PEC English Model Test 2016

                               English Model Test for PEC 2016 

Full Marks: 100                                                       Time: 2:30 Hours

Read the text and answer the question 1, 2 and 3

Saikat lives with his parents in a flat in Bogra. His father Mr. Rashidul Islam is a banker. But in his free time Mr. Islam writes stories and listens to music. Saikat’s mother is Mrs. Monwara Islam. She is a housewife. In her free time she enjoys sewing. She makes dresses. She often gets orders from her friends and neighbors.

Saikat is in class five. He is a good student. He wants to improve his English. So, he watches cartoons on TV every day. He also reads English books. He likes books about animals, especially tigers and lions.

1. Choose the best answer. 1×10=10

a) Saikat is a/an ——-.

i) teacher  ii) student   iii) firefighter   iv) cleaner

b) Saikat’s father works in ——-.

i) a bank ii) a school   iii) an Ngo  iv) a university

c) Saikat’s mother is a ———.

i) school teacher ii) banker  iii) housewife  iv) tailor

d) To improve English, Saikat ———.

i) watches cartoons on TV ii) reads English books iii) goes to English Language Club iv) both (i) and (ii)

e) Saikat reads in class ——–.

i) three ii) four iii) five  iv) six

f) Mr. Rashidul Islam in his free time ——.

i) writes stories ii) listens to music iii) works in the garden

iv) both i) and ii)

g) Saikat likes books about ——–.

i) birds ii) tigers and lions iii) snakes  iv) fish

h) The name of Saikat’s mother is ——–.

i) Mrs. Hasna Banu ii) Mrs. Rokhsana Islam

iii) Mrs. Monwara Islam iv) Mrs. Morsheda Islam

i) Saikat lives in ——-.

i) Chittagong ii) Bogra iii) Dhaka  iv) Rangpur

j) Saikat’s mother likes to ———.

i) make dresses ii) cook foods iii) wash cloths iv) watch TV

2. Answer the following questions 2×5=10

a) What is Saikat’s father’s name? b) What is Saikat’s mother’s name? c) What do Saikat’s parents do in their free time?  d) What does Saikat do in his free time? e) What kind of book does Saikat like?

3. Write a short composition about “Your Family” by answering the following questions. 10

a) What’s your name? b) What is your parents’ name? c) What do they do? d) What class do you read in? e) What do your parents do in their free time? f) How are you in your family?

Read the text and answer the questions 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8  

Once there lived a poor man. He had a goose. It was a wonderful goose. Because it laid golden eggs every day. The man was happy with the goose. In course of time, he became very greedy and he thought that it was difficult for him to keep patience. He grew impatient to have all the eggs at a time.

One day he thought if he got all the eggs in a day, he would be very rich quickly. He was quietly tempted. As a result, he hit upon a plan to cut the belly of the goose and collect all the eggs altogether. In order to implement his plan, he took a knife and cut the belly of the goose. To his utter surprise, he found no egg here. Another sad news for him was that the goose died from bleeding. The farmer was very shocked at the incident. He realized that he implemented a foolish plan. For his greed, he lost the wonderful goose forever.

4. Write only the answer on the answer sheet:  1×10=10

i) Once there lived a ——– man.

a) rich b) poor c) greedy  d) poor but greedy

ii) What did the man have?

a) a hen b) a goose   c) a dog  d) a cow

iii) How was the goose?

a) beautiful b) ugly c) wonderful  d) attractive

iv) The goose laid a —— egg every day.

a) iron b) silver c) golden  iv) plastic

v) He could not keep his ——-.

a) greed b) patience c) goose  d) house

vi) He wanted to get all the —– at a time.

a) eggs b) money c) goose  d) gold

vii) With what did he cut the goose?

a) knife b) scissor c) sharp bled d) razor

viii) What did he get from the goose’s belly?

a) one egg b) two eggs c) a bunch of egg d) no egg

ix) Really, the farmer was a ——- man.

a) good b) bad c) foolish  d) honest

x) For how many days did he lose the goose?

a) five days b) one week c) one year  d) forever

5. Fill in the blanks with the given words. 1×5=05

trap wanted belly wonderful wise greedy week save

a)The farmer was not a ——- man. b) He had a ——- goose.  c) He became ——– to have all the eggs at a time. d) He —— to be rich very soon. e) He found no egg after cutting the —- of the goose.

6. Answer the following questions: (Competency based) 10

a) Where did the farmer live? b) How was the goose? c) What would he get every day?  d) Why did he cut the belly of the goose?  e) Why did he become sad?

7. Write a short composition about a greedy man. Answer the following questions in your composition.                   10

a) Who was the man? b) What did the man have? c) How was the man? d) What did he do? e) What happened to him at last?

8. Suppose, you have a friend who wants to know about the result of greed. Now, write a letter to your friend describing the result of greed. Use the following cues. 10

Greetings, description, moral lesson, related story, result, advice, conclusion

9. Read the instructions about doing well in the exam. Then answer the following questions. (Competency based)   1+2+2=05

1) Be attentive to your lesson 2) Follow a routine of your daily activities. 3) Attend the class regularly. 4) Follow what your teachers say.               5) Revise the lessons well before the exam.

Question: a) What should a student follow to do his daily activities?  b) Why should you revise all the lessons? c) How do you try to do well in the examination?

10. Fill in the gap by writing the time so that the story makes sense.             5

My name is Abida. I will observe my birthday tomorrow. I will wake up at (a) ——- I will finish decorating my room at about (b) ——-. My friend will come at about (c) ——-. My father will take my birthday cake at about (d) ——-. At about (e) ——- we will start the birthday party.

11. Write five sentences about your morning activities, considering the following points. (Write the time in numbers and activity sequence in ordinal numbers in your writing)                                                                                                                   5

a) What time do you get up? b) What activities do you do in the morning? c) When/what time do you do them?

12. The following sentences are jumped. Re-write them in a coherent order.                      5

a) He went to a river to drink water. b) Once an ant was very thirsty. c) A dove heard him and dropped a leaf right in front of him. d) He shouted for help. e) While it was drinking a strong wave swept him away.

13. Imagine that your teacher has given you the following library card. Fill it out. 5


             Subilarchar Anwar Memorial High School

                        Muradnagar, Comilla

                            Library Card

1. Name                : ——————-

2. Home address    : ——————-

3. School               : ——————-

4. Class                 : ——————-

5. Age                   : ——————-


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