Paragraphs WRITING

1. Write a paragraph of ‘A DAY LABOUR’
                              A DAY LABORER
A day labour is a poor person who does heavy unskilled work. He is to be healthy, strong and stout. He lives with family in a slum. He gets up early in the morning and goes out in search of work. He works hard from dawn to dusky and gets his wages in the evening. Then he goes to market, buys his daily necessaries and return to his slum. His income is very low. He lives from hand to mouth. Sometimes he has to starve with the members of his family, if he does not get work. The life of a day labourer is full of sorrows and sufferings. He can hardly enjoy peace and happiness. Though the service of a day labourer is very important, he is very much neglected. He is very usful to us by his labour. So we should have soft feeling for him so that he can lead a gentle life with diginity.

2. How to become a good student

A good student is the future hope of the country. To be a good student, first he has to study regularly at home. He should be regular and sit on front bench so that he can he can listen to what the teacher says. Then he should make his own notes and revise them. He should do homework regularly. He should read the text well. Finally, a student should have a preparation for any kind of examination.

3. Write a paragraph about ‘A STREET BEGGAR’
                           A STREET BEGGAR
A street beggar is a person who begs from morning to evening. A street beggar is a common figure in our country. He is a poor person. He is seen sitting or standing everywhere in the street of towns or cities. His hair is unbrushed and without oil. He puts on dirty and torn clothes. Sometimes a street beggar is alone and sometimes in a company. A street beggar has a beg hanging down his shoulder or in his hand. He lives a miserable life. A street beggar may be able-bodied, blind, lame and crippled. When a passer-by walks past him, he stretches his begging bowl for alms. A street beggar prays for the passers- by who help him. If anyone refuses to give him something, he silently leaves the place and goes to another. Sometimes a street beggar earns a lot.

4. Write a paragraph about ‘TRAFFIC JAM’

                          TRAFFIC JAM
A long line of vehicles which stuck in jam is called Traffic Jam. Traffic Jam is a common affair in the big cities and towns. It is a great problem in our country. There are many causes of it. The main causes of this problem is the narrowness of roads and the large number of vehicles. Our vehicles have increased but our roads have not increased. The unlicensed vehicles are increasing day by day. The drivers have little knowledge about traffic rules. The number of traffic police is insufficient. Parking here and there and overtaking tendency are also causes of it. It brings a great suffering to us. It kills our valuable time. We can not reach school ,college, office and hospital in time. However, the problem should be solved. The number of roads should be increased. Sufficient traffic police should be posted on important points. Traffic rules should be imposed. Unlicensed vehicles should be removed. Drivers should be conscious about traffic rules and regulations.

5. Write a paragraph about ‘Load Shedding’

Load Shedding
Load shedding means the discontinuity of supply of
electricity for short or long time. It is a great problem in our country. Now-a- days it has become a part of our daily time. There are many reasons for load shedding . The insufficient production of the electricity is the main reason of it. Misuse and illegal connection of electricity are the other reasons of load shedding. It occurs mostly at night because the demand of electricity is more at night than day. It causes many other problems. Mills, factories, shops, hospitals, houses all fall victim to it. The sufferings of students know no bound. They sit in the darkness closing books during load shedding. The patients suffer because operation stops in hospitals for load shedding. Load shedding at night encourage the thieves. Domestic life becomes painful. The food kept in refrigeration get rotten. In fact, load shedding causes great sufferings to the people. However, this problem should be solved at any cost. An all out effort should be made to stop load shedding.

6. A Paragraph on A RICKSHAW PULLER
The man who pulls rickshaw for money is called a rickshaw puller. A rickshaw puller is a familiar figure in cities and towns. He lives in a slum. His dress is very simple. His income is very poor. He has no rickshaw of his own. He works hard. He is seen carrying passengers in all weathers good and bad. He bargains with his passengers. He demands more when the weather is very hot. Sometimes he tries to cheat passengers. But most often he is cheated by passengers. He is seen sleeping on his rickshaw under a tree. He is seen sitting idly on his rickshaw. Though he drives rickshaw from morning till late night , he leads a miserable life. His life is full of sorrows and sufferings. He can not enjoy peace and happiness. If he becomes ill, he can not drive his rickshaw and earn money. So he and his family starve. If he earns more, his knows no bound.

7. A paragraph about ‘Early rising’
Early Rising
 Early rising is the habit of getting up from bed in the morning. It is a good habit . It is good for health. The man who rises early in the morning can take fresh air, exercise or walk in the open field. The morning air refreshes both body and mind. The air is full of oxygen. There is a calm atmosphere everywhere. One can enjoy the beauty of nature in the early morning. Nature smiles in the morning with colourful flowers and green leaves. The chirping of birds is heard in the morning. All these make a early riser
cheerful and healthy. One can enjoy the beautiful gifts and colourful nature in the morning. One prays to God. An early riser has many advantages. He can start his daily work earlier. As an early riser get enough time to work, he can earn more and become wealthy. So early rising is the source of health, wealth and wisdom.

