Narration with Examples


without – object second person = first person or third person
RV: subject (1st person) + verb + (no object) second person = third person


Direct Narration Indirect Narration
1. He said, “You are an idiot, Suresh.”

= He said to Suresh, “You are an idiot.”

He told Suresh that he (Suresh) was an idiot.
2. He said, “You are telling a lie, Leela.”

= He said to Leela, “You are telling a lie.”

He told Leela that she (Leela) was telling a lie.
3. He said, “Where are you going, mother?”

= He said to mother, “Where are you going?”

He asked mother where she was going.
4. He said, “Don’t make a noise.”

= He said to me/him/her, “Don’t make a noise.”

He asked me/him/her not to make a noise.
5. He said, “Bring a chair.”

He said to me/him/her, “Bring a chair.”

He ordered me/him/her to bring a chair.
6. He said, “How are you?”

He said to me/him/her, “How are you?”

He asked me/him/her how I/he/she was.
7. He said, “Open the gate.”

He said to me/him/her/us/them, “Open the gate.”

He told me/him/her/us/them to open the gate.
1. He said, “Congratulations!” He congratulated me.
2. She said, “Liar!” She called me a liar.


In accordance with: W S Allen (Living English Structure)

1. He said, “Bring me a book.” He asked her (him/us etc.) to bring him a book.
2. He said, “Don’t do it.” He asked me (her/us etc.) not to do it.
3. He said, “Hello! Where are you going?” He greeted me and asked (me) where I was going.


In accordance with: A J Thompson A Practical English Grammar

1 . He said, “What have you got in your bag?” He asked me what I had got in my bag.
2. He said, “Why didn’t you put on the brake?” He asked her why she hadn’t put on the brake.
3. He said, “What do you want?” He asked them what they wanted.
4. He said, “Would you like a drink?” He asked me if I would like a drink.
5. “Shut the door, will you?” He shouted. He told us to shut the door.
6. “Will you stop talking?” He said. He told them to stop talking.
7. He said, “When you go out lock both doors.” He told me to lock both doors when I went out.
8. He said, ‘Thank you.” He thanked me.
9. He said, “Good morning!” He wished me a good morning.
10. He said, “Happy Christmas!” He wished me a happy Christmas.
11. He said, “Congratulations!” He congratulated me.
12. He said, “Liar!” He called me a liar.

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