Percy Bysshe Shelley

Percy Bysshe Shelley

Percy Bysshe Shelley was one of the romantic poets who rebelled against all conventional values. He was born in 1792 in a wealthy family. His father was Timothy Shelley and mother was Elizabethan Shelley.

In 1804 he went to Eton for achieving his college education. After six years he went to Oxford University for his higher education but he was expelled from it for writing the Pamphlet.    

Being expelled from Oxford, he went to London where he fell in love with Harriet Grove but it did not last long. Soon after it, he fell in love with Harrier Westbrook. In 1811 he eloped with her and got married in a religious tradition. But this marriage did not last long. He again fell in love with Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin and in 1811 he broke off with Harriet. In the same year he eloped with Mary to Switzerland. After four years he travelled to Italy with his family. At that time he again fell in love with Emilia Viviani.   

Personal Life: Shelley led an unconventional life and his radical belief had deep impact on his creative faculty.

Works: His major works reflect his profound revolutionary zeal.

Queen Mab, Alastar, Prometheus Unbound, The Revolt of Islam, Ode to Liberty and The Masque of Anarchy are his best creations.

Major Poems: Queen Mab, Alaster, The Necessity of Atheism, The Revolt of Islam, Rosalind and Helen, Julian and Maddalo, The Cenci, Mask of Anarchy, Hellas, Ode to the West Wind, The Cloud, To a Skylark, To Night, Ozymandias etc. are his major poems.     

Death: Shelley was died on 8th July 1822, less than a month ago before his 30th birthday.


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