Our Folk Songs


Unit Six: A glimpse (sight, scene, hint, preview) of our culture (nation, philosophy) 

Lesson 1: Our folk (traditional, common, popular, general, informal) songs

B Read the text and answer (response, reply, reaction) the following questions.

Folk songs are songs sung in the traditional (old, old style, outdated) style of a community (public, communal) or country (nation, street, kingdom, motherland, republic). Here the traditional style includes (contains) the themes, words and tunes of the songs that have existed for a long time among the common people.

We have a rich history (past, antiquity, story) and collection (group, gathering) of folk songs in Bangladesh. Of them Palligiti, Bhatiali, Bhawaiya, Jari, Sari, Gambhira, Lalongiti, Palagaan and songs of Hason Raja are very popular. The traditional musical instruments (tools, devices, elements, mechanisms) are usually (frequently, regularly, generally, commonly, mostly) played with these songs.

 1. Questions

a. Who usually likes our folk songs?    

b. Can you name some well-known folk singers?

c. Do you like folk songs? If you do, who is your favorite folk singer?

Which song or songs do you like most?

d. What are folk songs?  

e. What are the main themes of these songs?

f. What are the main folk songs of Bangladesh?

g. What are usually played with these songs?


                  Answer the Q. No. 01                     

a. The common people usually like our folk songs.

b. Some well-known folk singers are Ajam Khan, Lalon Shah, Abbas Uddin, Abdul Alim, Abdul Zobber, and Parida Parvin.  

c. Yes, I like folk songs and Ajom Khan is your favorite folk singer.

I like different songs most.

d. Folk songs are songs sung in the traditional style of a community or country.

e. The main themes of these songs are the activities of common people, nature and traditional activities.

f. The main folk songs of Bangladesh are Palligiti, Bhatiali, Bhawaiya, Jari, Sari, Gambhira, Lalongiti, Palagaan and songs of Hason Raja.  

g. The traditional musical instruments are usually played with these songs.


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Rana Nickolich
2 years ago

In my country when we see an article like this we say: “Ottimo”. But you are much more good for “Figo”. I very love this 😀

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