8. A paragraph about ‘A MOONLIT NIGHT’

                           A MOONLIT NIGHT
          A moonlit night is really charming and enjoyable. It displays a beautiful sight. In a moonlit night the moon looks like a disk of silver. The moon washes the whole world with her light. The canals, rivers and tanks seem to smile on a moonlit night. The whole nature looks bright. People feel joy in a moonlit night Young boys play and the little boys and girls make merriment and amuse themselves. A moonlit night is really enjoyable to a newly married couple. Men and women do not come out of doors. They pass some hours in gossiping and story telling and enjoy the night. Poets have sung of a moonlit night. Lower animals come out at night and little insects also fly here and there. A moonlit night is joyful and fine indeed.
9. A Paragraph about ‘A RAINY DAY’
                  A RAINY DAY
On a rainy day, it rains all day long. The sky is cloudy. None can go out without an umbrella. People keeps themselves inside the house. Students can not go to schools, madrasah and colleges. Road becomes muddy and slippy. Rivers, tanks, canals become
full to brim. When it rains, everyone become happy. The children play in rain water. The farmers become happy. They pray for rainfalls. They start plugging their field. People come out in rain coat. If it rains in the morning, the children will be happy because it will be a holiday for them. A cold wind blows . The weather becomes pleasant due to rain. There is also thunder and lighting. The poor suffer much on a rainy day. They can not go out in search of work and can not earn their daily food. They pass the day through sufferings. Those who have offices and other business go out with umbrella over head. Passer-by also move in the same way. A rainy day is not pleasant at all.
10. A Paragraph about A WINTER MORNING
                          A WINTER MORNING
A winter morning is misty and cold. There is dense fog everywhere. Sometimes fog is so fog that the sun is not seen. Even the things at a little distance can be hardly seen. Bird’s chirping is not heard. No animals can come out. Few drops fall on leaves and blades of grass at a night. The poor may have hardly warm clothes. They gather straw and dry leaves to make fire to warm themselves. People get up late in a winter. We get date juice. A winter morning has both advantage and disadvantage. The rich enjoy the winter morning while the poor suffer from it. However, a winter morning is enjoyable in many respects.
11. A Paragraph about ‘A SCHOOL MAGAZINE’
                       A SCHOOL MAGAZINE
A school magazine is a periodical publication of a school. It is published once a year. It contains the writings of teachers and students of a school. Almost all renowned school publish a magazine every year. It gives the standard of a school. It contains poems,
stories etc. all written by the teachers and students. The publication of a school is difficult. The editor and his assistants have to work hard to publish it. To publish a school magazine, a committee is formed. The headmaster is the president of the committee. A senior teacher is an editor of the magazine. There are some students in the committee. The editor collects the writing from the students. The main editor with other editors select the best writings. Actually a school magazines plays an important role to create a writer. A school magazine is the mirror of a school.

12. A Paragraph about ‘YOUR SCHOOL LIBRARY’
A library is a place where books are kept for reading. It is a store house of books. It is a part and parcel of a school. So there is a library in our school. There are many kinds of books in our school. The students peacefully go there and borrow books from the librarian. It is a quite place. It remains open all day. Many students sit there and study. There are many journals and magazines in our school library.

There are two big rooms. In one room, there are books of science, history , literature etc in many language. In this room, books are kept in almiras and shelves. The other room of the library is the reading room. Our school librarian comes in the morning. He keeps the books in perfect order. He is very co-operative.

13. Write a paragraph about ‘A STREED ACCIDENT’
A street accident has become a common incident in Bangladesh. We find the news of street accident in newspapers everyday. It is taken place by buses, trucks, rickshaws, baby-taxies etc. It is increasing day

by day. It is a great problem in our country. Thousands of people die every year because of street accident. Most of the accidents generally take place in urban areas. There are many causes of a street accident. The reckless driving of the drivers are the main causes of it. The unconsciousness of the people is also responsible for increasing street accident. Most of the drivers are not willing to obey the traffic rules. On the other hand, passer-by are also busy. They do not use over bridge and use underground path. As a result a street accident is caused every-day. So we should try to solve i t. Traffic rules should be imposed. Passer-by and driver should be aware. Radio, T.V can play an important role in this regard. Govt. also should take proper step to solve this problem.

14. Write a paragraph about ‘My Visit To Historical Interest’
Durin the last autumn vacation I got an opportunity to visit Bagerhat, a great historical place. There I saw the Mazar of Khan Jahan Ali. It is a fine building. It has a beautiful dome. Hazrat Khan Jahan Ali was buried outside the tomb. There is a big tank in front of the Mazar. People call it the Dhighi of Khan Jahan Ali. I also saw the Satgambuj Mosque. It is a big and beautiful building. The mosque is beautifully decorated. There is
a big dighi near the Satgambuj Mosque. This is called Ghora Dhighi. Bagerhat is really a place of historical interest. I spent nine hours there and enjoyed myself.

