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Md. Mofratul Islam Sazzad " I am a student who is exploring this humanity . " Student , Website Developer , Programmer , Javascript and Python Developer .
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Programming Language Compiler
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Programming language Compiler

A compiler is a computer program which translates source programming language into user’s target programming language . If anyone wants to know about compiling then the definition should be “ A compiler does that what is compiling ” . 

Compiler is only used for higher level programming languages; such as Python , Ruby , C# etc.  Scripting languages ( JavaScript , Typescript etc.) don’t need a compiler .

It transforms source programming language in binary or machine language code . Humans can read their languages but a computer can’t . Human’s greatest invention computer only knows its own language. So , we can say a compiler first transforms a higher level programming language into binary. Then computer reads it and gives output .

If anyone wants to turn a programming language into another programming language then he has to transform the binary code which was compiled earlier into his target language . This is called compiling too .