Paragraph on Blacksmiths


Blacksmiths are the persons who create objects from iron or steel by forging the metal by using tools to hammer, bend and cut. They produce things, like wrought iron gates, grills, railings, light fixtures, furniture, sculpture, tools, agricultural implements, decorative and religious items, cooking utensils, horse shoes and weapons. Normally in a house or workshop blacksmiths do their job and the house is called smithy. There are hammers, forge and bellows in the smithy and also some other equipments. Sometimes there is a helper in a smithy to help the blacksmiths and for doing simple jobs. The blacksmiths are strong and physically fit. Inspite of working hard they lead a poor life and live under the poverty line. In all weather whether it is good or bad they are seen working. At the time of working they pull a small metal chain and when they pull it, the bellows blew. Then the iron or steel materials get heated and they strike the materials when they are hot. Gradually, they give them shape according to their reqire. Infact, the life of  the blacksmiths is full of sorrows  and sufferings. They are unable to give clothes, feed and educate their children properly and they have no rest. From the dawn to the night they continue their activities. Moreover, Their service has made our life easier and more comfortable. So, we cannot neglect his profession. We should think of them and government should do something to improve their condition. 





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