15. Write a paragraph about ‘A TEA STALL’
A tea stall is a small shop where tea is prepared and supplied to the people. It is a common sight in our country. It is found in cities, bazars, towns , railway stations, bus stands , beside school, college and even in villages. There are several chairs, tables and benches in a tea stall. Prepared tea is sold here. Biscuits , cakes, bananas, cigerates and betel leaf are also sold here. In a tea stall, there is a boy or two who serve to the customers. The manager sits generally in front of the cash box and collects money from the customers. A stall stall opens in the morning and closes at night. A tea stall is a popular place. People come and take tea here. They talk on various subjects, village politics, national and international politics and on current affairs. Actually a tea stall is an important place of social gathering. The customers spend their free time in the tea stall for extra enjoyment .

16. Write a paragraph about ‘A BOOK FAIR’
A book fair is a fair for selling and displaying books. It has recently become very popular in our country. Now a days it is held in every city and town on some occasions. In our country the largest book fair is held on the premises of Bangla Academy on the occasion of 21st February. All sort of books such as novels, dramas, poems, stories and
books on history,politics, engineering, general knowledge, science etc. are displayed in the fair. People who are book lovers come to the fair to buy books and to enjoy the fair. Mainly illiterate people take interest in a book fair.
Many publishers, poets, and writers come here. Young boys and girls gather here to find out their favourite book. They buy books to present their near and dear ones and for themselves. A book fair reminds us that books are our best friends.
17. Write a paragraph about ‘A Street Hawker’
A Street Hawker
A street hawker is a common sight in towns and cities. He is found moving from street to street from morning till sunset. He carries his things sometimes on his head, somtimes in his hands and sometimes in van. He generally buys his goods at a cheeper rate and sells them at a good profit. A streethawker is very cunning. He knows his business very well. His customers are children and women. He brings toys, sweets, and other things for children and sells them at a fixed price at a good rate. He also brings fruits, clothings, bangles, ribbons, fancy goods and things of domestic uses for women. He speaks in differents ways to draw the attention of his customers. Sometimes he sings and dances to draw the attention of his customer.
A hawker also knows the time of his business. He does not come when the housemasters are at home. Rather he comes when the housemasters are out of home and when the women are free from their household work and duties. He earns very little and lives from hand to mouth. However, he is very useful person who supplies various necessary things city and town dwellers.

18. Write a paragraph about ‘A Nurse’
Man has three duties – duty to God, duty to parents and duty to mankind. A nurse is such a person who is trained to give care(help) to people who are sick or injured. The job of a nurse is very noble. It enables a person to serve the suffering humanity. The job of a nurse is very tiring. She is always busy. She looks after the patients, pushes them injectiom when necessary. She is very vigilant. She shares the sorrows and sufferings of the patients. Hospitals and clinics can not go even a single day without a nurse. A nurse is very important peson.

19. Write a paragraph about your family.
My Family
There are five members in my family. They are my father, my mother, my two brothers Mahmudul and Maksodul and I myself. We live in the village. My father’s name is Md Siddikur Rahman. He is a teacher. He teaches English in a high school. He is a healthy and handsome man. He is very active and dutiful. He is loved and respected by everybody. My mother’s name is Mrs. Mahmuda . She is 40 years old. She is a B.A. She is a housewife. She works at home. She looks after the whole family. Sometimes she goes to market. On holidays, she prepares special dishes. She is a religious woman. She teaches me religion. My elder brother is a service holder. My younger brother is in class 9. I am a stutent of class 8. We are happy family.
20. Write a paragraph about ‘Your Daily Life’
My daily life
I am a student of class 8. I have a daily routine of work. I get up early in the morning. I brush my teeth and wash my hands and mouth. Then I say my Fazor prayer and take my breakfast. I go to my reading room and prepare my lessons. At 10 a.m. I take my bath, eat my meals and go to school. I stay to school up to 4.p.m. After school I return home. I wash my hands and face and take my meals. Then I say my Asar prayer and go to the field to play. Before sunset, I come back home and say my evening prayers. Then I go to my reading room and prepare my lessons. I study there till it is 10 p.m. At 10 p.m, I take my supper and go to bed. Thus I lead my life.

21. Write a paragraph about “Your Pen Friend”
My Pen Friend
A pen friend is someone we make friend by writing letters. My pen friend’s name is Ashapurna Chakravarty. She is 14 years old. She reads in class 10. Last week, she sent me a photograph of her own. She looks beautiful. She is Indian. She lives with parents in Asam. She has two sisters but no brother. Her sisters are students too. They are sweet. My pen friend is curious about Bangladesh. We write letters to each other. we exchange gifts. My friend has sent me many pictures of her country. He has written me about her country, people, culture and others. I have also sent some pictures of my country to her. She wants to visit my country soon. She is friendly. We are related to each other nicely.(130 words)
22. Write a paragraph about ‘A Fountain Pen’
A Fountain Pen
A fountain pen is a writing pen. It is a part and parcel of modern civilization. I have a fountain pen. Its name is Montex. There is a tube inside it. The fountain pen has mainly two parts. They are the body and the cap. The main body has a tube inside it. It contains ink. The body holds the nib. It is hollow. It holds ink in it. The ink easily flows to the nib. There is a plastic chip fitted with nib. It controls the flow of ink. A nib and a feeder are fitted in the mouth piece. The pen has a cap. It has also a clip. We can keep a pen in our pockets with the help of clip. The cap protects the nib. A fountain pen is generally made of plastic. It is a wonderful gift of modern science.
23. A short composition about “A Village Market”.
                        A Village Market
A village market usually sits at an open place or by a river. There are two kinds of market. One is daily and the other is weekly. Daily market is known as Bazar and sits in the morning. Weekly market is known as ‘Hat’ and sits once or twice in a week in the afternoon.
There are three categories of shops are seen in the village market. They are permanent shops, temporary shops and open space shops. The temporary shops are held in sheds having only their roofs. In these shops oil, rice, salt, etc are found. The grocers, tailors, cloth sellers, stationers and tea sellers have their permanent shops.
Again there are different sections of village market. They are the fish market, the vegetable market , the rice market , the fruit market and so on. The vegetables and fish market are the most noisy and crowded places in the market. The village market is of great use and importance to the villagers. The villagers gather there to buy and sell their necessary things.A village market is also a meeting place for the villagers. They can
meet their friends and relatives. It is the important centre of economical activities of the rural people.

