Passage Narration Practice for HSC Students

                                              Narration Practice

Change the narrative style by using indirect speeches. 

  1. “What is your opt occupation?” asked the king. “I do not work at all”, said the stranger, “I wander about God’s kingdom and wherever. He places me, there I remain for the day”. Seeing the stranger’s trust in God, the king felt kindly towards him and said, “Will you come and live in my palace?” The stranger asked, “What I shall do there!” “You’ll water my trees and flower and in exchange you will get food and clothing”, said the king.
  2. The young man said, “I can’t stay any longer. The king had sent me to do a very important work.” “Friend, tell me what your important work is. I can also help you,” the man requested.
  3. She said, “What is your name?” “Roger”, answered the boy. “Then, Roger, you go to that sink and wash your face,” said the woman. “Are you going to take me to jail?” asked the boy, bending over the sink. “All I wanted a pair of blue shoes.” “You didn’t have to snatch my purse to get some shoes”, said Mrs. Washington Jones. “You could have asked me”.                                                                                                                                   
  4. The beggar said, “Will you give me some food? I have been without food for two days.” The housewife said, “Why don’t you work? You can earn your own food.” “Oh my God”, said the beggar. “I am disabled. I can’t work.”
  5. The teacher said to the boy, “Why did you make a noise in the class? You are not attentive to your lessons”. “sorry, Sir” said the boy. “I was asking for a pen to my friend”. The teacher said,” Be attentive and listen to me carefully”.
  6. One day Hazrat Omar (R) became shocked to see the sufferings of a woman and said, “Where do you live?” The woman said, “I live in a poor but south end to this town. I’m hungry but there is no food in my house. Will you give me something to eat?” Hazrat Omar (R) said. “Go back home. I’m coming with food and money for you.”
  7. “Follow my example”, she said as we shook hands, “and never eat more than one thing for Luncheon.” “I’ll do better than that”. I retorted, “I’ll eat nothing at dinner tonight” “Humorist!” She cried gaily, jumping into a cab.
  8. “Have you ever been to the Taj Mahal in Agra?” “No, I’ve never gone there.” Bakul said to Arup, “If you visited the wonder, you could gain practical knowledge. It is both an interesting and important place.” “How nice the place is!” said Arup referring to Sowrar.
  9. “Have you offered your prayer today?” I said to my brother. “No, I have forgotten”, he said. “That’s bad”, I said. “We must pray every day.”
  10. “Oh, my Lord, please do not kill the child,” said the woman. “Let her have him.” The king said, “Now everything is clear to me.” Pointing to the woman, he said to the servant, “Give her the child. She is the mother of the child.”
  11. “Have you done your homework?” The mother said to the daughter. “No, I have forgotten”, said the daughter. “That is very bad. You must be more careful about your homework. By doing so, you can’t expect to do well in your studies”, said the mother.
  12. “O King!” she cried. “Please do not kill me. I did not know that you were the king. I am very sorry.” The king said, “Do not be sad. You are a good woman. I won’t kill you.”
  13. The stranger said to the boy, “Will you tell me the way to the nearest hotel?” “Yes, I will. Do you want a residential one in which you can spend the night? “the boy said. “I do not want to stay here. But I only want a meal,” the stranger replied. The boy said, “Follow me.”
  14. “Hello Marium! You look very hot and tired,” said Nafisa. “I was stuck in the traffic jam for one hour,” said Marium. “Sit down. What would you like to drink?” said Nafisa. “I’d love really chilled mineral water or something like that,” said Marium.
  15. One day Hazrat Omar (R) became shocked to see the sufferings of a woman and said, “Where do you live?” The woman said, “I live in a poor hut south end to the town. I am hungry but there is no food in my house. Will you give me something to eat?” Hazrat Omar (R) said, “Go back home. I am coming with food and money for you.” The woman looked at him with gratitude and said, “Thank you.”
