Rules of Narration: Interrogative Sentences



Narration/ Speech Changing

Changing of some words in Indirect:

This – That, These – Those, Here – There, Ago – Before, Come – Go, (Note: go cannot be come)

Thus – so, Hither – thither, Today – that day, Tomorrow – the next day/the following day, Yesterday- the previous day, Last month – the previous month, Tonight –that night, Last night – the previous night, Next week –the following week, Now- then

*Example: He said, “I am going now.”     Indirect: He said that he was going than.


Changing Speech: ( Interrogative Sentence)


*says to = asks, said to = asked, ( if/whether is used as relative pronoun ), *Changing of tenses of reported speeches is as same as Assertive Sentence.

  1. Preetom said to his sister,” Will you go to school?”

Indirect: Pretom asked his sister if she would go to school.

  1. The teacher said to the student, “Are you reading book now?”

Indirect: The teacher asked the student if he was reading book then.

  1. The girl said to her sister, “Have you taken my pen?”

Indirect: The girl asked her sister if she(s) had taken her(g)pen.

  1. Runa said to Sumi,”Will you meet me tomorrow?

Indirect: Runa said to0 Sumi if she(s) would meet her(R) the next day.



*says to=asks, said to = asked, WH-words are used as the relative pronoun. *Changing of tenses of reported speeches is as same as Assertive Sentence.

  1. Shanta said to her father, “What are you doing?”

Indirect: Shanta asked her father what(wo) she was doing.

*( WH-Q. should be changed into Assertive in the indirect speech. )

  1. He said to me ,”Where do you live?” Indirect: He asked me where I lived.
  2. The teacher said to the student, ”Why are you making a noise?”

Indirect: The teacher asked the student why they were making a noise.

4.the boy said to Mr. Bari,”what is that boat carring, sir?

Indirect: The student politely asked Mr. Bari what that boat was carring.



    *Change the following sentences into Indirect.

   1.Anik said to us “Will you listen to such a fool?” 2.You said to her,”How have you done the   

    work?” 3.I said to him, “Do you teach the boy? 4.Father said to him “When will you return?

  1. The teacher said to me ,”Do you known this story?”6. NAsima said to her father, “Will you

stay here?” 7.He said to us,”Did you go the school yesterday?”

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