Model Test for PEC English 2015

                                      Seen Passage 01
Read the following text carefully and answer the questions 1, 2, 3 and 4.

There is a well-known saying that, “You are what you eat”. It means if you eat healthy foods, you will be healthy. If you eat nothing but potato chips, you certainly won’t be fit and healthy. Your body needs a good mix of foods.

So which foods are good? Have you ever heard of the Food Pyramid? No, it’s not a huge pile of stones in Egypt! The Food Pyramid is a chart to show the five groups of foods. This chart also tells us how much of each group of food we should eat. Look at the picture of the Food Pyramid in your text book. What foods do you see at the base or the bottom of the Pyramid? They are breads, cereals, rice, noodles, potatoes, etc. You should eat plenty of these foods. Then in the next group you can see some fresh fruits and vegetables. You must eat them regularly. As you go up the Pyramid, you find dairy products milk, cheese, yogurt and meat, fish and beans, nuts and eggs. You should eat these food items moderately. They are important for health but we don’t need too much of them. And at the top you have fats, oils, sweets, etc. You should eat very little of these foods.
Remember that the most important meals of the day is breakfast! If you eat a healthy breakfast before leaving for school you will feel strong and active the whole day. You will then pay more attention at schools and will surely remember your lessons better.

1. Write the answer on the answer paper. 1×10=10
i. What is the Food Pyramid?
a. Food chart b. Player list c. Worker list d. Book chart
ii. How can we keep healthy?
a. By eating healthy food b. By taking medicine c. By starving d. None of the above
iii. What does our body need?
a. Antibiotic b. A good mix of food c. Too much food d. A good mix of fat
iv. How can you feel strong and active the whole day?
a. By eating a healthy breakfast b. By doing work c. By making friendship d. By helping each other
v. What should be eaten regularly?
a. Fresh fruits and vegetables b. Junk food c. Egg and biscuits d. Peanut and banana
vi. What type of food should you eat very little?
a. Fats, oils, sweets etc. b. Ghee c. Butter d. All the items given above
vii. What foods do the dairy products include?
a. Milk, meat and cheese b. Cheese, milk and yogurt c. Cheese, meat and yogurt
d. Fish, milk and yogurt
viii. “Look at the picture of the Food Pyramid” — what kind of sentence is it?
a. Assertive sentence b. Imperative sentence c. Optative sentence
d. Exclamatory sentence
ix. How many groups of food does the Food Pyramid show?
a. Three b. Four c. Five d. Six
x. What is the passage about?
a. Pyramid b. Eating food c. physical exercise d. None of the above.


2. Match the words of the column A with their meaning that is mentioned in the column B. There are two extra meaning in the column B. 1×5=5
Column A Column B
a. Healthy i. the first meal of the day
b. Well-known ii. without doubt
c. Certainly iii. physically powerful or healthy
d. Breakfast iv. doubt
e. Strong v. known to many people
vi. having good health
vii. physically weak

3. Answer the following questions. 2×5=10
a. What does a food pyramid tell?
b. What is the most important meal of the day?
c. What do you know about food pyramid?
d. Which foods do we need to eat in plenty?
e. Which food must we eat regularly?
4. Read the passage again and write a short composition on “Good Food” 10

Seen Passage 02

Read the text and answer the questions 1, 2, 3 and 4 (EFT-based)
Laila and Bithi are friends. They have many things in common. For example, both of them like to listen to music and play chess. But Laila likes to do active things, too. She likes to go out with friends and play games. On the other hand, Bithi is a quiet person. She likes doing quiet things like painting and reading. She especially loves to read stories about other lands and other people.

Bithi loves to read books. But she cannot always buy books for their prices. She has found out that there is a library at their town Hall and that it has a section on children’s books too. Bithi is very excited. She goes to the library one morning. She goes to the reception counter and asks the lady there, “Good morning, Ma’am! Can I borrow some books from your library?” The librarian smiles at Bithi and says affectionately, “Of course, you can. But to do so, you must become a member of the library first. You must have a library card.”

