Paragraph on International Mother Language Day

                     International Mother Language Day


In the history of our country, people of the country have many days to remember. 21st February is mentionable one. The day is observed as the International Mother Language Day. It is a red letter day in our life. It has its own background. Our Language day, “Omor Ekushe February” was declared as International Mother Language Day by the UNESCO On November 17, 1999.This great occasion reminds us of those heroic sons of the soil who sacrificed their lives for the establishment our mother tongue ‘Bangla’ as the state language in 1952. Rafiq, Salam, Jabbar, Barkat were among those who sacrificed their lives for this great cause. On this day, at dawn people wearing black badges on their shoulders go to the “Shaheed Minar” barefooted with flowers to pay homage to the martyrs. They sing the mournful song “Amar vaiyer rokte rangano…….”. We observe the day to mark the importance of the day. It has great image and tradition in the country. This is a national holiday. We observe this day with due honour and dignity. The day is celebrated with proper status and amusement  all over the country. On the occasion of this day social, political and cultural organizations arrange different cultural functions. Newspapers bring out special supplements while radio and satellite television channels air special programmes. This day is a source of inspiration for us. We are proud of the day.   



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