PEC English Model Test for 2014

                                            English Model Test for PEC  2014                                                              

Time: 2:30 hours                                                                                                                Full Marks:  100

Read the text and answer the questions 1, 2 and 3:

Bithi loves to read books. But she cannot always buy books for their prices. She has found out that there is a library at their Town Hall and that it has a section on children’s books too. Bithi is very excited. She goes to the library one morning. She goes to the reception counter and asks the lady there, “Good morning, Ma’am! Can I borrow some books from your library?” The librarian smiles at Bithi and says affectionately, “Of course, you can. But to do so, you must become a member of the library first. You must have a library card.” She gives Bithi a card and asks her to fill it out. 

1. Write only the answer on the answer paper.                                                              1×10=10
i. Bithi loves ——- books very much.
(a) read            (b) reads               (c) reading                (d) have read
ii. Bithi _____ always buy books because the books are costly.

(a) does not      (b) do not             (c) did not                (d) has not

iii. What does she find out in their locality?
(a) A school     (b) A market        (c) A hospital           (d) A library
iv. Bithi is excited ¾ getting the library.
(a) when           (b) before             (c) after                    (d) within
v. When does she go to the library?
(a) In one evening     (b) In one morning   (c) In one afternoon    (d) At one night
vi. What does the lady work in the library?
(a) as a receptionist        (b) As an instructor  (c) As a guideline  (d) As an officer
vii. The librarian behaves with Bithi _____.

(a) Crudely             (b) Honestly             (c) Friendly                    (d) Affectionately
viii. The librarian _____ Bithi a card.
(a) gives                    (b) given                 (c) giving                       (d) to give
ix. What does a library spread?
(a) Knowledge           (b) Education        (c) Humanity                   (d) Wealth
x. We go to library ¾.
(a) for reading books        (b) for borrowing books                    (c) for writing                                       (d) for reading and for borrowing books

2. Match the words in Column A with their meanings in Column B. 2 extra meanings are given in Column B.                                                                                                              1×5=05


                            Column A                                   Column B
(a) Buy

(b) Section

(c) Excited

(d) Borrow

(e) Librarian

(i) a part of a building

(ii) very joyous

(iii) to loan something

(iv) to get something with money
(v) a person who works in a library
(vi) a particular department

3. Answer the following questions.                                                                                1+1+3=05
(a) Why cannot Bithi always buy books?
(b) Where is the library?
(c) Write three sentences explaining how we can read or borrow books with no cost.
Read the text and answer the questions 4, 5, 6 and 7.

King Midas was a very greedy king. Even though he was very rich he always craved for more and more. One day, he called his court magician and commanded; Find me a spell that can get me more treasures than I already have.” The magician said, “Your majesty, I can give you a power that no one else in this world has. Anything that you touch will turn into gold’- The king was delighted with his good fortune. Everything he touched turned into gold. He turned trees, grass, tables, chairs, flowers, and vases into gold. He thought that he must be the richest man in the world. But in the evening, when he sat down for supper, King Midas was discouraged. His food turned into gold the moment he touched it and he had to go to bed without any food! How­ever, King Midas was too greedy to be sad about it. The next morning, the king’s daughter ran to hug her father. But alas! The minute she kissed him, she turned into a gold statue! King Midas, who loved his daughter very much, was very sad and he ran to the magician for help. He cried, “Please help me, Magician! I don’t want to be rich anymore. I only want my beloved daughter back.” The magician changed everything back to normal. King Midas had learnt his lesson and was never greedy again.

4. Write only the answer on the answer paper.                                                              1×10=10

(i) Midas was a ———.

a. Merchant   b. prince     c. king       d. teacher

(ii) Whom did he call in his court one day?

a. a king       b. a magician   c. a doctor   d. an army

(iii) King was not ———.

a. rich    b. solvent   c. poor    d. wealthy

(iv) Things that he touched will turn into ———-.

a. iron    b. wood    c. brash   d. gold

(v) The word “Gold” is a ———- noun.

a. proper  b. common  c. collective  d. material

(vi) “The magician changed everything back to normal.” The sentence is written in ——— tense.

a. Present indefinite    b. past indefinite   c. future indefinite  d. past perfect

(vii) “But alas! The minute she kissed him, she turned into a gold statue!” Which sentence is it?

a. assertive    b. imperative   c. optative    d. exclamatory

(viii) He thought that he must be the ———- man in the world.

a. rich       b. richer  c. poor  d. richest

(ix) He ———- want to be rich anymore.

a. don’t     b. doesn’t    c. hasn’t    d. haven’t

(x) The story is a ———-.

a. fable       b. short story        c. ghost story     d. comedy

5. Fill in the blanks with the given words from the box.                                                1×5=05


touched statue silver gold tree world loved turn

(a) ——— was very favorite to Midas.

(b) King Midas wanted to have all the gold of the ———.

(c) Midas ———- his daughter very much.

(d) As soon as he ———- a flower, it turned into gold.

(e) The daughter of the king turned into a ———-.

6. Answer the following questions in sentence(s).                                                1+1+2+3+3=10

a. How was the king Midas?

b. Why did he crave for?

c. Why did he call the magician in his court?

d. What did he think?

e. When did his daughter turn into a gold statue?

f. What is the morality of the story?

7. Suppose, one of your friends is too greedy. He is not aware of the consequences of the greed. Now, write a letter to your friend advising him not to be greedy. Your letter should have – a heading, greeting, body, closing and a signature/name.                                            10

 8. Rearrange the given five sentences in correct order to make a meaningful story.   2×5=10

He had to go to the medicine shop to buy some medicine for his father. So, Rashid stands at the door and asks permission of the teacher to join the class. He is late by five minutes. Mrs. Alam has started the lesson. Rashid is late for the class.

9. Rewrite the sentence(s) using punctuation and capital letters where necessary.      2×5=10

on the day of ayla it was drizzling from the morning in the afternoon the wind started to blow by the evening both the rain and the wind became too strong.

10. Arrange and rewrite the following words so that they make sense.                        1×5=05

(a) can, you, to, go, Saint, the, island, Martin’s?

(b) Bangladesh, is, it, only, the, island, coral, in.

(c) colors, can, you, beautiful, see, of, coral, shapes, different, and.

(d) sea, we, can, sailing, go, the, in?

(e) trips, the, exciting, are, safe, but.

11. Read the following situation and make a dialogue using would or could.                        05

You want to know about some tourist spots of Bangladesh from your friend.

12. Suppose, Joy of 125 Green Road, Dhaka, wants to become a member of English Language Club. He is a student of Model School. He was born on October 1, 2001. His favorite hobbies are reading story books and travelling.

Now fill up the following membership form of the club using the above information.         05

                                         English Language Club

                                          121 Green Road, Dhaka

1. Name              :

2. Date of Birth   :

3. Home address :

4. School            :

5. Hobbies          :



13. Write a short composition on “Your Experience of a Great Day” using the clues          10                         

Took place, started, arrived, program, teachers, camp, cooked, performed.