24. Write a paragraph on A school common room.
A school common room
A common room is a place where students take rest, read newspaper and plays indoor games. It is the centre of recreation. There are chairs, tables and benches for students in a common room. Dailies, weeklies, monthlies and other magazines are kept on the table in a common room. A student come here, read them and plays in their laisure time. They also learn many things here. They discuss about many things. A common room keeps fresh, live and cheerful a school. There are chairs, tables and benches for students in the room. Newspapers, journals and magazines are available here. In the leisure time, students play tennis, caroms, chess etc. Having a common room in a school, students can proper use their time. Thus it gives us joy. It is a part and parcel of our school life. It is essential for students.

25. Write a paragraph on your parents.
My parents
Parents are the source of our life on earth. I have also parents who are bringing up me since I was born. They are my best friends and well wishers. My father’s name is MD. Siddikur Rahman. He is a B.A. He is a businessman. He looks very smart. He goes to
market on foot. When he returns home from his shop, he plays with me. Sometimes he takes me to school when he is at home. Mrs. Mahmuda is my mother. She is also a B.A. She is a house wife. She works at home. She prepares our breakfast, lunch and dinner. She takes care of us. She helps me in my studies. Everyday she takes me to school. Sometimes she tells me stories. She is a pious woman. She teaches me religion. Sometimes she goes to market.In spite of this, they always take care of my studies. They look after the whole family. My parents always wish that I may be honest, sincere, hard working, polite and first class citizen in Bangladesh.

26. Write a paragraph on your reading room.
My Reading Room
A room which is used for reading, is called a reading room. I am a student of class vi. As a student, I have a reading room. It is at the corner of the house. It is a small one. The room has two doors and three windows. It is very neat and clean. It is well set with fans or lights.There are two chairs, a table and a bookself in my reading rood. All my books and necessary articles are kept in the self. The walls of the room are nicely decorated with some paintings and pictures. I keep my reading room neat and clean. There is a nice flower garden beside my reading room. It gives me a great joy.

27. Write a paragraph on Mohakhali Flyover.
Mohakhali Flyover
A flyover is a road . It is built on pillars over another road. Generally a flyover is built in big and busy cities . There is a big queue of traffic causing traffic jam. A flyover is
built to avoid traffic jam.Mohakhali Flyover is such a flyover. It is 1.8 k.m long and 14.63 metres wide. It has a sidewalks. The flyover is built on 51 pillars. Four cars can ply on the flyover at a time. The centre of the flyover is 7 metres high from the ground. A chinese company has constructed it. About 136 crore taka was spent to build the flyover. Now people can go through the flyover .They now can save time.

28. Write a paragraph on your friend /best friend.
My friend
The name of my friend is Israt Jahan Sumi. She is 11 years old. She lives in Dhaka city. She is a good student. She is in class 5. Her father is a teacher and her mother is a housewife. She has one brother and one sister. She is very hardwarking. She is gentle and puntual. Her hobby is gardening. She shares her happiness with me. She is short and fat. But she is healthy and beautiful. She has short black hair. Her eyes are black too. She is a nice boy. She is always friendly and helpful. Everybody likes her. In the afternoon, we talk and spend a lot of time together. She is a witty person. She often tells jokes and riddles. She also helps me in my studies. She comforts me in my sorrows. She looks beautiful. She is my best friend. I feel proud of myself for having such a wonderful friend.
I love her very much.
29. Write a paragraph on your pet / your pet bird.
My pet
I had a pet bird. It is a parrot. It has green feathers and a red beak. It looks very beautiful. I call her Mimi. Mimi fly from here to there in the house. She likes to be near
me. Every morning she has a bath. She jumps into the tub. Her wings get wet. Then she hop into the bar of the cage. Mother puts her food into the cage. But she likes to have it with me. She talks to me a lot. Mimi is learning to talk. She calls me by name. We put her into the cage when we go out. It makes her very sad when we do that. She makes a lot of noise when we come back. I am very much fond of my pet bird “Mimi”.
30. write a paragraph on visit to the zoo.
Last winter my school had a holiday. Mr Mazhar , my uncle , took me and some of my friends to the Zoo at Mirpur in Dhaka. We went there by bus. We saw many big and small animals. We saw the lions , tigers, giraffes, rhinos, deer, snakes, bear, camels and crocodiles. We were scared to see some of the animals. But most of the animals were in cages. We saw the Royal Benglal Tiger of Bangladesh. It was big and beautiful. It was walking from this side to that side in the cage. We saw an ape . It jumped from bar to bar in the cage. We saw birds chirping in the cages. We saw the fish swimming in the water in tanks. We also saw some big elephants and some baby elephants. We went round the zoo for a long time. So we became tired but we enjoyed the visit to the zoo very much.[prepared by mazhar 01740163613 ]
31. Write a paragraph on your school.
My school
The name of my school is Rasulpur govt high school. It is in Gafargaon Thana under Mymensing district. There are five hundred students and eighteen teachers. There are 15 rooms in the school. Thirteen rooms are for classes, one room is for the teachers and the other is for the Head Teacher. The results of the school is good. All the teachers of our school are very friendly and helpful. They are high qualified teacher. They teach us with
pleasure. They loves us like their own children. There is a big play ground in front of the school. I love my school very much.
32. Write a paragraph on your country.
The name of our country is Bangladesh. It became independent in 1971. Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. It is a small country. It has a land area of

