Model Test for S.S.C. Candidates – 2013

                                              Final Model Test for S.S.C. Candidates 2012

                                                        Subject: English 1st Paper\


  Time: 3 hours                                                                                                                                              Full Marks: 100



Read the passage carefully and answer the questions following it.

The National Memorial at Savar is a symbol of the nation’s respect for the martyrs of the War of Liberation. It is built with concrete, but made of blood. It stands150 feettall, but every martyr it stands for stands so much taller. It is an achievement the dimension of which can be measured, but it stands for an achievement, which is immeasurable. It stands upright for the millions of martyrs who laid down their lives so that we may stand upright, in honour and dignity, amongst the nations of the world. Most prominently visible is the150 feettower that stands on the base measuring130 feetwide. There is actually a series of 7 towers that rise by stages to a height of150 feet. The foundation was laid on the first anniversary of the victory day. There is actually a plan to build a huge complex in several phases. The entire complex will cover an area of 126 acres. The plan of this complex includes a mosque, a library and a museum. The relics of the liberation war will be kept in the museum. They will ever remind our countrymen and all who would come to visit the museum of valiant struggle and supreme sacrifice of a freedom loving people. Here also be a clear warning to all oppressors that the weapons of freedom need not be very big, and that oppression will always be defeated. The will of people prevails, for man is born to be free. The most moving sight of the complex is the several graves of the martyred freedom fighters; close to the tower. Standing in front of the grave we bow down our heads in respect, as the towers soar up symbolizing the loftiness of their spirit.   


01.       Choose the best answer from the alternatives.                                                                                    1×5= 5 

     (a) It is made of blood. Here ‘blood’ is an ¾.

           (i) alliance                   (ii) allegory

           (iii) allegator               (iv) alligation

     (b) The National Memorial stands ¾.

           (i) horizontally           (ii) flat

           (iii) plain                     (iv) vertically

     (c) In the passage “The loftiness of their spirit” refers to ¾.

           (i) The spirit of the people of our country.          

           (ii) The spirit of our intellectuals

           (iii) The spirit of our freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives

           (iv) The spirit of our young generation

     (d) The dimension of the National Memorial is ¾.

           (i) countable                (ii) not assessable

           (iii) perceptible           (iv) not noticeable

     (e) The height of the towers symbolizes the ¾ of the spirit.

           (i) modesty                  (ii) humbleness

           (iii) sublimity              (iv) vanity


2.  Write whether the statements are true or false. If false, give the correct answer.                              1×5= 5 

     (a) Our Liberation war is a clear warning to all that oppressors are always defeated.

     (b) The National Memorial is an emblem of honour to the freedom fighter.

     (c) Accomplishment of the martyrs is incalculable in all respects.

     (d) Our countrymen along with the visitors will remember the fearless struggle and extreme sacrifice of the martyrs for the time being.

     (e) It’s uprightness holds our honour and dignity.


3.  Fill in each gap in the following passage with a suitable word from the box below. There are more words than necessary.                                                                                                                                                       0.5×10= 05













     Bangladesh is now an independent country. She (a) —- as a free nation on the 16th December in 1971. Our (b)  —- freedom fighters laid down their lives for the freedom of their motherland. In order to (c) —- them, the National Memorial at Savar is built. It refers to a (d) —- structure for showing profound respect to the martyrs who fought bravely and died for the freedom of our country. They freed our country from (e) —- and (f) —- of the Pakistani soldiers. People from every walk of life (g)—- their lives to uphold our (h)—- and honour all over the world. Their effort and sacrifice are (i) —- in all respects. For the cause of their sacrifice, we are now living in an independent (j) —-.

4.  Read the passage in A again. Now write a paragraph based on the information about the National Memorial. Use the clues in the box below. Write the information in the correct sequence as it appears in the text. The paragraph should not exceed 70 words.








5.  Read the passage again. Give short answer the following questions:                                                1×5= 5 

     (a) Why will the relics of the Liberation War be preserved in the museum?

     (b) What is the most moving sight of the complex?

     (c) What do you mean by ‘Man is born to be free’?

     (d) Why is the museum built near the monument?

     (e) “It is built of concrete but made of blood”-what is its inner significance?