1. Write the answer in the answer sheet: 1×10=10
i) What is the story about?
a) Laila b) Bithi c) Both Laila and Bithi d) the librarian
ii) Who loves quietness?
a) Laila b) the librarian c) Bithi d) none
iii) Bithi cannot always buy books because of their —
a) unavailability b) shortage c) price d) low quality
iv) The librarian talked with Bithi —
a) angrily b) affectionately c) roughly d) violently
v) Bithi loves stories about —
a) other lands b) both other lands and other people c) library d) others people
vi) Who said “Good morning”?
a) Bithi b) Laila c) the librarian d) both Bithi and librarian
vii) To borrow books from the library what is needed?
a) friendliness b) good personality c) member d) a library card
viii) A library was — out at the Town Hall.
a) find b) finding c) finds d) found
ix) Who was sitting at the reception counter?
a) Bithi b) Laila c) a librarian d) none
x) What did the librarian mean saying “Of course, you can”? He wanted to
a) get out Bithi b) wish good morning c) give books d) congratulate


2. Match the words of the column A with their meaning that is mentioned in the text in the column B 1×5=05

Column A Column B
(a) borrow (i) a building or room having books, newspaper etc. for people to read.
(b) excited (ii) an open space.
(c) Chess (iii) similar things or traits.
(d) Common (iv) do anything for leading one’s life.
(e) Library (v) State of agitation or feeling of eagerness.
(v) have a loan of.
(vi) a game for two people, played on a board marked with black and white square.


3. Answer the following questions. 2×5=10
(a) What does Bithi like to do?
(b) Why cannot Bithi always buy books?
(c) What are the similarities between Laila and Bithi?
(d) Where is the library situated?
(e) What is the passage about?
4. Write a short composition on “A Library” 10
a. Where is the library?
b. When do you go there?
c. What do you do there?
d. What is the system of the library?

Seen Passage 03

Read the following text carefully and answer the questions 1, 2 and 3.

A birthday is a memorable day in one’s life. This is the day when you were born. Children around the world have fun on this day. Parents ask other children to come and have a party. They wear new clothes, sing songs, play games and enjoy the day in different ways. There is usually a birthday cake. Candles are lit on it. The number of candles depends on how old a child is. In the picture there are five candles. It means that the boy is five years old. Children who come also sing songs to wish happiness for the child who is having a birthday party. Let’s sing a birthday song.

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday Dear…, Happy Birthday to you.

1. Write only the answer on the answer paper. 1×10=10


i. A birthday is celebrated on the occasion of one’s_____.
a. festival b. marriage c. birth d. arrival
ii. A birthday is a _______ day in our life.
a. unforgettable b. memorable c. remarkable d. all of these
iii. Candles are lit on the ______.
a. table b. cake c. floor d. gift
iv. Birthday cake is very ______.
a. unusual b. uncommon c. common d. rare
v. The boy is five years old. Make a Wh-question.
a. How many years do the boy have?
b. How many years does the boy have?
c. What are the years of the boy?
d. How old is the boy?
vi. A child is seven years old. So he will light ______ candles on his birthday.
a. one b. six c. five d. seven
vii. In a birthday party what do you do?
a. Wear new clothes b. Sing a song
c. Play and enjoy d. All of these
viii. Who cuts the birthday cake?
a. The guests b. The children c. The teachers d. The child
ix. “Happy Birthday to you” is a _______.
a. birthday song b. national song
c. folk song d. modern song
x. What is the correct use of capital letter?
a. piCture b. picture c. Picture d. PicTURE
2. Answer the following questions. 2×5=10
a. What do children around the world do on birthday?
b. On what does the number of candles depend?
c. What do children around the world do on a birthday party?
d. What is the birthday song?
e. What do you know about birthday cake?
3. Write five sentences on how the children around the world celebrate their birthday by answering the given set of questions related to the text. 10
(a) What is a birthday?
(b) What do children around the world do on their birthday?
(c) What happened then?
(d) On what does the number of candles depend?
(e) How do the invitee children and guests wish one who is having a party?