147570 square k.m. There are 14 million people in the country. Bangladesh is mainly an agricultural country. Rice,jute,sugar cane and tea are the main crops of Bangladesh. Many kinds of fruits also grow here . Jack fruit,mangoes, bananas ,pine apples,guavas and water melons are the most common fruit in Bangladesh. There are also many rivers in Bangladesh. The Padma, the Meghna,the Jamuna, the Karnaphuly are the main rivers in Bangladesh. There are many varities of fishes in these rivers. Bangladesh has many interesting places. The Sundarbans, Rangamati and Cox’s Bazar are very attractive. The Royal Bengal Tiger lives in the Sundarbans. Cox’s Bazar is the longest sea beach in the world. It is about 120 k.m long.Many people visit these interesting places every year. Bangladesh is a peaceful country. People from different communities live here in peace. I lov my country very much.

33. Write a paragraph on visit to book fair.
My visit to book fair
It was Friday. I and
the students of our class went to visit the book fair. Our class teacher, Mr Mazhar went with us. We went there by bus. The bus was waiting at the school gate. We were getting on bus. Our parents were waiting to see us off. It was a fine day. The sun was shining brightly. We were very happy. We were carrying bread, butter, bananas, eggs etc. for our break fast. Mr Mazhar sir was taking some chocolate too. My friend, Monika was also carrying a camera. It was 9 o’clock. We left the school for the fair. We reached the fair at 10 O’clock. We got down, went round and emjoyed

ourselves. We bought books of rhymes, jokes, stories, dictionaries with pictures, novels etc. We returned home in the evening. We enjoyed the fair very much.

34. How to learn swim
Everybody should learn how to swim to save life. To learn swim at first you will need a large pond. Then you will need a helper. When you will be in water the helper will set his hands under your belly. You will cast your hands and feet. Then the helper will keep you floating on the surface of the water. Such and such way you continue your practise for several days. After that sometimes the helper will remove his hand

