Model Test on English Second Paper (S.S.C)

Time:50 Minutes                                                                Full marks:40


  1. Fill in each gap using the right form of verbs from the list.
Vary Be Find Live Have Become earn

Happiness is a relative term. A person with a crown living in a palace may not be happy whereas a day labourer may (a)___ happiness living in a shabby hut. Again happiness (b)___ from person to person. A beggar may be happy if he (c)___ a coin but a businessman who can (d)___ a huge sum of money a day may not be happy. Happiness (e)___ only a blessing of Allah.

  1. Put articles where necessary. Put a cross(×) where an article is not needed.

Money can not buy (a)___ happiness. Money is (b)___ must for our life. But it is not (c)___ necessary to bring our happiness. Happiness is absolutely (d)___ psychological thing. It is (e)___ the name of (f)___ feeling. It means (g)___ contentment of the mind. He who is satisfied with what he gets and content with his life is (h)___ really happy one. Happiness can not be purchased with (i)___ money. No doubt, money has got something to do with (j)___ happiness, but it can not give us complete happiness.


3. Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions.

Mr. Abdullah was a school teacher. He was very popular (a)___ his students. The students had easy access (b)___ his room. Whenever the students entered (c)___ his room, they found him absorbed (d)___ study. He was proficient (e)___ English.

4. Fill in the blanks with the suitable phrases and idioms from the list.

Good at Part and parcel Beggar description Died by
Call in As though Come off  

(a) Please ______ a doctor.

(b) He is ______ Mathematics.

(c) My uncle ______ accident yesterday.

(d) Physical exercise is the ______ of education.

(e) He speaks______ he were a mad.


5. Rewrite the following in the reported speech.

The old man said, “Can you give me some food. I’ve been starving for two days.” The maid said, “Why do you beg? Can’t you work?” “No, I am unable to work.” said the old man.


6. Add tag questions to the following sentences.

(a) Nobody believes a liar, ___?

(b) She hardly comes here, ___?

(c) Let’s have a picnic, ___?

(d) We ought to love our country, ___?

(e) He may pass the exam, ___?


7. Complete the following sentences.

(a) He is so weak that ___________.

(b) Though he is rich___________.

(c) I am sure that___________.

(d) Walk fast lest___________.

(e) ___________ or you will miss the train.


8. Transform the following sentences as directed.

(a) Health is wealth (Complex).

(b) A healthy poor man is happier than a sick moneyed man (Positive).

(c) Though a healthy man is an asset to his family, an unhealthy man is a liability (Compound)

(d) He can succeed in life ( Interrogative ).

(e) So, everybody can not be conscious of his health (Affirmative).



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