6.  Fill in each gap with a suitable word of your own based on the information from the test in ‘A’.  0.5×10=05

     The National Memorial at Savar (a) —- nation’s respect for the martyrs of the War of Liberation. They died a heroic death which is (b)—-. The (c)—- earned by the martyrs can not be forgotten. Their souls are (d) —-. Because of their (e) —- we can live with honour and dignity. The National Memorial indicates that (f)—- are always defeated. The relic that has been kept in the museum will be a clear (g) —- to all oppressors. When (h) —-stood before the graves of the martyrs we bow down our heads with (i) —- respect. The visitors (j) —- with our countrymen show due respect to the freedom fighters when they come to visit the National Memorial at Savar.


7.  Read the text in A again. You have gone to visit the National Memorial. Now write in about 70-80 words about your visit how you have felt after visiting the memorial and how the sacrifice of the martyrs has changed your life.                                                                                                                                           05


8.  Read the passage in A again. Now write the main ideas of the story in your own words in not more than five sentences.                                                                                                                                                       05

Part B : Vocabulary Test

9.  Fill in each gap with a suitable word from the box. There are more words than necessary.  1×10=10














     Without efforts there can be no (a) —- in life. Life (b) —- its interest if there is no struggle. Games become dull, if there is no (c) —- in them and if the (d) —- can be easily foreseen. No matter we (e)—- the game or lose it. The keener the contest, the greater the (f) —-. A victory is not a (g) —- triumph unless (h) —- the sides are equally (i) —-. Whether we like it or not, life is a (j) —- competitive exam.


10. Complete the following passage using suitable words. Use only one word for each gap.           1×10=10

Our freedom fighters are the (a) — heroes of our country. We should (b) — them as they sacrificed their (c) — for the cause of motherland. It is a matter of great (d) — that most of them are (e) —and our young generation does not know (f) — their valiant struggle. Yet today many of the real freedom fighters have not (g) — found out and established. Some of them lead (h) — poor life. The authority in power should take (i) — step to enlist them, and give them (j) — honour.  

11. Read the following table and make ten sentences.                                                                                   1×10=10




covered with flowers



the Shaheed Day


to observe the day at the Shaheed Minar
21st February woke kept half hoisted
Everyone saw up at5 a.m. to attend the morning procession
We is singing ‘Amar Bhaier Rokte Rangano Ekushe February’
The national flag went carrying wreath of flowers
Shaheed Minar was many people going to the Shaheed Minar
This day offered declared the International Mother Language Day



flowers at the foot of the Shaheed Minar


12. Re-arrange the following sentences according to sequence and rewrite them in a paragraph. 1×10=10

     (a) Her original name was Agnes Gonxhas Bojaxhill.

     (b) She studied in a grammar school in Yugoslavia.

     (c) She was awarded the Nobel Prize for peace in1979 inrecognition of her whole hearted dedication to the service of the suffering humanity.

     (d) The sufferings of the destitute kindled compassion in her heart and she founded the renowned ‘Nirmal Hriday’ a home and shelter for the sufferers at Kalighat in Kolkata.

     (e) She is no more with us but her contribution will last for ever.

     (f)  Among the humanists no other has achieved such and endearing position in the heart of the people like ‘Mother Teresa’.

     (g) After a few years she gave up teaching profession and dedicated herself to the service of the suffering humanity.

     (h) She was born on 2 August 1910 at Skopje, Yugoslavia.

     (i)  In 1928 she came to Kolkata at the age of eighteen and began to work as a nun.

     (j)  She came to be known as ‘Mother Teresa’.


13. Write a paragraph on ‘A School Magazine’. Your paragraph should answer the following questions.    10

     (a) What is a School Magazine? (b) What does it contain? (c) How are the topics for the magazine selected? (d) Why is a school magazine important? (e) How do students feel having a school magazine in their hand?


14.  Imagine you are Arif of 10 Zinda Bazar Sylhet. Your friend is Mamun of 81/5 Purana Paltan, Dhaka. Now write a letter to your friend about what you intend to do after SSC Examination.                                                10

Or,  Write a composition in about 200 words about ‘Your Hobby’. Use the following clues.

  a. name of your hobby b. reason of your interest c. how you do it d. how it gives you pleasure e. benefits you get from it.



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