Synonyms from Aladin and the Wonderful Lamp (Part I)

Lesson: 38 Aladin and the Wonderful Lamp (Part I)

Main Word Similar Word
Lived Subsisted, existed, Survived, stayed.  
Support Care, Lead, Help, maintain
Street Road, way, lane, path, highway
All of a sudden Suddenly, abruptly, Speedily, quickly, unexpectedly
stranger Foreigner, visitor, unfamiliar person, new comer, unknown face

Synonym from Aladin and the Wonderful Lamp (Part 02)

Lesson: 38, Aladin and the Wonderful Lamp (Part 02)

Main Word Similar Word
Magician Performer, entertainer, prestidigitator, conjuror
Plan Idea, proposal, strategy, design
Narrow Thin, slim, slight
Valley Gorge, vale, dell, basin

Synonyms and Antonyms from Aladin and the Wonderful Lamp (Part 03)

Aladin and the Wonderful Lamp (Part 03)

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Symbolism in J.M.Sing’s Riders to the Sea.

Discuss about the symbolism in Riders to the Sea.

It is well known to us that, symbolism is the main element of any kinds of arts. The dramatists or poets explain their conception in their writings by the help of symbolism. J. M. Synge has also used the symbolism in his prominent play ‘Riders to the Sea’ very carefully. According to T.R. Henn, ‘This general play has become the best tragedy by the help of the symbolism’.      Read More

Rearrange on Sheikh Sa’di

 (i)  This time he put on gorgeous dress

(ii)  The courtier understood his fault and begged pardon to the poet.         Read More

Rearrange on William Shakespeare

a) Shakespeare composed both tragedies and comedies.

 b) By 1598 he was ranked the greatest dramatist. Read More

Rearrange on Thomas Alva Edison

a) Edison created his first invention, an electric vote-recorder, when he was only twenty-one years old.

 b) After that, Edison concentrated on inventing objects that he expected would be readily marketable.  Read More

Rearrange on Einstein

(i) They looked for him here and there for some time.

(ii) Once the queen of Belgium invited him to Brussels. Read More

Vocabulary Test (Without Clues) Set 05

1. Today women (a) — an important role in all spheres of life. They (b) — no longer within the four walls of their home. They have (c) — out of their kitchens and are (d) — with men in all the development programs of the government. Many women have (e) — higher education and are (f) — as doctors, engineers, teachers, administrators, justice etc. they have been able to (g) — their worth. However, women still face (h) — discrimination. Many girls are married (i) — at an early age. Many never (j) — to school.

2. Computer is one of the latest important and most (a) — invention of science. A computer performs three important (b) —.

“The Good Morrow” is a Metaphysical poem.

What is Metaphysical Poetry? Discuss “The Good Morrow” is a Metaphysical poem.

Definition of Metaphysical Poetry: Etymologically, Metaphysical means beyond physical or something abstract. A Metaphysical Poem is a poem that consists of abrupt beginning, abstract theme, use of conceits, bending (turning) of passion and arguments. The major themes of metaphysical poems are love, death and religious faith which are all conceptual truths. Read More