Mr Ant and Mr Grasshopper

                                           Junior School Certificate (JSC) Model Test -2011

                                                  Subject: English 1st Paper (Lesson: Unit-2)                   

Time: 30 Minutes


Full Marks: 30


Read the following passage and answer the questions given below:

Once upon a time, two farmers: Mr Ant and Mr Grasshopper, lived in the same village near the sea in Greece. They were very good friends, but, as you will see, they were very different people. Mr Ant was a very serious, hard-working person. He got up very early in the morning, ate a small breakfast, and then started working on his farm. He worked very hard all day under the hot summer sun. He planted many crops and looked after them carefully. “I like to water my crops every day,” he told his friend. Mr. Garsshopper. “And as soon as they’re ready, I like to collect them quickly and put them safely in my house.” Don’t you ever stop working?” asked Mr. Grasshopper. “When do you eat?” “Oh, I just stop working, eat very quickly, and then start working again, “Mr Ant replied. I don’t like to waste any time.” “But there’s plenty of time!” exclaimed Mr Grasshpper. “What’s the hurry? Look at me. Sometimes it’s sunny. Sometimes it rains. Let the sun and the rain take care of your crops. Why Work? Take a holiday! Enjoy yourself, my friend!”

1. Write whether the following statements are true or false. If false, give the correct answer.                        1×5=5

 a) Mr Ant and Mr Grasshopper were farmers.

 b) Mr Ant got up early because he was lazy.

 c) Mr Ant watered his crops everyday because he liked to look after them carefully.

 d) Mr Ant never stopped eating because he didn’t like to waste time.

 e) Mr. Grasshopper liked to enjoy himself.

2. Choose the best answer from the alternatives.                                1×5=5

 a) The two farmers lived in the same———-.

   i) country    ii) town    iii) city  iv) village

b) The nature of the two friends were———-.

  i) not the same  ii) the same   iii) alike   iv) similar

c) The village ——– on the sea.

  i) stood    ii) stands   iii) stand  iv) standing

d) Mr Ant used to eat ———-.

  i) very fast  ii) timely  iii) slowly  iv) late

e) Mr. Ant ———- to waste his time.

  i) wanted   ii) wished  iii) was ready  iv) did not like

3. Fill in each gap in the following passage with the correct form of  verb.                                            1×5=5











Once there (a) ______ two farmers. They were b) ______ Mr. Ant and Mr. Grasshopper. They (c) ______ in the same village. There (d)______ good friendship between them. But they were different in nature. Mr. Ant (e) ______ to work hard, (f) ______ up very early in the morning. (g) ________ a light breakfast and then (h) _______ to work on his farm. He would plant many crops and (i) ______ great care of them. He would (j) _____ his crops everyday.

4. Give short answers to these questions.                                                1×5=5

a) Where did the two farmers live?

b) What kind of farmer Mr. Ant was?

c) What did Mr. Ant do in the morning?

d) What does Mr. Grasshopper like?

e) What was the suggestion of Mr. Grosshopper to Mr. Ant?

5. Choose a word from the box and put it in the blank next to its meaning. 5

    different, hard-working, carefully, water, safely, waste, plenty of, crops, serious, get up


(a)    ———- = while away(b)   ———- = to give water

(c)    ———- = securedly

(d)   ———- = not the same

(e)    ———- =  harvest

(f)    ———- = sufficient(g)   ———- = sincere

(h)   ———- = laborious

(i)     ———- = rise up

(j)     ———- = cautiously

6. Read the passage in A again. Now write the main ideas of the story in

your own words in not more than five sentences.                                 1×5=5






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