Paragraph on How to Make a Garden

                 How to Make a Garden

My younger sister who is a student of class five is very interested in gardening but she does not know how to make a garden. She sought my help and suggestion and according to her request I suggested her how to do this. First I suggested her to select a suitable piece of land in front of her reading room. Then I suggested her to spade, loose and level the soil. Next I told her to fence the land so that naughty boys and other animals are unable to do any danger in it. After that I told her to show the seeds of different flowers of different seasons and to plant many kinds of flowers and plants in it. Finally I suggested her to do work in the garden morning and afternoon daily. I told her to water in the plants daily, weeds out the grass and apply manure to the plants, so that harmful insects are unable to do any harm in her plants and flowers. She should plant good seeds and plants in her garden.       


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