from your belly. But you will be able to swim. This way finally you will become a good swimmer.
35. A paragraph on Facebook
      Facebook is a popular free social networking website. It was founded in February 2004. It allows registered users to create profile, upload photos and video,send messages and keeps us in touch with friends,family and colleagues. The site is available in 37 different language include public features. It helps us to get friend and to know many people.The websites membership initially limited by the founders to Harvard university students. it gradually added support for students at various other universities students be opening high school students and eventually to any one aged 13 and over. Facebook now allows any users who declare themselves to beat leas 13 years old. User must register before using the site. After that they may create a personal profile,add other users as friend and exchange message. Users may join common interest user groups ,school,college,workplace etc. In September 2012 Facebook has over one billion active users.
36. A Paragraph about A Village Doctor
A village doctor is a familiar figure in the village. Almost all the people of the village know him. He may be quack. However he is kind and sympathetic by nature. He is very active. His knowledge of medicine is very little. He has to lead a busy life. He rises early and takes a little breakfast and attends to the patients till the noon. He has a small dispensary. His stock of medicine is very small. His dispensary is very ordinary.Most of his patients are old man,woman and children of the village. He has a chair to sit on and a table before. He goes a long distance on foot or by bicycle to attend to a patient at any time of the day and night. Generally  the village doctor does not take any fee from the patient. He also helps the poor people with free medical advice and medicine. After all a village doctor is very useful and important person of the village.
37. How to Make a Cup of Tea
Tea is the most popular drink in the present day. Almost all men rich or poor, young or old have tea everyday. To make a cup of tea is not difficult. First keep three or four cup of tea into a kettle. Then you put the kettle on the chula till the water is boiled. Then you take two spoonful of tea and leave into the water. When you see that the water has turned red, you remove the kettle from the chula. Then you pour the liquor into a cup through a strainer. You mix some sugar and milk with the liquor and stir it until the sugar dissolves. Thus tea is made and ready for drinking. In the case of lemon tea, it has to be added some lemon juice instead of milk.
38. How to make a garden
How to make a garden
To make a garden first we should select a piece of suitable land. Then we have to make loose the soil. We can make the land into small plots. Then we use manure , make the soil level and plant seedlings. After that we protect them from the sun and water the plants regularly. We should make fence around the plots. We have to work there in the morning and afternoon. We can grow different kinds of flowers. We can use a portion for growing vegetables. Finally when the flowers bloom, the garden looks beautiful. It gives us a great joy.
39. How to Celebrate a Birthday Party
        Now a days birth day party is very important to a man. So he memorizes the day and celebrates the day with great pleasure. Many celebrate the day by giving a birthday party. To celebrate a birthday party, at first, plan the menu. Use paper plates on such an occasion. Then decorate the room with colour papers and balloons.  Hang a paper written ‘Happy birthday ” on. After that light the candles and put the birthday cake on
the table. Generally a birthday party is given in the afternoon. It is very enjoyable. It gives us pleasure.
40. A Bus Stand
A bus stand is a crowded place where different kinds of buses come, stop and start from. Generally a bus stand is situated at the side of a busy place, market, school, college, factory. It is always busy. There are tea stall, small shops, hotel, restaurants etc.  A bus stand is a busy place. One bus comes and another goes. When a bus comes and goes, passengers become busy to get into it. The drivers and bus helpers are also busy to get many passengers as they can. A few beggars often stay there to beg from the passengers. Different kinds of hawkers are seen in a bus stand. Some hawkers are found selling beetle leaf, cigarette, tea, fruits etc. Most of the hawkers sell bread, biscuits, chocolate etc. Some sell different kinds of books, newspapers, magazines etc. However a bus stand is a very useful place.                
41. A paragraph on water pollution
Water can be polluted in many ways. Farmers use chemical fertilizers in their fields to get better crops. Again they use insecticides that damage crops. These elements are washed away into rivers,canals and ponds. They get mix with water and pollute it. SometimesMills and factories pollute water by throwing their waste materials into the rivers and canals and ponds . Steamers, motor, launches and even sail boats can pollute water by throwing oil, food waste and human waste into the rivers and canals. Unsanitary latrines in the countryside standing on the bank of rivers and canals also pollute water. The kutcha drains running into the rivers and canals cause water pollution. Clean water is safe for us and polluted water is harmful for us. We should prevent water pollution in order to keep good health.
42. A Paragraph on Milk
Milk is a liquid  food. It is nutrious. It is white in colour. It is liked by all. We get milk from our domestic animals such as  cows, goats, sheep etc.
Milk is a very good food for the babies. It is good for sound health. Milk has all the elements of a good food. Different kinds of sweets are made from milk. We get ghee  butter, cheese, curd etc from milk. Milk is a tasteful and ideal food. we use milk to make popular drink tea.Milk increases the taste of tea. Milk is a popular drink. It keeps fresh our brain. It is an ideal food for the babies and patients.  we  boil milk and then we  drink it. We get vitamins from milk. It plays an important role in our diet everyday.  Milk is called an ideal food.
43. Paragraph on a Farmer
The person who does the work of farming is called a farmer. He gets up early in the morning. He goes to his land and plough attentively. He makes the land ready for sowing seeds of different crops. He has to work all day long. He comes home   at noon, eats his meal, takes rest and again goes to his land. He is born poor. He has no pleasure and pains in life. If he gets a good crops, he becomes happy and his face beams with joy. If the crops are not good, his sorrows knows no bound. He and his family starve.  He leads a very poor life.  Though he works hard, he can not lead a decent life
44. A Paragraph about My Class Teacher
                      My Class Teacher

The name of my class teacher is Mrs Mahinur Akter Monika. She is a B.A. She is good looking, nice women and well qualified. She is my favourite teacher. Her method of teaching style is different from others. She teaches us  the subject of English. She teaches us in such a way that we do not need read the lesson again at home. She always makes our lesson interesting and lively. She makes lessons easy to students. She always speaks gently. She behaves with us like a friend. She advises us to attend the class regularly. She never makes late to come to his class. She is very regular in attendance. She teaches us  with love. She likes us very much as her sons. She encourages us in learning English  She also finds interesting in working with us in the classroom and outside. After all, she is very helpful to us. We like her very much.
45. Write a paragraph on ‘A Fisherman’
A fisherman: A fisherman is a person who lives by catching and selling fishes. Generally, a fisherman lives by the rivers, big canals and seas for his professional advantages. He lives with his family. He is poor. He works hard all day and night. He has no net or boat. So he works in groups. The life of a fisherman is very risky. He often goes to catch fish at night in the big rivers or in the seas. During the stormy night the members of his family remains worried for his safe return. When he catches a lot of fishes, his joys knows no bound. After all, a fisherman is very useful and helpful to us by supplying fishes.   
46. My Home

I am Mazhar. I am a student of class vi. My home is at Rasulpur Village in the district of Mymenshing. It is a tin set house. It has 5 rooms-three bed rooms, one drawing room and one dining room with sufficient number of doors and windows. I live in a separate room. There are a lot of coconut and mango trees around  and a kitchen  just outside my home.

