Paragraph about A Book Fair

                                       A Book Fair

A book fair is the exhibition of different types of educational items for the consumers and buyers. It is held to make the products widely popular and it is usually arranged on the important days of a year. It is very much popular with the readers, men of letters and the authors. People from different sections mainly literate people take interest in a book fair. Young boys and girls gather here to find out their favorite books. The largest book fair in our country is held in February in the Bangla Academy premises. It increases the reader’s interest on reading books and widens the sphere of our knowledge. Bangla Academy arranges the fair and different publications make stalls to advertise their perspective books. Different types of books like story books, novels, books on various dramas, books on poems, autobiographical books, books on science and technology, books on raising social awareness, etc. are usually available in a book fair. Many publishers, poets, and writers visit here and their fans gather there for getting autographs. Besides selling and buying books, different cultural functions are also held in a book fair. Even some stalls are found to sell snacks, cigarettes and trifling items of daily necessities. Indeed, a book fair reminds us the books are our best friends and companions.




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    • Abu Furqan on April 16, 2013 at 5:36 pm

    your paragraph is good. u should give some meanings
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  2. Your book fair paragraph is very helpful for us . The use of this paragraph is very easy to use. No hard words were used here. Thank you for writing a book fair paragraph. If you want to see a paragraph written on my blog site.

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    The beginning is good and far more better than others but some parts are missing in the middle. The ending is also not fully filled nonetheless thumbs up for the standard 👍🏻

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    Your paragraph is really nice
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