Most Important Phrases and Idioms For JSC Exam-2012

 Run & Designed By: MD SHAKAWAT HOSSAIN: Intending in BA (Hon’s) errand as English.

  1. A bed of roses: Life is not a bed of roses.
  2. A bed of thorns: Life is a bed of thorns.
  3. Above all: Above all she is a good girl.
  4. A black sheep: The boy is a black sheep in our society.
  5. A bolt from the blue: His mother’s sudden death was a bolt from the blue to me.
  6. All on/of a sudden: All on/of a sudden a police arrested me.
  7. All in all: Sumaiya is all in all in our class.
  8. A gala day: Ead-ul-fitar is a gala day to Muslim. 
  9. A man of letters: Dr. MD Shahidullah was a man of letters.
  10. A slow coach: A slow coach like him will never prosper in life.
  11. A white elephant: It is a white elephant to buy a car to me.
  12. All day long: 0ur farmers work all day long.
  13. At daggers drawn: It is at daggers drawn between two brothers.
  14. All the same: You come or not that is all the same.
  15. As far as: As far as I know he is honest.
  16. As long as: Wait here as long as I don’t come.                   
  17. As much as: I helped you as much as I could.
  18. As soon as: As soon as we should reach there now.
  19. As though: He talks as though he knew everything.
  20. A lot of: The man has a lot of wealth.
  21. At all costs: I want to this house at all costs.
  22. At last: At last they win the game.
  23. At least: Bangladeshis rich at least in natural gas.
  24. At sixes and sevens: Everything in the room is at sixes and sevens.
  25. At a loss: He is at a loss after his failing exam.
  26. At stretch: I can’t read three hours at stretch.
  27. At the eleventh hour: He reached there at the eleventh hour of the occasion.
  28. At stake: His life is at stake now.
  29. A narrow escape: He got a narrow escape from the accident.
  30. At the top of: He found his name at the top of the list.
  31. At all: He is not at all an honest man.
  32. As if: He talks as if he knew everything.    
  33. At random: Never talk at random.
  34. According to: I acted according to your advice.
  35. At home: I didn’t feel at home when I am in a  big city.
  36. At home in: Mr. Rahman is at home in English.
  37. Bag and baggage: The boy left the hostel bag and baggage.
  38. By dint of: He succeeded by dint of hard labour.
  39. By the by: By the by I told him the matter.
  40. By and by: My mother is coming round by and by.
  41. By leaps and bounds: The bus hits the boy by leaps and bounds.
  42. By means of: He passed the exam by means of hard working.
  43. Burning question: Food problem is now a burning question inBangladesh.
  44. Black and blue: The police beat the criminal black and blue.
  45. Beggar description: The destruction of Sidar is beggar description ofBangladesh.   
  46. Bring to light: The man brought to light the hidden fact.
  47. Bring to mind: We should bring to mind our teachers.
  48. Bring to book: The man brought to book his servant yesterday.
  49. Bring about: French revolution brought about in 1778. 
  50. Bring up: Every mother brings up her child.
  51. Burst into tears: I burst into tears after my mother death.   
  52. By virtue of: He got GPA-5 by virtue of hard studies.
  53. Beyond question: Moulana Bhasani was beyond question a great leader. 
  54. Bad blood: There is a bad blood between two brothers.

Run & Designed By: MD SHAKAWAT HOSSAIN: Intending in BA (Hon’s) errand as English. 

