Paragraph about A Street Beggar

A man who earns money and leads his life by begging is called Street Beggar. Generally he lives from hand to mouth and he is always seen in the public places like – at the railway station, bus stand, in the market, beside the main road and different places. He lives in a slum or in a small hut or in the open sky. He always puts on old and dirty dress. Every day he gets up early in the morning. Then he leaves his house for begging. He goes door to door to beg. Several times he applies many techniques to earn much money. Normally he earns Tk. 200 to 250 daily in every day and it is not sufficient for his living. At night he goes to market to buy his daily goods and returns home after buying his necessary goods. Several times he and his family pass their days without eating. He lives below poverty line. As a result he is unable to make his children educated and take proper treatment owing to acute poverty. He looks older than his age.


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