Paragraph on A Birthday Party

                 A Birthday Party

The day, in which a man is born, is celebrated as birthday to make it memorable. In our country rich people are seen to celebrate this day festively .In this day, the drawing room is beautifully decorated. Friends, relatives, well-wishers are invited on this occasion. A special cake is ordered for celebrating this day. Besides, different kinds of delicious dishes are prepared. At the appointed time the invited guests begin to come and are welcomed by the person for which the day is being celebrated. At the appointed time the time the person concerned merrily cuts the cake. A round of applause follows. Plates full of delicious food items are then handed round. Everybody falls to with a good deal of zest. The eating is accompanied by a lot of taking and giggling. Camera is clicked on. After the meal, jokes may be made. Then the presents given by the invited guests may be unpacked one by one. And the person concerned expresses his or her gratitude to the guests. And the party may be rounded off with a chorus “ Happy birthday to you”.



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