  1. Blue blood: Masuma is proud of her blue blood.   
  2. Bird¢s eye view: No mother looks her child in bird¢s eye view.
  3. Bone of contention: The land is the bone of contention between two brothers.
  4. Bread and butter: A day labourer can’t always earn his bread and butter. 
  5. Crying need: Employment is a crying need of our country.
  6. Call in mind: I can’t call his name in mind.
  7. Cock and bull story: I don’t believe his cock and bull story.
  8. Come to light: My first book has come to light.      
  9. Call in question: They’ve called me in question.
  10. Carry on: Carry on your study in this way.
  11. Catch sight on: The criminal catches sight on the police.
  12. Cut off: He cuts off my trees.
  13. Come to a head: Food shortage has come to a head.
  14. Come to hand: She gives me a rose to come to hand.
  15. Come to an end: The summer vacation has come to an end.
  16. Crocodile tears: Don’t show your crocodile tears to me.
  17. Cats and dogs: It has been raining cats and dogs.
  18. Cut a sorry figure: He cut a sorry figure in the exam.
  19. Dead letter:  His fashion is now dead letter.
  20. Double game: Don’t play double game with your friends. 
  21. End in smoke: All of his attempts ended in smoke.
  22. Every now and then: He came to my house every now and then.
  23. Far and near: Hazrat’s name spread far and near in Arab.
  24. Far and wide: Nazrul’s fame spread out far and wide.
  25. Fresh blood: The manager wants fresh blood in his office.
  26. From time to time: Please phone to me from time to time.
  27. From hand to mouth: The day labourer lives from hand to mouth.
  28. For the sake of: He helps the poor for the sake of humanity.
  29. For good/ever: The man left his country for good/ever.
  30. Flesh and blood: A flesh and blood man can’t bear such and insult.
  31. Fast and foremost: Study is the fast and foremost duty of a student.
  32. For the purpose of: I am working hard for the purpose of getting GPA-5.
  33. Fish out of water: I feel fish out of water during summer season.
  34. Golden age/Heyday: Mughal age was the golden age/heyday of Indian sub-continent.
  35. Golden opportunity: This exam is a golden opportunity to the students to pass.
  36. Give up: We should give up smoking.
  37. Good for nothing: The manager is  
  38. Get by heart: I get the story by heart.
  39. Get rid of: Try to get rid of your evil company.
  40. Go to the dogs: He has gone to the dogs.
  41. Go on with: Go on with your study and you will be successful.                                  
  42. High time: It is high time to pass the exam.
  43. Hard and fast: Nazrul didn’t like hard and fast rule of his school.
  44. Heart and soul: I am trying heart and soul to win the match.
  45. In a body: We met the headmaster in a body.
  46. In a fix: He is in a fix what to do.
  47. In plenty of: He has in plenty of money to buy a ship.
  48. In front of: I’ve a flower garden in front of my reading room.
  49. In a moment: The serious accident took place in a moment. 
  50. In a nutshell: The teacher told his history in a nutshell.
  51. In the long run: The sinners suffer in the long run.
  52. In lieu of/Instead of: He took Humanities in lieu of/instead of Business Studies.
  53. In quest of: He traveled many countries in quest of knowledge.
  54. In guise of: He came here in guise of police.
  55. In order to: We eat food in order to live.
  56. In spite of: In spite of his poverty, he is honest.

Run & Designed By: MD SHAKAWAT HOSSAIN: Intending in BA (Hon’s) errand as English.

  1. In black and white: Put your statement in black and white.
  2. In full swing: Our classes are going on in full swing.
  3. In details: Tell me the matter in details.
  4. Ins and outs: I don’t know ins and outs of the matter.  
  1. Know no bounds: The miseries of the flood victims know no bounds.
  2. Knock at the door: Our exam is knocking at the door.
  3. Keep one’s word: He hardly can keep his word.
  4. Keep peace with: He can keep peace with all in any situation.
  5. Keep up with: He can keep up with all in any situation.
  6. Live from hand to mouth: The poor people live from hand to mouth.
  7. Live on: We live on eating food.
  8. Look down upon: We shouldn’t look down upon the poor.
  9. Life and soul: My father is the life and soul in our family.
  10. Lion’s share: Saifullah always wants the lion’s share of the profit.
  11. Lose heart: He lost his heart not to get GPA-5.
  12. Maiden speech: His maiden speech charmed all.
  13. Make good: He has made good of my time.
  14. Nook and corner: He went to every nook and corner of the village.
  15. Now and then: Please write to me now and then.
  16. Null and void: The law was declared null and void.
  17. Off and on: The man comes here off and on.
  18. Once for all: I want to come here once for all.
  19. On behalf of: I thank you on behalf of our family.
  20. On the whole: On the whole he is an honest man.  
  21. On the eve of: My father returned from USAon the eve of my exam.
  22. Out and out: He is out and out a gentle man.
  23. Open question: Food crises are an open question now.
  24. Open mind: I have an open mind to discuss it.
  25. On the contrary: Read well on the contrary you will fail.
  26. Of course: I will help you of course.
  27. On the sly: The thief entered in our house on the sly. 
  1. Part and parcel: Perseverance is a part and parcel of a good student.
  2. Right and left: Don’t spend money right and left.
  3. Red-letter day: 12th Rabi-ul-awal is a red letter day of Muslim.
  4. Safe and sound: I’ve arrived home safe and sound.
  5. Sooner or later: The sinner must suffer sooner or later.
  6. Square meal: The poor can’t have a square meal daily.
  7. Slow and steady: Slow and steady wins the race.
  8. Summer friend: Summer friend come after danger.    
  9. To and fro: The beggar is looking to and fro for some meal. 
  10. To the backbone: I know the girl to the backbone.
  11. Through and through: Read the poem through and through.
  12. Take place: The accident took place before my eyes.
  13. Take to task: We take to task a girl for her evil.
  14. Throw dust into one’s eyes: The thief threw dust into people’s eyes.
  15. Take after: The girl takes after her mother.
  16. Take care: Every mother takes care her child.
  17. Tell upon: He tells upon in my company.
  18. Up and down: Why are you running up and down.
  19. Ups and downs: There are ups and downs in human life.
  20. Vanish into thin air: Suddenly the thief vanished into thin air.
  21. With a view to: I’ve gone to town with a view to earning money.
  22. Well and woe: I shall stand by you in well and woe.
  23. Yellow dog: The man is a yellow dog in our society.



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