew his mobile number————.

(e) It is time we ——.

20. Complete the following sentences.                                                                                          

(a) A graveyard is a place where ————– .

(b) I am not sure whether———- .

(c) The old man is walking carefully lest

(d) Do you mind if-———?

(e) Unless you work hard———–.

21. Complete the following sentences :—

(a) It is easy to say but–—.

(b) Five years passed since ——- .

(c) A graveyard is a place —-.

(d) She insisted that—–.

(e) Unless you work hard,———-.

22. Complete the following sentences:

(a) He could not attend the meeting because——-

(b) We went to his residence as soon as—–—

(c) He was so ill that———— .

(d) We immediately decided to shift him to a hospital where————.

(e) No sooner had we reached the hospital, ———-.

23. Complete the following sentences:—

(a) They went to college after they——

(b) This poem is too difficult for———-.

(c) No sooner had she seen me———–.

(d) He speaks as if——-

(e) It is high time we———-.

24. Complete the following sentences.

(a) As you sow, so———-.

(b) Although Bangladesh is a populous country, it———-.

(c) He is my teacher who———-.

(d) I wish I———-.

(e) He took up a part-time job so that———.

25. Complete the following sentences :—

(a) Since Bangladesh is an agricultural country, ———— .

(b) As her economy depends on agriculture, ———— .

(c) We have to develop cultivation scientifically because———— .

(d) Though our farmers work hard, they do not get what————.

(e) They cannot improve their condition but though —……— .

26. Complete the following sentences :—

(a) Water is so vital of all natural resources that-.

(b) It is water which-.

(c) Our agriculture which-.

(d) Though Bangladesh is blessed with rivers–.

(e) If the rainfall is timely —

27. Complete the following sentences :—                                                                                                    

(a) The poor man is too hungry to——-.

(b)I came here with a view to——-.

(c) The weather was so cold that——-.

(d) Hasib behaves as if——-.

(e) The higher we fly, the harder——-.

28. Complete the following sentences.

(a) My father is a teacher who——–.

(b) Unless he gets up early in the morning——–.

(c) It is high time we——–.

(d) Though it is raining———.

(e) A patriot is respected——–.

29. Complete the following sentences.

(a) It is true that most of the parents in our country are not interested enough to——–.

(b) Parents think that spending money for the children’s education is unwise specially when——.

(c) They think female children need no education because they——–.

(d) To lesson discrimination in children’s educational status the government gives subsidy for female children so that —–.

(e) It is a good sign that now a days—–.

30. Complete the following sentences :

(a) Yesterday Mita had an accident while————.

(b) No sooner had we heard the news————.

(c) We took her to a hospital which————.

(d) As it was a public hospital————.

(e) But our patient was so serious that————.

31. Complete the following sentences :

(a) Acid rain is harmful because-

(b) The wind was so strong that ——–.

(c) Had he been a little careful——— .

(d) They were frightened when ——–—.

(e) Take your umbrella lest-——.

32. Complete the following sentences.

(a) There goes a proverb that———.

(b) Though lost wealth can be regained by hard work, lost time——–.

(c) Time is so valuable that—–—.

(d) Those who have become great in life

(e) If we make the best use of time——–.

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