Most Important Graph and Chart for SSC 2018

Most Important Graphs and Charts for SSC 2018

1. Internet Users

2. Family’s Household Income Distribution

3. Interest of Students in Different Subjects

4. Number of Mobile Phone Users in Bangladesh

5. Choice of Profession by Different Educated People

6. The Benefits of Girl’s Education

7. The Yearly Imports and Exports of a Country

8. Population Growth Rate of Bangladesh

9. Student’s time Spending of Various Activities

10. Selling Rates of Different Kinds of Books in Ekushe Boi Mela

11. Literacy Rate of Bangladesh in Different Years

12. The Percentages of Books in a School Library

13. The Number of People Living below the Poverty Line

14. Different Types of Pastime Activities of People in Different Years

15. The Sources of Air Pollution in a City

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