PEC English Model Test 2016

                              English Model Test for PEC 2016

Full Marks: 100                                                           Time: 2:30 Hours

Read the passage and answer the questions 1,2,3 and 4.

Babul and his family live in the island of Dublar Char. Life is good for the family now, but that wasn’t true after Cyclone Aila. Babul does not remember Cyclone Aila but his parents often talk about that terrible night in 2009. Babul’s father had a grocery shop and his mother worked in a fish farm. They had a small house that they shared with Babul’s grandparents. Babul was just a baby, but his sister Nipa was six years old. Babul’s father told him what happened that day. There was light rain in the morning on 25 May. In the afternoon, the wind started to blow and people began to run for their home. His grandparents checked the family’s emergency kit. The torch was working and they had extra batteries. They put the torch, batteries and first aid kit in plastic box. By the evening the river was rising. The winds of Cyclone Aila shook the walls of the house as if there was an earthquake. Everyone was afraid. Nipa began to cry. Suddenly, there was an awful noise and the family’s roof blew away. The sky was dark, but the family could see trees flying over their heads. Grandmother still says she saw fish flying through the sky.     

1. Choose the best answer. 1×10=10

a) Cyclone Aila happened in ——.

i) March 2008  ii) May 2008   iii) March 2009   iv) May 2009

b) Babul’s mother worked ——.

i) at home ii) in a fish farm  iii) in a grocery  iv) in a school shop

c) ——– checked the emergency kit.

i) Babul ii) Nipa iii) Babul’s grandparents  iv) Babul’s parents

d) The river began to rise ———.

i) in the morning ii) at noon iii) in the afternoon  iv) in the evening

e) The word ‘parents’ means ——–.

i) father ii) mother     iii) father and mother   iv) grand father

f) The singular number of ‘batteries’ is ——.

i) battery  ii) batterie     iii) batten    iv) embitter

g) The base form of ‘began’ is ——–.

i) begun ii) begin       iii) begins     iv) beginning

h) The base form of ‘blew’ is ——–.

i) blow ii) blown     iii) blowing   iv) blows

i) Everybody ——- afraid.

i) are ii) is     iii) was     iv) were

j) The word ‘dark’ is ———.

i) noun ii) adjective  iii) verb   iv) adverb

2. Fill in the blanks with suitable word. 1×5=05

a) Babul does not ——- Cyclone Aila. b) Babul’s father had a ——- shop. c) His mother ——- in a fish farm. d) By the evening, the ——- was rising. e) Everyone was ——-.

3. Answer the following questions 2×5=10

a) Where do Babul and his family live? b) What was Babul’s fathr? c) What did his mother do?  d) Who is Nipa? e) How old was Nipa during the Cyclone Aila?

4. Write a short composition about “Cyclone” by answering the following questions. 10

a) What kind of disaster is cyclone? b) What is cyclone? c) What does it often cause? d) Why does it occur? e) What shook the walls of Babul’s house?

Read the text and answer the questions 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9  

There lived many animals in a forest. There was no unity among them. But they were in peace. One day a lion came there. He was very big and cruel. He began to kill the animals everyday one for breakfast, another for lunch and other for supper. All the animals of the forest became anxious but they had nothing to do. At last a fox went to the lion and said, “Please, don’t kill us. Sir, be kind to us.” The lion became angry and said, “I am your king. So you must supply my food.” The fox came back and he called a meeting. He said to other animals, “We cannot die silently in the hand of the lion. We should do something.” All the animals became united and so they could drive the lion from the forest.

5. Write only the answer on the answer sheet: 1×10=10

i) The animals in the forest were not ——-.

a) happy b) unity c) united  d) peaceful

ii) What is the meaning of the word ‘anxious’?

a) worried b) happiness   c) plan  d) famous

iii) The lion started to ——- the animals.

a) kill b) kills c) killing  d) killed

iv) How many animals did the lion kill every day?

a) 4 b) 2 c) 3  iv) 5

v) Who attended the meeting?

a) the fox b) the lion c) the animals  d) nobody

vi) Who came forward to solve the problem?

a) the lion b) the animals c) the fox  d) nobody

vii) What did the fox tell the lion?

a) to be kind b) not to kill them c) to be their king

Here the correct answer is – a) i, ii b) ii, iii c) i, iii d) i, ii, iii

viii) Sir, be kind to us. —— What type of sentence is it?

a) exclamatory b) imperative c) interrogative d) assertive

ix)We should do something. ——- here the sentence indicates that ——

a) the animals should do some work b) they should kill the lion c) they should not give the lion food d) they should work unitedly

x) The story teaches us —–.

a) peace b) cruelty c) unity  d) kindness

6. Fill in the blanks with the given words. 1×5=05

them silent very anxious came many peace unity

There lived (a) —- animals in a forest. There was no unity among (b) —. But they were in (c) —-. One day a lion (d) —- there. He was (e) —- big and cruel.

7. Answer the following questions            10

a) How did the animals live in the forest? b) How was the lion? c) What did the fox request the lion?  d) What did the lion want the animals to do?  e) How could the animals drive the lion from the forest?

8. Write a short composition about “The Unity of Animals”. Answer the following questions in your composition.             10

a) How was the condition of the forest before the lion came? b) Who broke the peace of the forest and how? c) Why did the animals become anxious? d) What did they decide at the meeting? e) How did they solve the problem?

9. Write a letter to your friend advising him to maintain unity with the other members in the family. Here are some words to help you.         10

Unity, relation, peace, harm, work etc.

10. Read the instructions about becoming a good student, and then answer the following questions. (competency based) 1+2+2=05

1) Attend the class regularly and listen what your teachers say. 2) Do not waste time and energy in anything other than study.  3) Make the best use of time in order to make good preparation and good results. 4) Make a routine and follow it strictly. 5) Refrain from all sorts of bad habits which may spoil your life.

Question: a) What do you want to be?  b) Why do you want to be a good student? c) How can you become a good student?

11. Fill in the gap by writing the time so that the story makes sense. 5

My name is Fardin. I usually go to school at (a) ——-. First, I attend the National Anthem at (b) —-. Then our first period starts at (c) —-. After that, my English teacher comes to take his class at (d) —-. And my Tiffin hour starts at (e) —-.

12. Re-write the words in the correct order to make meaningful

       sentences.                                                                                  5

a) we, them, know, all. b) are, how, there, many, months, in, year, a? c) it, what, now, month, is?  d) them, now, sing, together, we, so that, can, all, hear. e) is, what, after, month, May, the?

13. Suppose, you are Hasan Jamil. Your teacher has given you a form to fill in with your personal details. Now fill up the form. 5


1. Name                : ——————-

2. Nationality        : ——————-

3. Date of birth     : ——————-

4. Address             : ——————-

5. Mother’s name  : ——————-

6. Father’s name   : ——————-

7. Hobbies             : ——————-



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