Passage Narration Practice

  1. “What’s your programme after the examination?” asked Salam. Kamal said, “I’ve not yet decided. Can you suggest any?” “Let us go on a picnic,” said Salam. “What an excellent idea! I shall certainly join you,” said Kamal.       
  2. “We would like to go on an excursion. Can we have your permission, Sir?” said the students. “Yes, you can arrange it after the examination is over. And you should choose a historical place for that”, replied the headmaster. “Thank you, sir.”
  3. “My sons, listen to me. A great treasure lies hidden in the land. I am going to leave it to you.” “How’ll we find it?” said the sons. “You must dig the land for it,” said the old man.                                                                                       
  4. The teacher said to the boy, “Do you think that honesty is the best policy?” The boy said, “Yes, Sir, I think so.” “Then learn to be honest from your boyhood,” said the teacher. “Thank you, Sir,” said the boy. “May Allah grant you a long life,” said the teacher.
  5. Rashed said to Karim, “How are you? I went to your hostel yesterday, but did not find you. Where did you go?” “I went to the station,” said Karim, “I had to receive my maternal uncle there.”
  6. Father said to his son, “Why are you making late? Go to school now.” “No, I am not going to school today. I feel dizzy,” said his son.
  7. A fruit seller said, “Which fruits do you want to buy? I have apples from Australia, oranges from Darjeeling, grapes from Kashmir.” The customer said, “What fruits of our country do you have?” The seller said, “I have coconut, guava and jack fruit.” The customer said, “Give one kg of guava as it will be the substitute of Australian apples.”
  8. The old man said, “Can you give me some food? I’ve been starving for two days.” The maid said, “Why do you beg? Can’t you work?” “No, I am unable to work,” said the old man.
  9. Zaman said to me, “Have you finished reading the book I gave you yesterday?” “Yes, I have finished reading the book”, I replied. “What an interesting book it is! I wish I would borrow the book earlier!” I said. “Will you return the book to me today?” he asked.
  10. The passer-by stopped me and said, “Sir, can you tell me the way to the nearest inn?” “Yes, I can,” “I said, “Go straight about 100 yards and turn left. You will find it.” “Thank you sir,” he said.
  11. “Have you killed the rats?” said the Mayor. “Yes, I have,” said the piper. “Give me the promised money.” “How funny!” said the Mayor. “We cannot give you so much money. Take only fifty.”
  12. The man said to the manager, “May I come in, sir?” “Yes, come in. What do you want?” said the manager. “I want to open a bank account in your bank,” said the man. “Can you tell me how I can open a saving account?”
  13. “Did people use stamps in those days?” asked Rafiq. “Yes!” answered Mr. Jamil, “The first stamps were used in 1840.” “Are they easy to get now?” asked Shafiq. “They are very difficult to get,” his uncle replied.
  14. “Why did you not go to school yesterday?” said the mother to the girl. “I was ill, mum,” the girl replied. “How are you today?” the mother asked again. “Well,” said the girl. “Don’t worry for me.”
  15. Once I asked a sweet little girl, “What is your mother’s name?” She replied cleverly, “I know my mother’s name but I won’t tell you that.” I said, “What a clever girl you are!” “I don’t tell my mother’s name to anybody whom I don’t know”, she spoke with an air of confidence.
  16. “Ratan, have you done your English today?” asked the teacher. “Yes, sir I did it. But I haven’t understood some grammatical points,” replied Ratan. “Where is the problem?” said the teacher. “Let us try again.”
  17. “What is the time by your watch?” he said. “It is half past nine,” I said. “I want to go to the college. Would you accompany me, please?” “No, I’m sorry,” replied I.
  18. “Great king of the genies,” called the monster, “I will never again disobey you.” Hearing those words, the fisherman became brave and said, “Tell me why you were locked up in the vase.” The giant angrily looked at him and said, “Speak to me more politely or I shall kill you.”
  19. “What are you doing now, Jack?” I said. “I am watching an interesting programme on television.” “Aren’t you wasting your time?” I said. “No, I don’t think so,” said he.
  20. The class teacher of class X said to the students, “Do you like to go on a study tour?” “Yes”, said all the students to their class teacher. Then he said, “Take the permission from your parents.” One of the students said, “Where will we go, sir?” “It will be decided after a discussion,” said the teacher.







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