Mollie in Animal Farm

Short note about Mollie in Animal Farm

Mollie is the name of a foolish, pretty and white mare that used to draw Mr. John’s carriage. In allegorical term, Mollie represents the white Russians. She is fond of wearing red ribbons in her white mane and of chewing lumps of sugar. When the animals are making preparation for a rebellion against Mr. Johns at that time Mollie asks Snowball, “Will there still be sugar after the rebellion?” she then asks another question after the rebellion whether she will be allowed to wear ribbons in her mane.

Mollie is not only vain about her appearance but is also averse to work. She likes to leave the bed at late and wants to lead an easy and comfortable life. She is not good in reading. In fact she refuses to learn even the alphabet. She learns only the six letters from the alphabet which are needed to write her name. When Mr. Johns and his men attack the animal farm to return at that time all the animals fight with heart and soul to save their farm but she keeps herself hidden in her stall in the stable, with her head buried in the hay. After sometime, she becomes more and more troublesome on the farm. She gets up late and gives all sorts of excuses; though she is excellent she complains of pain in her body. Subsequently she leaves the farm and takes a job in another place.



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