  16. “You look a little bit like my mother,” he said, especially in the dark by the fire. “But you were only four Jerry, when you came here. You have remembered how she looked all these years?” “My mother lives in Mannville. I see her every summer. She sends for me,” he said.
  17. “There were three animals altogether,” he explained. “There were two goats and a cat and then there were four pairs of pigeons.” “And you had to leave them?” I asked. “Yes. Because of the artillery.”
  18. “Have you saved something for future?” said the rich man. “No,” said the cobbler. “I am happy with the present and think little about tomorrow.” “No, that would not do,” said the rich man. “I like to see you above want. Have this money and keep it.”
  19. “Why are your children crying, my daughter?” said the Caliph. “They have been starving,” said the woman. “Have you none else in the world?” “My husband died some months ago. He left them neither money nor any property. So, they are in great distress. They have to starve sometimes.” “Oh! Let me see, how I can help you?” said the Caliph.
  20. “I never drink anything for luncheon,” she said. “Neither do I,” I answered promptly. “Except white wine,” she proceeded as though I had not spoken. “These French white wines are so light. They are wonderful for the digestion.”
  21. The poor man said to a wise man, “How can I improve my condition?” “By working hard and by being educated,” “But I am not educated.” “Educate your children and ensure better future for the next generation”.
  22. “Why are you putting the food in your pocket, sir? Why don’t you eat?” asked the nobleman. “I am doing the right thing. My dress deserves these rich dishes,” replied Sheikh Sa’adi. “I am sorry. I don’t understand what you mean to say,” said the nobleman.
  23. “Have you killed the rats?” said the Mayor. “Yes I have,” replied the piper.” Give me the promised money.” “How funny you are,” said the Mayor.” Take only fifty.”
  24. “Whose picture is it?” I asked. “A little girl’s of course,” said Grandmother,  “You can tell, can’t you?”  “Yes, but do you know the girl?”  “Yes, I knew her,” said Granny “but she was a very wicked girl and I shouldn’t tell you about her.”
  25. “How is your mother, Hamid?” asked Mrs. Jamil. “She is very well. Thank you,” Hamid replied.  “I am very glad to hear that she is better,” said Mrs. Jamil.
  26. The old man said, “Can you give me some food? I’ve been starving for three days.” The maid said, “Why do you beg? Can’t you work?” “No, I’m unable to work,” the old man replied.
  27. “Why are you crying? Do you have any problem?” asked the passer-by. “I am crying because I have none to look after me,” said the street child. “Are you hungry?” “Yes, I am,” said the boy.
  28. “Will you go to college today?” the mother said to her son. “No, mother, our classes are suspended”. “Then go to the market and bring some vegetables.” “Let me be ready and give me money”.
  29. “When will you start for Dhaka and why?” said father. “Tomorrow. To buy some essential books.” said Ratan.  “What do you require? Only money?”  “Yes, father.”  “Don’t go alone. Now time is not going well. Go with a friend and come back soon.”  “OK, father, we will come back soon.”
  30. “Good morning, students,” said the teacher. “How are you?” “Fine, sir, what about you?” “I am fine too. Please sit down.” “Have you prepared your lesson?” the teacher asked. “Sorry, sir we were a little bit busy with our practical classes”, they replied.
  31. He said, “I can chop some wood today.” She said, “But I have a boy coming from the orphanage.” “I am the boy.” “You! But you are small.” “Size do not matter chopping wood,” Jerry said.
  32. “I have won a lottery and got a prize of forty lac taka,” said Samir. “Congratulations!” I said. What do you intend to do with this large amount of money?” “I want to serve my poor village people. So I have made up my mind to establish a hospital in our rural area,” Samir replied. “Thank you,” said I. “I shall also help you in this respect.”
  33. “Excuse me. Are you Rashed?” said Saif. “No, I am not. He is over there,” said David. “Oh, I am sorry,” said Saif. “Are you a new student here?” said David. “Yes, I am,” said Saif.
  34. “Where is my son?” said the grocer. “A crow carried your son away,” said the fruitseller. “You liar. How can a crow carry away such a big boy?” “Just the same way as mice can eat away the balance and weights.”


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