47. Myself
My name is Mitu. I am 8 years old. I live in Dhaka city. I am in class 3. I goes to school on foot and return home by rickshaw. All the teachers of my school are very friendly and helpful. I have one brother and one sister. My elder brother reads in class vi and my younger sister reads in class 2. They are sharp. My father’s name is Nurmuhammad. He is a businessman. My mother’s name is Mrs Lucky Akter. She is a house wife. She looks after the whole family. My hobby is gardening. I also watch tv, hear songs and music. The name of my favorite sports is cricket.
In the afternoon, I play cricket with my friends. My aim in life is to be a school teacher. During my leisure leisure I read novels and story books. Sometimes I take part in social activities  I help the poor. I teach the illiterate.
48. How to Make Oral Saline
The saline only recovers the lack of salt and water. So, everybody should know how to make oral saline at home. There is an easy way to make oral saline at home. To make oral saline at first  one has to take about half a liter of pure water. Then he has to put a handful of sugar or gur into the water. After that, we have to add a pinch of salt to the
water and  stir the water with a large spoon until the sugar and salt are mixed with water. Now the oral saline is ready for drinking.

49. Paragraph on My Mother
MY MOTHER:  My mother’s name is Mahmuda. She is a B.A. She is 34 years old. She is a house wife. She works at home. She takes care of my old grandmother and my little sister. She takes my little sister to school everyday. She is a pious woman. She reads the holy Quran every morning. She teaches me religious customs. She is my best friend. In the afternoon, she plays ludu with me. Sometimes, she goes to market. On holidays, she prepares special dishes for me. She helps me to do my homework. She helps the poor and sick person. I love my mother very much.

50. How to arrange a picnic
To arrange a picnic we should call a meeting of our classmates and friends and select the place and date. We should form several committees. One committee will arrange the communication means. Another committee will arrange marketing. The other committee will do other works. Next the sub-committees will report to the main committee that everything is ready for picnic. Then we will start for a picnic on the fixed date from a particular place. Finally the main committee will guide the picnic party. The main committee will also observe the function.

51. How to learn English
How to learn English
To learn English, first we have to study English regularly. We must not do cramming. Then we must try to understand what we read. We must make own notes, correct them by our teacher and revise them again and again. Next, we must read our lessons thoroughly . After that, we have to read story books in English, watch English films, English T.V news etc. Finally, we must note the unknown words and look up them in the dictionary.

52.  Write a paragraph  about your national flag.

A national flag is the symbol of independence of a nation. Being a free nation, we have a national flag of our own.
Our national flag is the symbol of our hopes and aspirations. We achieved our national flag at the cost of a sea of blood in 1971. The size of our national flag is 10:6 and its shape is rectangular. It is made of cotton, linen or silk.  The back ground of the flag is green in colour. In the middle of the green background, there is a blood-red circle.  The ratious of the circle is one fifth of the length of the flag. The green colour of the background is the symbol of life and energy, peace and prosperity. The blood red circle symbolizes the rising sun with new hopes and aspiration of new nation. Our national flag is our pride and prestige. We love our national flag very much.

53. Write a paragraph about hygiene.


To keep in good health we should be careful about hygiene. The rules and practices of keeping good health are called hygiene. We must practise the rules of hygiene. Proper food and nutrition, physical exercise, rest and sleep, cleanliness, and proper medicare are essential for good health. Some important rules of good personal health are balanced diet, personal hygiene, cleaning household, taking clean food and water, taking regular exercise, taking regular sleep and rest. Our food should contain correct proportion of carbohydrates, fat, protien, vitamins, minerals and water in it. We should the personal health practise, such as, washing hands before eating, taking bath regularly and wearing clean clothes, brushing teeth and hair, and cleaning eyes, ears and nails etc.  We should keep our household and  environment clean.   Our food should be fresh, clean and properly cooked and water should be pure. We should take part in games and sports and take physical exercise regularly. We should sleep properly and take proper rest.

54. Write a paragraph about “Good Food”

     Good Food

Food is very essential for our body. We can not live without food.  To preserve good health we have to eat good food. Good food means right kind of food having nutritious food. Nutritious food contains natural substance that are essential for proper growth and good health. Eat too much is bad for our health even if the food is good. We should eat a certain amount of food that our body needs and we do not need the same kind of food in the same quantity. The quantity depends on our growth and physical structure.

55. Write a paragraph about Hygiene


The word ‘hygiene’ means the practise of keeping ourselves clean. It also means to keep our home and work places clean. It is important for our good health.
Hygiene is thought to be next to godliness. It is because we can not achieve anything physically , mentally or spiritually if we are unclean in our body, mind and soul. Nobody likes an unclean person either. So we must follow the rules of hygiene.
First we must keep our body clean. We should have a bath everyday and wash our hair regularly. This will keep the body and hair fee from dirt and bacteria. Secondly , it is also important to wash our hands before meals and after using the toilet. We should brush our teeth  twice a day, after breakfast and supper. We must also cut our nails regularly. Our drinking water must be pure. We can get pure water by boiling and filtering. Finally, we should keep our surrounding and environment clean.

