Paragraph on A Tea Stall

                           A Tea Stall

A tea stall is a small shop where tea is prepared and supplied to the customer. Now a day’s tea is a popular drink all over the world. Bangladesh is a home of tea. The people of Bangladesh are very pond of taking tea. So a tea stall is a common sight at any corner in our country. It is usually seen in cities, towns, railway stations, bus stands, bazaars, any educational institutions, banks, factories, and mills, industries, at launch and steamer ghats, at the turning of the road and even seen in the villages. A tea stall opens in the morning and closes at late night. Generally it is a small shop. In a tea stall there are some chairs and tables or benches. A TV set is also seen in a tea stall to attract the customers. Biscuits, cakes, bananas, loaf, cigarettes and betel leaves also sold here. The owner of the shop generally sits behind the cash box. He collects money from the customers and look after the stall. There is often a boy or two boys to prepare and serve tea to the customers. A tea stall is a popular place. So people of different ages and classes come here to take a cup of tea. They take tea and talk with one another. They discuss on various subjects. They also discuss on village politics, national and international politics and on current affairs. So a tea stall is also called a mini-sang sad of the village. But it is usually a noisy, dirty, crowded and disordered place. Indeed a tea stall is an important place of social gathering.



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