56. Write a paragraph about ‘Physical exercise’

         Physical exercise

There are some rules of health. Physical exercise is one of them. It is a part of education to a student. Without taking physical exercise one can’t be healthy properly. It keeps our body fit for work. It also teaches regularity and discipline. One who takes regular exercise seems to be strong, stout and cheerful. There are various kinds of exercise. Some are indoors and some are outdoors. Free hand exercise can be done in the house. Playing different games outside the house, swimming, walking,  racing, cricket etc are outdoors physical exercise.  All kinds of exercise are not fit for all season of the year. All are not fit for all men of all ages.   Walking is a very common physical exercise that can be taken by the people all ages. Morning and evening are the best time to take physical exercise.

57. Write a paragraph about ‘Using a dictionary’

Using dictionary

A dictionary is a collection of words. It lists the words of a language and gives necessary information about them. It tells us about the spelling, pronunciation, meaning, parts of speech etc of words. To make the meaning of words clear, example sentences are given in italics. Example sentences show how words are used. It also gives the synonyms and the antonyms of a word. We find words made by adding prefixes and suffixes to the root word. Parts of speech are also shown. A  verb word is always given in the simple present tense. But the past form of a verb and the past participle form are also shown. So a dictionary is very useful to a student.

58. Write a paragraph about  ‘Folk song’

Folk songs are songs sung in the traditional style of a community or country. Here the traditional style includes the themes, words and tunes of the songs that have existed for a long time among the common people. We have a rich history and collection of folk songs in Bangladesh. Of them Palligiti, Bhatiali, Bhawaiya , Jari, Sari, Gambhira, Lalongiti, Palagaan and songs of Hason Raja are very popular. The traditional musical instruments are usually played with these songs.

59. Write a paragraph about ‘Nakshi kantha’

   Nakshi kantha

Nakshi kantha is a kind of embroidered quilt. The name was taken from the Bengali word, ‘naksha’ which means artistic pattern. It is a kind of traditional craft and is said to be indigenous to Bangladesh and West Bengal in India. The art has been practised in rural Bengal for centuries. The name ‘nakshi kantha’ became popular after the poet Jasimuddin’s poem  ‘Nakshi kantha Math’ was published in 1929. Traditional kanthas are made for family use. Old or new cloth and thread are used to make these quilts. Mymensingh, Jamalpur, Rajshahi, Faridpur, Bogra and Jessore are most famous for this craft. Now it is produced commercially. We can find them in many expensive handicraft shops in cities. The quilts are now in great demand because of colourful patterns and designs embroidered on them.

60. Write a paragraph about
‘River gypsies in Bangladesh’.

       River gypsies in Bangladesh

River gypsies are an ethnic group in Bangladesh . They are known as bedey to local people. The gypsies have their own lifestyle and culture. They live in groups and do not own any land. Therefore, they live a nomadic life travelling from one place to another. These people roam across our rivers  and waters from May to December in small country boats. These boats are their houses and these people are a part of our waters. In winter, many water bodies dry up. At that time they return to the mainland and live in make -shift tarpaulin tents on open river banks. We can see their men relaxing in the tents. Toddlers play with dogs or other pets in the dust. Women often idle away time by hair doing , picking of lice in twos or threes sitting in a row.
Throughout the monsoon, they  remain busy with fishing. They also dive for natural pearts in waters. Sometimes, they camp for a couple of weeks. Men catch snakes and entertain people with snake charming and sell herbal cures. Women go from door to door to sell bangles, cosmetics and other things. They also try to heal pains of old people often by sucking out blood from their body. Many villagers believe in the magical power of the gypsies. They can compel an evil spirit leave someone’s body by magic or special powers

61. Write a paragraph about Your Native Village

        My Native Village

The name of my village is Rasulpur. It is a big village. It is about  three miles long and one mile wide. It is in the district of Gazipur under Gafargaon Thana.  There are about fifteen thousand people in the village. They are very simple, gentle and honest. People from different communities live here in peace. They help each other. The main occupation of the village is agriculture. About 80% people of the village are farmers. There are also teachers, traders, service holders etc. There are a high school, two primary school, a madrasa, a post office and four mosques in our village. There is also a market in the village. The daily market sits everyday and the hat sits twice in a week. People buy their daily necessaries from the market. There is also a charitable dispensary in the village. The communication system of the village is good and easy. There is a small health centre. People get medical care here. The village is neat and clean. I love my village. I am proud of it.

62. Write a paragraph about ‘Your home’

        My home

A home is a place where we live in. My home is in a village. It is a tin shed house. My family consists of  five members. They are my father, mother , two brothers and one sister. My home looks very beautiful. It faces the south. So the sun shines and fresh air can easily enter the house.  . It has 5 rooms- three bed rooms, one drawing room and one dining room with sufficient number of doors and windows. I live in a seperate room. There are a lot of coconut and mango trees around and a kitchen just outside my home. There is a flower garden in front of my reading. My home is a comfortable place.  I am happy to live in such a house.


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